A Jamaican artiste hasn’t made it unless he/she has employed the services of a spiritualist /Obeah man/Obeah woman/ Prophetic Pastor.
A spiritualist is employed to keep an artiste’s luck and ward away badmind that is said to be rampant in the industry. To date, it is unclear whether their services are effective or not because 9/10 Jamaican entertainers pockets have fallen short.

There is a spiritualist in the Parish of St. Mary, who goes by the name Judge who helped Mr. Piece when he thought Mr. Seaview was throwing spiritual darts his way. It is unclear as to whether Mr. Piece employed the services of Judge in his present debacle with U.S authorities. Mr. Piece is backed by his mother that is a disciple of Pocomania and will chant while breaking bottles of creme soda everyday if possible to keep him brining in the cash. We see a tapering career so the works of mom’s Pocomania is up for debate.

The water lady spiritualist is employed by a female Dancehall artiste who we would like to call Footsie. Footsie is of firm belief that Lady Tool is after her career and was allegedly told by another spiritualist that Lady Tool had sought her services. Sources close to Lady Tool say this is untrue because Lady Tool does not visit spiritualists , they visit her. Footsie visits and calls the spiritualist everyday but still hasn’t made a mark in the industry.

If you are an avid Karate fan you must know Silver Fox, lets call this artiste that because he is no longer a pup. By looking at his fingers one would think that he loves bling but the four rings are guardians given to him by two spiritualists within his employ. One of the rings is said to stop bullets, the other to ward off evil, another for protection and the other for success in whatever he is doing. A sad turn of events happened last year when one of the rings broke into two equal pieces and his trial that he had expected to be thrown out was pushed back and will proceed. Word is that Silver Fox has one spiritualist in Kingston when he has emergencies and the other spiritualist is located in Portland. Silver Fox was said to have stolen a huge amount in January from his boss , it is unclear if the rings worked in covering up his deception . For all we know it hasn’t worked so far.

Lets call him ”Di girl dem sweet and low” because he is no longer sugar. Mr. Sweet and Low had a few well known spiritualist under his employ. One of the spiritualist was said to have helped him in gaining back the love of the Jamaican public after the dance fiasco , another used to ward off evil, introduced to him by his ex, the fallen Queen. Mr. Sweet and Low is said to have one of his locks tied around his ankle but tied very low and can only be seen when his shoes is fully off.

What doesn’t shine like a diamond or has its value but can be used to jazz up a cheap piece of jewelry is called cubic zirconia . For she is no diamond and calling her Zirconia is surely giving her more respect than she deserves but hey, lets call her that. Zirconia has no shame in her game,whenever she has a show in Jamaica, rest assured that her spiritualist is somewhere in the audience. Zirconia uses soaps, beads, oils and many other means to defeat spiritual wickedness that have been employed to bring her career to nawt. The effects of the spiritual suppression is unclear because like a bamboo fire, so is Zirconia’s career. It goes up and down but stays more down than up. Could it be because of the spiritualist she employe’s who wants to be forever employed or bad candles are forever being lit for her?

He calls himself an animal, but looks more like a circus. Lets call him Ringling Brothers. Mr. Ringling sure does wear a lot of rings but there is one he doesn’t change. That is his ”international guard ring”. The ring is said to be a deliberate block for Mr. Sweet and Low who was said to have sent him a few blows under the advise of a prior spiritualist . Ringling was told by his ”coolie man” from Greenwhich farm that Mr. Sweet and Low had thrown some blows at him in the past and Ringling returned them 1 for 2. A career put down by Ringling in the late 1990ties was said to have prompted a confession from Ringling himself after seeing that his career had taken a nose dive.

