Dear Blingas, Cardo and Ruxie this is our application to you for a wife position. And we are very serious. Why pick those girls over us. We can be your wife with side chick benefits mix with the matey. We wash, clean, Cook and iron. All of us have a good job so we can help with the bills. u have kids and we have kids so we only need one for the bond between us. And guest what we are a freak in the bed which man don’t like a freak in the bed. When u go out at night just know we will be home in bed waiting on you to come home so you can freak us out then we will cook you breakfast and go to work. This is our last call to you, you have our number call us. And guest what we would allow you to f**k the others girls as long as you come home to us the wives. From S. K. and J.


34 thoughts on “SENDER IS WHO YUH A SET UP?

  1. No set up thing here me and my friends are really in love with this guys.And want to be the first ladies in their lives.

  2. Desperation tun up!!!! Some girls will do anything to dey wid man wid name. Hats off to you gents, I guess fake Burberry shirts will bring all the chicks to the yaad…

  3. Dah post yah have a African feel to it :nerd a muss wah African sen it een. A dem alone wah share an kind so jamaican gal ago war Yuh fi dem man str888 up all when dem know say dem a share.

  4. We are no Africans born and grow a Jamaica. And (please) listen we can be a lady a bitch when we ready and a freak to the one we love. We have to play all the role so the man can not get bored with us. Not like the girls that with now.

  5. This is it we are coming and we coming hard. Starting with Ruxie he have one girl overseas about one that we know of in Jamaica that is ugly as hell and some other bitches. They get to go. Blingas have three that we know of one that when she is here is everywhere with him look more like his friend when she with him. One that bleach out well at least she is at almost every party with him. saw them at a party together up to last week well them look close. And he has a next one short and brown but look too fake don’t know what role she play cause he is never with her. Not even one party he bring her to. For a man that party so much how comes she never party with him not even one time and she party a let too. so she don’t get no ratings from him. So there is not three is two and a half for blingas cause she make half. And him every have some new people around him Cardo know is the good one one girl in Jamaica and one overseas. But him too hype. and not sure if he is still with is baby mother. So u see we a put out all a them and take over.

  6. Can bet is d ugly buss up body candy an har sadamite fren dem a send in d boy dem candy u need a life stop make ruxie get in your brains you will never be his firstlady

  7. My girl Miss Payneland bld 10 stop call people name cause this is not Candy I can bet on that. Look at the name initial S.k and J and we name tattoo on us. And why u a put Ruxie business out there like that him a f;;;;k you. You notice the post I write before I don’t call any of the girls them name and I know everyone of them name.

  8. Dwlllll if I laugh mi dead the short nock knee bleach out one weh stay bad weh full a some ugly tatoos lollll we a dead over ruxie weh nuh want her every dance a watch out the man c**ky an the man nuh want her mi hear seh it mouth stink like dog batty some gal life sad ruxie have him good up woman weh him need suh dat deh stay bad gal deh an her lesbian fren dem need fi guh look a life Dwlllll

  9. What the f**k where all a you come from and a run in on we application. All u all doing is talking. And talking shit. Wait until we tek them from you all.

  10. Unu stop mix candy name because dat gal n ruxie left longtime unu stop hate pon the bloodclaat gal cause the gal not even know bumboclaat unu can bet a some stay bad ugly gal from towile weh hate the fukin girl lowe the girl a f*** lone

  11. @Towerhill bad gal move yuh bloodclaat n gweh u a hate pon d girl because candy n ruxie lef long bloodclaat time unu lowe d gal mon me hate unu bumboclaat essi d gal deeven recognise unu and d man weh unu a hate d girl for unu fi gweh mon

  12. What the hell why fight Ruxie post him wife like almost everyday on IG and Facebook Cardo do it know and than with his wife. Blingas will die alone cause him don’t even want himself. Blingas from I know him never own nobody, you see him a post anyone on his IG or Facebook. Blingas use the girl them a than leave them. cardo and Ruxie use then but they give then some ratings. All you sender have time to want to be First Ladies of any of these shit house. And yes the bleach out one always at ever party and a she name watch the c;;;ky. See from the post come out u see Ruxie and him wife a exchange love you note on IG so the people them happy so stop try a damage it. Cardo is not the talk up to type so him no response to nothing. And stop put cardo in you mix up to. Him better then this.

  13. Y’all bitches nuh sad af , ruxie don’t want y’all not one f**k a you worst naked kerry, candy you left him but your name Stain I guess your a good piece a gal big up your blooclattt self good gal

  14. @ Rosalie go suck the ppl dem man hood….a bet a one a d f**k out boss lady dem cause uno n bar a Fren……move u bar selling pussy self n go suck Yuh ma

  15. Who is you towel hill bad gal. Come out a this because right now you have yo be a freak in the bed and a lady in the street but us lady chat too much when you go f&%k a man you think the man a yours now so you go run and tell your friend you every hear about kiss and don’t tell. we a wait on the answer guys if we get the job. and you blingas not going to die alone cause him get me that going to be his wife for live.

