1. Sender when your already slim WITH mawgah neck and your taking celfies. You have to suck in the belly, ribs and pushing up your breastasis push out you batty for the camera all at the same time. It take alot of muscle concentration. The angle you hold up your arm couple with muscle stiffness to capture the perfect immage..


  2. :ngakak No you all go mek this girl go do surgery on her throat, lwad ham mercy, by next month it will get fixed.

  3. I must be weird I HATE fake boobs. I prefer women inna dem natural state. Drop breast and stretch marks and all. Bcuz if my lust is perfection what happens when we get older?

    1. HeavyD you’re the1%,we are the 99 big up urself same way fi ur preferences. I personally don’t have any issue cuz titties a titties…well except for slippaz tits…Laaaaawwwdd!

      1. Most men dont want no tuff breast so heavy d in the 99. Unless a man can keep his own breast stiff him need fi stay to di side wid di tuff breast talk

  4. A who dat a bring man thing inna mi argument??? Watch yah nu today is Friday lowe mi mek start mi weekend good….Hey heavy-duty I care 0% if them fake r real I still want to buss my load allllllllll overrrrr demmmmmmm.

  5. Silicone is not all that tuff,fake breasts can be soft n mushy.hard to motorboat flupsy flabby titties ijs.

  6. Look like a juss Yardie love di plastic and fix-a-flat dolly dem.
    Met….why would you put *clutches pearls* when Max is speaking of giving her a “PEARL NECKLACE”?… LOLOL!!!…. is that one of your fantasies??

  7. Suh ppl really out yah a do next surgery :nerd suh she suck di fat from her neck clearly!! Mi say when dis gal dun hunnu naw go know a who she be a swear! she ago be apple extract.

  8. This is Apple Jay Icons wife and you broke bitches are just hating..some of you need complete makeovers but you dont have the money to do it … POW POW!!!

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