The most dangerous of all, was mentioned earlier in this post but an elaboration of how he operates is very necessary. People with gifts and callings will feel an increase in the size of their head when they are close to him.He is heavy. I am told that he is stealer of destinies and will call people close to him to steal their energies. No one knows his spiritualist but he has been revealed by many spiritualists who get the message to warn parties close to him. He will suck you in, to clean you out. Women don’t see success with him or after him. They will have seen success before engaging with him or through a better spiritualist than the one he uses . Men in close proximity will be sucked dry and turned to mere foot stools . His success is in draining each victim and he will pay good money to achieve this is what is being said in the streets. With all his doings , it is evident that his spiritualist only specializes in the dark arts, although word is that his visa will be returned and yes,we will wait patiently to see if he will return to his former glory.



  1. met i have a question what is a guard ring .. is it used for evil or for good? I know someone with one a friend and i always wonder about him and that ring .. one time he joked with me that he wanted my soul I asked him why he said so u could be just like me.. i never understood it .. I asked him where he get the ring from and what its about and he said he cant tell me

  2. you can get any ring and guard it for protection but it as to be pure gold, if its not it won’t work. my question if you sending blows and protecting urself ehat about ur family who’s feeling the blows dem no need protection to??

  3. Nuh mek mi nyam susumba beat ketteh drum and shout HYAMATUMBA write fi yuh name pon mr parchman paper maddens pick up yuh lickle baxide lata

  4. Mr Seaview = Bounty
    Mr Piece = Mavado
    silver fox = bling dawg
    Girls dem Sweet and Low = Beenie Man
    zirconia = macka diamond
    animal/ringling brothers = elephant man

    which would mean the most dangerous = bounty?

  5. I was never exposed to obeah growing up but became intrigued by it when i took up Caribbean history in high school. this curiosity lead me to do numerous hours of research on this subject even though i am no expert i believe that i have a clear understanding of what obeah is. I do not condemn its practise the harnessing of spiritual powers is a gift.however with that being said the abuse of such powers or gift is evil and frowned upon by most spiritual practioners.

  6. Met where is the first part? A guard ring soes not have to be Gold, as a matter of fact, Silver or copper are better conductors to the medicine Jamaicans use in the preparation of them. However there can be real danger in using these rings if the Obeah man or woman does not check the spirit of the client to see and know if their spirit is conducive with the medicine the ring will be prepared with. What is used in these Guard rings are bones of dead people and dirt from the cemeteries along with certain seals. This can be dangerous for the person who wears it, especially if they are under a certain key, which a knowledgeable person should know, if he is master of his craft,and never juss ah watch granny!

    The best spiritual protection is when it ingested,not quick silver, but by herbs and plants, picked and prepared by a knowledgeable person, or even better to cut the person in several places (much like the Chinese Acupuncture where they know where to pierce) on the body,hands, head, palms or feet,or even genitals (depending what the medicine is for) and rub the medicine into the wound.

    1. Hi Obara, you know I just love you!!! well my mother always told us how as a child her grandmother always gave them quick silver to drink, anyways my dad is very wild and had this woman right. She gave my dad an East Indian mango apparently she did something to the mango anyways him now carry the mango home to my mother.

      Obara would you believe it that my mother vomit right after eating the mango no she wasn’t pregnant. She had to end up in the hospital, apparently the mango was poisoned and is long after dem did do all investigation dem find out seh a di woman poison the mango. My grandmother told my mother that the quicksilver that she use to ingest as a child helped her against the posion. Quicksilver which was once sold in markets across Jamaica.

      1. What is quicksilver? I always thought quicksilver is actually mercury (liquid metal). We all know that mercury is extremely poisonous and toxic to the body (brain and nervous system of humans). So, from a Jamaican point of view, what is quicksilver?

        1. iT IS THE SAME AS YOU JUST DESCRIBED, BUT THEY HAVE BEEN USING IT AS SPIRITUAL PROTECTION FOR YEARS, MANY YEARS, AND i BELIEVE THEY ARE STILL USING IT NOW. As toxic (sorry for the caps, I didn’t know it was on) as it is, I have seen people take in as medicine, and they are ok, but as I said before there is a certain meant that if it is eaten, it removes it out of the system completely.

