Me did affi come back pan this MET yu need fi create another story
Pops a f**k Jojo pu**y until him find another gal and jojo a f**k pops until she find another man with little money
The one link man them broke like dog and a bare idiot them f**k scary pops Kevin dirty dabba dirty kymanly lance and the list goes on. All of them so called wife need fi tek a back seat too because them woman broke to and a f**k too met its just one big family all a dem a f**k inna circle
You soon hear lance start to f**k javana


  1. HUH? Huh? Huh?

    Thats a lot of f*cking going around. Sender, how does one get invited to enter the f*cking circle

  2. sender u love mixup, but u cant even contruct a good paragraph….even my baby sister could write a better paragraph that will allow the readers to understand….

  3. To the amount ah Ppl man weh JoJo teck is like she love di beatings dem. The man dem beat out har front and then dem woman gi har anada dose a beatings.
    The sad part about is I doh see dis gal wid a Land or Car title. Juss Clothes and Hair and she swear she ahhappen. Thank God she no have no pickney cause mi would feel sarrie fi the poor child. But it is surprise me how she no have no kids and di legs dem spread soo often. ummmm

  4. See pops just becaz u tek up Javana di roman empire is tumbling down wid uno need fi cool down fi you scarry mi nuh have no respect for you again,disrespecting Tanya like dat prancing around on social media wid di youngster weh you impregnate..Kevin you need to be a father to that sweet little girl you have,Melissa is not a good person cause wid all wat a gwaan she should encourage you…then again blind a lead blind

  5. Javana meet the man pon instagram. Him buy her ticket and she run go. Never know the man from nowhere. Insta Ho.

  6. It’s crazy to hear the circile is so small but you expect there must not be too many men to go around so everyone must share the one man if any… I don’t think nothing wrong with a man buying you a plane ticket for him to fly you out for you too the meet, it’s just like if you would of meet him at the store you would still have to get to know him so there’s no difference at all.. for me I would make sure my ticket is round trip right off the jump and you have a hotel fi mi to stay in and I can change the key on you just in case and bring extra cash just in case it doesn’t work out and you have to make moves..

  7. Honestly, pops needs to stop! Radona, did so much for him and he shit on her. He pick up another girl Simone and shit on her as well and now him a s§§μck Kevin sister Tasha pussy. Anyways, she is a full blown freak. Be careful!! Tasha she sleep and eat down the place and act like she nice. Anyways, Scarry is a piece of Shit, he shit on his wife who almost give him green card fi the longtime f**kist gal whey him bread. I hope yuh get your green card afterall. Kevin, ungrateful bad, him shit pan Lavish all the times and she is always there for him regardless of what. Lance, your feet are very stink. Thank God fi money, cause if a never $$$ I don’t think nobody would buy pass that sore foot of yours. The one link man dem a never see come see. Them frighten, no use to nothing! Unno fi use flipper as an example, ” yuh see whey hype put him?” Bout unno deh a Arizona and f**k down the place.All of you guys stay very bad and smell bad! Dabba, I feel very bad for you. You don’t sleep with anyone that make sense. One thieving gal name Kim yuh a mad over. Are you serious! I feel like I want to vomit. Please one linkers, wear mouth condoms. All the STD’s can be transferred by the oral route.

  8. @ dont care , Lance is the kinda chubby one who was with Shauna ,and they were both in miami couple years ago on memorial weekend ?

  9. @ dont care , lol bout stink foot . Him always a squeeze him big foot them inna di gucci loafer dem . Lol , him really look like him carry stinky feet .

  10. like seriously tho why these bitches tht sleep with these guys so mad a nuh body mek unu lay down dog an catch flee enuh now unu a try fi kill an prison da boy dem so Jamaican always tearing down each other b4 unu guh apply for da triple PPP program,PROPER PUSSY PRINCLEPLE an stop be mad ppl weh unu r unu fren f**k lay with dogs this is da out come #STUPIDGIRLS

  11. remember he use to pluck ice a Florida,she nuh play fi eat out him lil money an laugh haffa him lol,him nuh stop mad over her but she nah look pon him,pops frighten fi gals bad..neva c com c stinking mouth no loyalty boi

  12. Bitches unu mad cause the man them f**k unu and na blood clat look and guess wah den suppose to f**k, let f**k be free and body wea send it in a bun it bun u through u get f**k and hurt back a it, unu nasty nuh blood clat. Some a unu need fi go back a hold man school cause as unu get two f**k the man gone, not to mention the so call wife them wea nuh have no business brain, real woman must be able to hold down them man when shit get real. F**k all u hater anu the man them fault make unu get f**k n duck, R f**k n another gal up in your face go fix unu pussy n unu mouth hoes

  13. A bun it bun u dirty gal bout him nuh have no loyalty true u a suck the cocky n it drop out a you mouth and go Ina good good pussy

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