  16. Everyone a call you miss the real deal him you know some much why u don’t call name. And Ruxie you really leave Candy and start f&&k Kerry. Mi say I want your wife to come and put these want a be wife in place. Sender call name please mi can’t keep up when u don’t call name and u need a next post showing yourself and the other women they with now to see if you can tek them away.

  17. You want name Miss Please. Waltham dutty gal them is a want a be wifves stop watch out the men them d**k the other day mi de a one a mi friend yard pon Waltham a she a tell me how the skii gal them no stop hype over the man dem d**k. And people a Waltham no like them cause fi big women dem party with them pickney like them a the same age. The bleaching look baddd cause them can’t maintain to buy the good cream to mek it look good. Candy and Kerry don’t mek one so every one can see Ruxie would f%%k anything from him f%%k them. Ruxie always a f%%k diffetent girls as long as them look at him. Speacilly like how him get car now. My baby Cardo woman dem a good girl them no mix up with people just like him. So don’t need to call no name on them. Oh mi forget blingas half girl and the girl that look like a friend. Word to the both of u get out while you can. You two no fit in with this crown. All though mi no like non a you. You two look like some good two shoes. Leave them a go look men that work in a bank or round a deck. All in all them three men here fit us cause we will work with them.

  18. what the f%%k is how mi miss this. Laugh my ass off.u people no Shame u a fight over people that don’t see you go look on Ruxie IG page him wife all over stop man the wife not going to leave him so any of you dancehall groupies cam get him. Why put cardo in this baby boy too nice for this shit. And who a talk say blingas a go die so true cause him a go tru girls like how Usain Bolt a run fast. So sender a better u put in your application to cardo alone cause him will be a good man. But how u going to do that when u don’t show yourself girl.

  19. Sender u have no ambition look on ruxie teeth them in him!!! A must cause u hear say him is a good sucker why u want him, ruxie a top sucker in the 13 and him lik out the most on pussy suckers him own woman weh unu see him a post up talk say him suck har pussy! Him name all call upon batty nuh wonder him go to candy cause she walk and bum like a man, unu thirsty and upsetting doh dwl ruxie and him f**k up foot them

  20. Payneland didn’t you read the post we say we want them to come freak us out meaning we a freak in the bed bitch u madddddddd cause him never suck you. And what you mean by Ruxie and him f%%k up foot them.

  21. Thirsty bitch them can freak u out yes cause them a top freak , ruxie and blingas !as me say ruxie women talk it and the wol 13 know that too, as much as I love a good head me no want ruxie dirty mouth in a my pussy fi gi me bacteria bye thirsty girl! U blind u no see him foot them knock till them look frig up, him affi wide them out when taking pics so them no show go away thirsty like!!

  22. That is why we a go get them. Guys we don’t kiss and tell. A u miss payneland bitch. We know a who this and remember u run to blingas and him move u up and u run to Ruxie and him shame cause u p”””y no good gal. go look a man that need you bitch.

  23. what the f**K. WHY Skii girl name in your mouth bitch. Mi friend a mad you. Cause blingas show her all the respect and she a wife fi life. mi friend clean and a she still a win bitch, she and her two daughter a mad people. Blingas no have no other woman stop call people name on him. Waltham people them love the skii girls them and a we still a win. Any other girls can tek a back seat in a the car. who cares about the other two gal them. them get what them fi get and gone. mi friend still in a him life. A we still a win. The other two girls them ugly no f%%K them no in a blingas league to be show in public with him. Mi friend at almost every party cause she look good she shape good and she in a him league.

    and STOP talk shit say people s**k any one cause that a lie. Ruxie love him wife and will never disrespect for anyone and so do Blingas.

    and P.S sender stop hide and show yourself just mek we know know you. and we see who baddddd gal. A we still a win, a we still a win.

  24. Who still a win girl. Stop it. We will be at every in the week party that them a play at next week just look for the tattoo with our name on us. And we will see who still a win.
    We will all come a your party bitch to show you we stop hide now. And tek over time now. Skii you need some bleaching cream cause the bleaching need to top up now. Who u fi block on IG you no block.

  25. D wul a unu big n bloodclaat cayliss a cuss ova man weh nuh want none a bloodclaat unu n jus a call up d girl dem name weh deeven knw or recognize unu n poor candy weh deeven a look pon bloodvlclaat ruxie everything unu mention d gal in and d girl ever look good nuh knw eho is kerry but candy a hot gal fi nuff a ruxi gal dem unu fi go suck unu mother n come off a d yuth dem name to big woman nuh fi wukliss suh set a dunce d wul a unu

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