0 thoughts on “SENDER A TINK YUH KNOW

  1. y most ugly gal always wah try convince ppl seh dem good lookin is not every gal born wit pretty face n shape jus own up unno ugliness n stop try fool unno self ere

  2. Since she start f**k Lala splash she hype.dem ugly family f**k everybody…Rhem come a dance and hype and bruk….These are Bronx worst broke bitches…The boy she a f**k me she feel hype..#Sike

  3. Hype and getting food stamps to buy food and getting all the government help ugly family get behind me

  4. Bollywood you rite bout this Bronx whore all a the family a Johncrow a the worst family in the Bronx. my sons could never sleep with these whores

    1. a male blogger already goes by that name here, maybe yuh waan change the 13 tuh sup’m else or a complete diff name

  5. So, what is the real problem here?? Cause I could care less bout ah which borough she come from or who she ah screw or who much govament aid she getting…what is the real beef ya suh….ca it seems as if smaddy have ah personal gripe against this young girl…unu come talk the truth and stop sound repetitive and jealous…

  6. Kenisha omg. Me shame lala come on Claudette talk to u daughter she stop f**k galdo anyway a angel a put uno up Claudette uno share too much man now the daughter an angel .wat a disgrace

  7. The whole a dem need to take several seats all dem do a run down man weh nuh wAan dem dem never look good yet bare cheap ole clothes them wear…mi wAan know which one a dem out a da crew loyal bout team loyal Kmrt dem fava dog shit

  8. Kels well bless is not so bless,stay bad like whoa,her mother ole f**k box,Paulette whe a mine Corey,they f**k frm borough to borough,no mercy.Them gal deh if luv a gyn

  9. So mi never hear one time seh Hollywood use to f**k she too so him a f**k mother n daughter no sah

  10. Straight up cyber bulling . There is no story here, bet is the same person create different username to comment. ” ugly and f* cking * she sound like she is very happy! She and her whole family happily sexing .

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