  7. The star of David signifies an insignia, a seal to which certain spirits answer to, if a person does not have the insignia of a certain spirits they cannot call upon them. The star of David in the insignia, spiritual protection so that when certain spirits are invoked they will do as willed, it they are invoked and their seal of command is not present, then it is problem for the person who calls them.

    A person can buy and wear the star of David, just for fashion, but when it is prepared by a learned person, it takes on another type of energy, any learned person In Jamaica who use this have studied under Rosicrucian order or are Martinist and are least a 25 plane member, my respect to all members of the Order of the rose and Martinist

  8. Silva fox a ninja a dem extension deh him use to wear pon stage inna him glory days, dem yah spiritualist/obeah man soun like dem luv di mixup to eeh! Lmaooo

  9. Mr Piece- Movado
    Mr Seaview- Bounty
    Footsie- Ishawna
    Lady Tool- Lady Saw
    Silver Fox- Ninja Man
    Mr Sweet and Low- Beenie Man
    Ex Queen- Carlene
    Zirconia- Macka Diamond
    Mr Ringling-

  10. Mr Piece- Movado
    Mr Seaview- Bounty
    Footsie- Ishawna
    Lady Tool- Lady Saw
    Silver Fox- Ninja Man
    Mr Sweet and Low- Beenie Man
    Ex Queen- Carlene
    Zirconia- Macka Diamond
    Mr Ringling- Elephant Man


    1. is not Ishawna, is Tifa always a talk that the lady a stop har career. Lady Saw not looking on Footsie. What name she get, me belly no sah dwl

  11. lol, Yes I-Spy, it is it many practitioners use as spiritual medicines, but if you take it you not suppose to eat a certain meat or it will leave the body

  12. U know Met when mi di little di killa parents and my parents were neighbours an mi madda always sey dem di bad pon di obeah especially di madda,she di affi move :ngacir2

  13. Met when di madda an anybody inna di yard a war, the next mawning u see pure big foot, u betta believe it…dem use to call him fadda breeza,if a not mistaken and when di killa born, people inna di yard di a suss sey a cuz dem wok sum much obeah dats y di killa cum handsome so :ngacir2

  14. @Met, Kartel muss be in here somewhere cause fi him spell casting obviously didnt work in his favor and he was NOTORIOUS for dabbling in THE CRAFT!! And to the person who keeps saying killa is the most dangerous, i guess unu nuh read wid no form of understanding OR UNU AND HIM GO A DI ST.MARY MAN ALL DI TIME FI KNOW DAT..DI BIGGEST OBEAH WORKER OF ALL IS DAVID BROOKS..

  15. Not all of tose type of people are bad, there are good like santieria they deal with good and that’s mostly what all spanish people will use, they do good things as long as you asked for things that are not bad… I have went to be read and they are pretty much on point, for protection and prosperity I would use Santieria for.

  16. I will stick to prayers, I am doing just fine with that alone.

    These details are so sordid and illuminating. I wonder when these artistes go to these ends and you listen to their music and dance and sing along what impact it has on you. I am sure there has to be a line or string that connects in the spiritual realm from them to you and has some impact since they are dealing in darkness.

    1. Why you think them always a war with each other over foolishness. Their minds are cloudy with garbage on it, and these false preheats pack up them heads with rubbish to get into their pockets. They all visit the same set of fairytale tellers, so that person can make up story and tell one about the other and do the same to the other. All a them stupid like, bathe and put on some clothes and galang a church go praise God, read unu bible and pray. Save unu money and invest it wisely. Also, make timeless uplifting songs that can cross over and sell. Unu full a crop and love too much darn witchcraft. Everything them run gone a obeah man yard. Lawd mi dog sick, di next artist mussi obeah him :maho

      1. For real! I not running to none good or bad, never been to none and have no intention in this lifetime to go to any. I believe in patience and waiting your time fi your ticket number call. I never see no situation where ppl who a push through and seh dem going to teck matters in dem hands fi force through a situation where it ever succeed in the long run, it may succeed for a short time, but always blow up in dem face in di end.

