SENDER-Apple these beds are for houses! Not for apartment rental

38 thoughts on “SENDER-Apple these beds are for houses! Not for apartment rental

  1. Apple nuff ppl have rug inna dem house wah value more dan 700 u have place wah u can lay away pon dem stop being frighten an buy wah u wah an stop tag gina cause wen shi dun wid u house it agoh look like every wey else shi dou all a her fixin up have d same luk

  2. How this bitch don’t have furniture yet all the flossing she doing that’s a shame Apple you had to post that pic would of been better for them to keep guessing . And the person saying I can’t wait for your stuff to be delivered

  3. Dem beds deh too inexpensive fe dem deh rich people who fah pickney go private school, get tutoring, private swimming lessons, private music lessons, travel first class and dem tings deh eno!

  4. W TF! She talking about rugs so how bed come in? She already have a Newyork King size bed. Give her a break ”tis the season to be nice.
    Can someone post something positive about her fi once? Find ah send in something for crying out loud.

  5. A unnu a buss dem ppl yah enuh!! Why unnu looking!!! I’m on apple and robbas page and the only time I see none a dem post is on here, I don’t look at them cause she and Robbas think they are important but not in my book!! Stop giving them so much attention man!!! All Robbas she, she’s love the attention!! When u look on er face shi keep smiling, oh she loves it!! And I really think she need to go worry about that gay boyfriend she has, cause he’s so gay omg!!!

    1. that person for her is Gina Spectacular

      Apple really loves acrylics nd everybody have dem owna taste in things at the end of day

  6. @simplicity apple ain’t buying no bedroom set. she only ask the price of the rug and apple been move and move with the same acrylic bed and dirty mattress .apple live with husband Wey yellow bed plus butterflies on Wall come in. Apple yuh and jaydon a must Cinderella step sisters. Apple please to show the bedroom set at your apt when u get it butilizes for now guh hide yuh dunce the pictures on yuh delivery day. Attention seeker. Apple u know u moving months before u did because the attic that u lived in by throgs neck the owner sold the house Suh yuh should and been have all yuh new furnitures fi yuh apartment because u a rich girl. Old fool apple boasy bruck.

    1. Well her Interior Decorator confirmed it nd waiting on shipping..suh time will tell cuz if she don’t post it Gina will

  7. Now whats gonna happen to all this high prize furniture when the feds or local cops come for them or when they have to move again, don’t they know that moving mash up your furniture and bed bugs get it them when they’re in storage and better yet it gets sold for nest to nothing when you can’t keep up the storage payments. SMH this is so SAD

  8. This bitch is so annoying indeed. I cant stand her fake body ugly ass. Yessss APPLE yuh ugly without makeup bitch! Everything thing materialistic this tranny bitch post bout, but you never see her taking her kids to nice restaurants, vacations on a regular, the dentist, doctor appointments, helping them with homework, cuddling with them, preparing a nice meal for them etc….I DONT LIKE NOTHING THIS TRANNY STAND FOR. Im all about people doing them but dont forget about your kids while stunting on others for ATTENTION. Apple how old are you again? You’re like almost 40 yrs old and still DON’T own SHIT!! ROFL….Bitches like you need to get deported back to your country because you’re not a progressive woman living in america (granted you are not legal in the country) but THATS NO EXCUSE. GEt your life together and get off social media because those that brag DONT HAVE IT. #FACTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS


  9. The pink hair make her look even more exotically lol Apple I really hope you not sleeping on that same bed in all of your pictures all the flossing Balmain Gucci Chanel .Apple please show them your room please mi beg u

  10. She running competition with robbas and cannot keep up them red eye and badmind them one another them hate each other secretly Apple frighten and insecure like and she ugly inna real life I dnt know what ppl see in these low life bitches!

  11. Her pussy bought her a PORSCH, i am sure there’s still some milage on her pussy to buy her, (her) dream bed lol

  12. But Gina talk seh she been forcing apple to buy a bed but she kept complaining about the price these ppl are real clown to making Gina tell them what to do then walk and talk apple Gina told her Fren that your bed isn’t coming from unlimited furniture appl a idiot gyal

  13. Apple that’s really true becareful of that lady that love to act like she is the sweetest thing because she laughing at you about the bed lol

  14. But how apple fi a complain about price of a bed ?? A good bed is always needed. Apple have 2 Birkin bag Wey value over $50,000 and a complain bout a cheap ass $6000 bed.I forget the bags them is from china .lol. Apple u wack. Apple u a real popishow.u are a broke wannabe bitch. Dash Wey yuh old bed.

  15. I hope she doesn’t post any pics of any of the bedrooms when she finish. She should learn how to keep some things private. If you a shop for a bed nobody has to know.

  16. TRUE @FASHION POLICE ..never see her post wid her child a do home work , or a put her to bed, go buy her school, putting her on a shool bus , taking her to church NOTHING she is all about clothes, shoes and picket book omg party an icon shit mon

  17. Mi kn a girl wah use to live wid apple years ago shi sah apple nah change a soh shi tan long time she sah apple was always about girls, hype man , clothes and shoes shi sah apple have nuff things pon her name dats y shi did try frame her child father sah him beat het fi get Greencard she said dem did teck wey her british passport an send her back a yaad is someone paper shi cum back up yah pon now shi have a lawyer a pay a bag a money fo sort her dem a use d kids dem wah born yah fi si if she can get throu

  18. I guess the princess as the she proclaim live for social media everything is not for the public I careless how much these stuff cost still not eye catching and note to the princess I really think you a weak fence because everything people say about u, u take time out to prove some point which make you look so stupid in life you really don’t have to prove nothing to anyone but I guess you love the disrespectful attention I know you be reading every comments but bare in mind i see better than you and right now they don’t have a penny inna life so princess as she proclaim don’t be a victim but the rate you r going your r building your own case against yourself just take a seat in the back row and stop live for people because your stupidity never get any better.

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