Shauntol snappa don’t want you the two little boys you have is blacks kids I hope you been saving to redo your 2 years you’ve been f**g down the whole place even in jamaica my girl you unfollow me off snapchat and Facebook because you know you can’t test me with your long breast you suck hood before suck hood become famous I heard snappah caught you f**g another man and he took you back your a young girl settle down now man you have two kids plus you dash weh 4 belly already so stop it now man my girl yuh mumma sin ha tek har now karma a b*tch you did say my baby father don’t want me I have his kids slut… bisexual you f**d for 20 pounds before the man from east say he told you to meet him for the money and you f***d him disgusting…Daniel aka snappah baby mothers look better than you one of them my good friend yuh head big ha colour alone u have….if you did ever black bludclartt colour have alot to do with people stop tek people man stop it now man chu Shantel Shauntol whatever yuh wah name b*tch you gal like u p***y still ha search for love smh


  1. Sender you are lameeeeeeeee!!!!! Telling someone if they were dark skin they’d be ugly is such a low life thing to say as if being dark is a bad thing.

  2. Sender you flop yourself with the complexion speech. And if her man catch her with a next man and him still forgive her she might be doing something right and he must love her off.

  3. Sender leave the pretty girl alone it is her P***y it’s not borrowed she OWNS it so if she wants to f**k for £3 she can, do you know why? Because SHE can As no1 is FEEDING, FINANCING or F**ING HER no1 should have nothing to say. Da 1 baby father she has owns up his kids. And unnu ah talk bout she sucking hood WHO doesn’t we are in 2016 now maybe u should start doing that den ur man won’t leave u have time to TRY and humiliate people you inconsiderate pussy how do you think she feels reading this what if she kills her self this is cyber bullying.

  4. I know Daniel and him bredda fi ah Long time dem used ta beat gyal. De talk seh he beat Chantal. dem two boys are dead stamp of him No jacket. So u ah tell meh seh chris Brown f**k it too. If snappa read dis Chantal pussy ah go kickout. Chantal is pretty. him other babymother forehead big. Chantal randa tina ShantelMishack an taniese r ah joke gyal. dem ah own man that f**g everybody an dem vex an think seh d gyal want dem man. who cocky Chantal suck. When she f**k Chris. Unnu ah one Set ah Renta waste gyal.

  5. Ah how dem waste gal yah reach here so? kmt birds of a feather really flock together kmft Shauntol an har fren dem dun out from longtime. NEXT!!!!

  6. Ah when dem waste gal yah reach here so? birds of a feather really flock together. Shauntol and har friends dem a big whore n the whole a south know this. NEXT!!!!

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