        Sorry fi who haffi guh mix herbs,bruck bakkle, get animal blood, remember and repeat phrases, potions and lotions, watch moon phases, caan bade, caan eat certain tings, tie all kinda trinkets pon dem, caan look behind dem…lol. I caan’t..lol

  17. We walk among evil everyday, it may be the husband/boyfriend wife/girlfriend, children, neighbor,co-worker,our thoughts, our minds our consciousness, it is energy, and energy cannot be destroyed only transferred.
    Although some people may believe that they are holier than thou, they are still flesh and blood and subject to emotions human beings deal with everyday, anger, fear, jealously, rage, so if a person gets upset and in that moment their thoughts are no good, probably wishing, just for a little while someone harm, not even voicing it out but in their mind, due to their feeling, they may even ask forgiveness after they have calmed down, the possibility of whatever they released (depending on the person and who they really are in spirit, perhaps they themselves do not even know) while they were angry affecting the other person negatively is very strong, many people have been hurt through the power of the mind, and through jealously, negative and vile talks against someones name and more, more than any Obeah and Juju. Some people have generation curses upon them, and anywhere they go they bring destruction to innocent people, even if they themselves do not know it, there are many things in this life we ought to learn.

  18. All a Mavado songs dem a talk bout oil and powder and dem a obeah him. Mi stop listen his songs dem, mi caan badda with the foolishness a mi ears. Him and his family are guilty thats why dem love sing bout it.

  19. @Obara, tank u mumz…If good exist, so does evil, but i too would prefer to rely on Prayers, cause they are powerful and God works miracles everyday(my opinion)…@Obara, me miss u usi!!!!

  20. Metty oooo…when s part III, mi waan hear out di tie-ings
    When is di Javana file run down?
    Wha bout Fartel obeah?

  21. @Obara Where does God/Christ/the Holy Spirit fit into all of this..If you believe as I do that the highest power belongs to God then why dabble in this. As written above, practicing Obeah has not brought most artists long term wealth so what is the point. This is why I roll my eyes when certain artists call God’s name in interviews or in lyrics. It seems to be such a contradiction. Please explain. Thank you.

    1. @Marie any power that a person have in this life, it manifest through them through the power of the creator. What this mean is that It is God who gives power albeit Good or bad.
      Malevolent beings and Benevolent beings are all created by the supreme being and they too have their purpose also, one needs the other and vice versa, they teach and heal, the malevolent leads the way to the divine, because when human beings are hurt the find the source which is God.

      As for Jesus Christ one could argue that HE himself was an Obeah man, albeit a good one, if he were apart of this society, doing the things that he did then, people would brand him the same, I speak the truth.

      People condemn what they don’t understand, the holy spirit is spirit indeed…..more to explain but it takes time!

  22. Mi miss yuh tuh mi boonununuss, Highly how yuh do mi darling?

    Good and evil have to co-exist, there is a very thin line between the two. Evil or bad, is our fiercest teacher, we are all here to learn,and if we ought to learn, experience have to happen, bad comes to wake and shake up up, keep us on our toes, this is where prayer comes in, we keep in constant prayer, but prayer cannot be so so so, it must be coupled with faith and positive.
    It cannot be lofty or just choo when trouble tek we, it has to be constantly, because it is “one” of our connection to the divine, and a very important key!
    These people who practice obeah, and not all oeah practitioner choose the bad road, some walk on the right, but the ones who do bad, have their place in the world, they are needed, the Universe dictates this, you cannot have the good without the bad, how would we learn, how would we evolve, neither can we judge, because we do not know what circumstances you may find yourself in one day. All we have to do, is what we innately know is right and choose a good path, but those who choose the bad path often times they are our best teachers!

  23. See de one Obara Meji come a drop knowledge, lol…Met fi true whey part I, ’cause this is a good read.

    Obara :p

  24. Oh how I MISSED you ALL and all of the knowledge that each one drops ……………. especially Obara!!! Howdy Metty mums. Its been FOREVER!

