Good day Met and peepers….
So before I start, let me make my disclaimer… this is no way, trying tear down anyone, neither is it to get criticism. It’s simply to highlight how black ppl are (can’t speak for other races), when they start making a Lil shilling….

My friend *DM* a well-known store in HWT that rips jeans, to find out the prices…. apparently there was an error in the response by the *well-known* store…. so my friend, asked a follow-up question, in response to what she read… now, instead of the *well-known* strore correcting their error, they were rather cheeky…. the screenshots will show how it ended.

I’m saying all of this to say, is this really what customer service gone to in Ja? How can a business that hope to have longevity in operation treat customers/potential customers in such manner?
It doesn’t matter what that store has, I’ll never step foot in there, ever….







  1. It is so tacky when fashion never and ugly richrush post shots like this it is so not good for business I’d never shop with anyone that got these type of attitude and the girl shouldn’t cuss but ofcourse miss never msg sym so tacky

  2. whats so hard in saying ‘my bad, I meant ‘not’ hun, lol.’ Fashion ugly that’s why No one likes u u ugly butu ass nuff ass wanna be uptown, wanna be rich ass used to sell outta car trunk and dont wanna own it lying ass bitch. Went to a lyme the other day and her name came up, no one hating on u, they were all just laughing bout u a rent out cabana at a party and the man weh u a rent cabana fi impress neva come nuh weh, f$#ka u

  3. Customer service usually sucks any and everywhere in Jamaica. A lot of the people you have working in those shops either got it from sucking/phucking the boss, nepotism or through some breddrin hook-up, so their attitude will always suck on the job, because they feel they can’t easily get fired. When you give a sensitive person (which seems with a lot of Jamaicans words DEEPLY affect them) a job that entitles them to directly deal with the public, will lead to exchanges like this.
    To the sender, you don’t need to pay to get your jeans cut, just get a razor blade make slices on your jeans and then wash them for the desired look. If you want the distressed look, fill up a cap full of bleach and get a small paint brush and lightly brush over the parts you want faded out and wash…. Simple…

  4. A good !!!! some a unnu love run up inna dem instagram store gyal yah too much they sell their stuff very expensive and to top it off mi nah dm nuh body fi no Rass price. I can neber understand why they don’t post their prices…a wah CIA fi pricing is on instagram….kmt mi nah look pon dem.
    Nuff a unnu a run go buy the over priced goods fi get customer highlight ?

    1. Mi a wonder why they never post the prices too. I am least likely to go to somebody online store link just to see the price of something cause a foolishness dat. It affi be something I feel like I can’t live without for me to even go to their online store and not fi love nor money am I DM’ing anybody about the price of clothes.

      Next ting, I can’t stand dis gyal wid ar dutty attitude. Di sender fren shoulda do ar worse dan dat. Smaddy waan gi u a big dutty box one day an a bet u start deal wid people better.

    2. Yuh right, customer highlights them a run down… lol that gyol have ntn name manners and respect. Gyol cud simple sey typo, that should have been “not” cause at first I thought it was “but” lol

  5. I guess I’m the only one who thinks the customer was wrong in this. That’s the problem with customer service, some people feel as if they can behave anyway they want and when the business strike back they wrong? The girl knew damn well what she meant

    1. i agree with you the customer know what she meant and i believe the customer was being cheeky cuz nuh word nuh name BOT and a she first cuss suh she is wrong

  6. All FashionNeva had to say was “sorry” or “my bad”. She ALWAYS in her feeling, dem bitch yah cya get a cent from my pocket.

  7. As people above said, nuff a unnuh fi stop a run up inna dem ppl yah…everybody a run down dem instagram boutique things fi seh unnuh buy from dem or fi get the likkle customer feature…unnuh fi stop run down likes..

    And she just like di rest of them need to learn customer service…but the higher monkey climb the more them expose!

  8. Fashion ugly that’s why she so miserable and tormented. These instagram chicks too hype with their overpriced clothes

  9. The customer was wrong….
    Me really hate when customers/potential customers roll over and play victim yuhsi. And wha people need fi understand say INSTAGRAM IS NOT A WEBSITE designed for purchases it’s designed to PROMOTE therefore posting prices IS OPTIONAL. Nuff a di time is a simple 1, 2, 3 you just call the store or text. Some people Mek it too difficult man. Instagram mek fi attract customers so if the store people dem nuh want disclose too much customers have the option fi shop deh or not! Me shop wid Fashionenira and never had no issue. ‘Me feel like more time a how u carry yuhself. Cus some people nuh have no regards fi people business. Fashionenira next time jus ignore dem.

  10. Dah gal yah hype doh, can’t stand her. from wah day mi a hear seh she a run round with one a di yute dem frm konsequence music, di one weh name georozay pan ig, every time she a throw hints pon snapchat and deh pan ig and snapchat a talk bout bae this bae that. she nuh know say dem boy deh nuh waa nobody. Mi tired a dem ppl yah , she done wid kitt now she gone to dis one, somebody need fi come spill da tea yah, no Fl she live how she a whore dung JA so, no man nuh deh Fl …met ask fi di tea deh

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