  25. What songs David have that talk about oil and powder? What about that song the Messiah he made? He never sat right with me. When he came to my city to perform I did say he look like two demons breed in side of him.

  26. @obara good day to you a friend of mine just called me and told me to check this website out since I’ve been looking for answers and can’t seem to find any. now I was never one who believed in voodoo of course we have heard about it once or twice when we were growing up as for me I never got caught up into it I have always believed that if there is good there is evil but I also know that there is a GOD but to make a long story short I have been involved with a woman for a number of years over these years a lot of stuff has happened which I can’t seem to explain my family seems to be convinced that this woman has done something evil to me and expecially with the fact that she is from a inland where voodoo is a big practice of their culture but me the big fool and yes I said the big fool had not n did not paid my family members no mind I’ve also had people in the dancehall community warned me about her but I still didn’t listen why because I’ve always told myself belief kills n believe cures but over the past two years a lot has happened to the point where I have no other choice but to believe. a close friend of this woman even told me that she has done something to me she doesn’t want me to do great in whatever I do I am just supposed to stay at one level so I could always be her meal ticket she doesn’t want me to spread my wings bc she thinks I would fly away, I have struggled so much within this relationship that it seems like all I do is work to take care of her. so why am I writing to you I am NOT looking to hurt or harm anyone I’m looking for help if there is any ties that this woman has on me can it be broken.and if so how do I go about doing that.
    and I’ve also heard that when a woman/ men have tie on you your relationship will never be at peace you will always be at war with each other is true because it seems like thats all we ever do throughout our relationship to the point where we broke up on many occasions I started seeing other people some while I was with her even while I was with her which she found out and trust me it wasn’t pretty she told me she will get me back for what I did to her n now it seems like she is finally putting their planning into motion I tried to move on with my life but always seem to end up right where I started which only made which only made the situation worse so now it ended on a really bad note obara what this woman or let me say if this woman has done something to me it really F.up even though we both had our infidelity is what she’s doing to me is definitely right

  27. @Anonymous, I am in Africa where we are six hours ahead of America depending if you are there or where there you are, nine hours if you are in California, I just woke up, prayed and browsed the site, and other sites, What I am trying to say it, I just stumbled up on your comment this morning.

    Many people in relationships fight and quarrel, it (relationships, platonic, social or intimate) comes most time with this energy, maybe not everyone, it does not mean that one tied the other, you said people told you this, but you did not mention is any of the people whom told you were competent (notice I write competent) diviners.Or perhaps they went to a competent diviner on your behalf and this was revealed.

    There are many reasons why you do not get along, one such reasons is that you may have a spirit wife or she may have a spirit husband who is disturbing the relationship (in Africa we call this Egbe, Egg-beh, and they are the major source of conflict for human beings, unbeknownst to them, I will explain it better one day).

    If she has tied you, then yes it is possible that you and her may not have a peaceful relationship,or you will feel nervous or emasculated around her, but not in all tying cases, there are some very knowledgeable people who knows the art of doing this and people live nice, peaceful and well, however I have only seen this agreement done here in Africa and people live happily ever after, (it is however not a good work to do, because it is interfering with someones destiny, and so there is repercussions behind it), You should consider getting a reading/divination (from a competent person, COMPETENT PERSON, there are many liars about oooo!!!) to know for sure if she has wronged your spirit and you in doing this dreadful act, and take your decision for healing from there.

    God Bless you, Love and Light!

  28. @obara good morning and yes I am and america and thank you for replying back to my comment is there anyone that you can recommend me to who can help me in my situation.

  29. Obara I have a really good friend this guy and I honestly feel his baby mother work some kind of obeah on him. Everyone knows she is cheating on him on the low low. She always a argue wid d man over foolishness when she call and text him phone d man nervous baddddd u wa see him all a tremble .. she have him like a servant till it look bad … dem cant live good

  30. @anonymous, ask Met for my email, @Wicked, she will get herJust reward, if she has done this, keep praying for him!

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