Tall Up you gwan like you clean and you a top a top but you need fi go visit the (Edited) cause you aint got no money. Every dance you go you beg fi get in free all the selector dem tired of you.
Bwoy like you fi walk round wid a government health warning. Every dance you go you try fi hype up you nasty self and you sleep with the girl and give her not one but two (Edited).

Di gal have blisters round her arseole and then you a try fi mek out like you clean and it nuh you.

Nastiness. Cho Bwoy you want to clean up you act.

28 thoughts on “IS DMV DIS?

  1. Tall up look like yah name a get call up. Mi did hear seh a Lisa British nasty maaga daughter him give a dose to dwfrcl

  2. Aresole aka shit pan aka Dodo door aka
    Battyhole sender yuh fren Nasty an him nastier.bout she have bump round her batty weh man ah duh round seh?
    De two ah dem full ah mummabloodclot

  3. Surely herpes from you have it if you a give back shot whatever you a go catch it. From what me hear about herpes it’s contagious and can flare up at anytime. Either way the two of dem nasty.

  4. Bruk pocket Tall Up. Nastiness dem man f**k f**k all bout with careless smaddy. If you lay with dawgs you gwen catch fleas. Dat deh gal deh she f**k all Lucky British. Lisa British daughter well rev out from morning. Imagine dat Blisters mean Herpes you nuh. Woaah

  5. @janet you are 100% right about Aids man fada hype him bruck fi true any gyal weh tek him up have to mine him because him licky Lickey bad! I don’t know how him get gal when all him teeth in him mouth are discolored and dirty. Him try affa me already and I have to hide wen me see him because dem dirty man can’t touch my pussy!

  6. Dem deh man Tall Up and Fada hype always at every dance and dem pocket well empty and a mek a bag a noise and have no money. Love to be seen and heard. Thats why you cant look at a man and feel seh him have anything cause these two nuh live no where. Love live off of woman. If it wasnt for a woman dem deh man wouldnt eat a meal.

  7. Please tell me why that skinny hungry belly man calls himself “hype” when him broke? Lool please change that name to “fada bruck pocket” Sophia not giving you no more money free clothes and shoes and now you have to repeat how you work that out with a name hype? Garlic breath tall shit you still a beg food and drinks? It look like the free clinic fed up a you why you have to walk and f**k without a condom which you can’t afford so please get to the clinic and get them for free disease bwoy.

  8. Tall man ever a give gal stds this is nothing new, so ppl be very careful off this disease bwoy! Fada hype hungry

  9. Nasty careless bwoy dem always in front a camera a hype over nutten. Di selector dem tired of both of unno. Both of unno should carry a government health warning. Unno character dirty. The file long suh.

  10. Is it the tall slim dj hype you talking about here? If so how can he be broke when the last dance I see him he was dashing bare money in the crowd so please explain

  11. @my ting up I don’t know if it was real or fake but if it’s the same selector it must be real because a gyal him live off so it’s not his money is what he earns because that’s his job to beg Di selector them always a chat him not calling no names

  12. Yes you guys are right I slept with this dog shit couple months ago and had to take a day off work to go clinic because my pussy wouldn’t stop scratch and the smell was awful cut a long story short this wanna dj shot me with gonorrhoea and herpes now I was so embarrassed mad at the same time I couldn’t even argue with him just left him for god to deal with him because he’s a nasty piece a shit and wouldn’t admit to anythink lady’s do not allow this disease man to trick you with his sweet talking just walk away I’m just so lucky because it could a been hiv him give me thankyou Lord.

  13. Sorry to hear that hun. We all live and learn some are not so lucky. Some of these guys are so bare faced with what they do. They know what they have and they will just sleep with women regardless. Herpes and Gonorrhoea are two of the hardest STD to shift. Glad you have sorted yourself out and its over and done with. Thanks for your honesty too. Tall Up needs to get Called out on his nastiness proper cheapskate bwoy dats why him nah reach nuh where. So many women in dancehall have slept with dat f**r and he has given dem herpes. The only reason why more of dem havnt caught gonorrhoea is because they made sure Tall Up wore a condom. Pure begging him have to be doing beg for food beg to come inna dance. Always looking di next pussy fi come sheg up.

  14. Tall Up how so much people a call up you name and you a seh it nuh true a di gal dem a tell lie pon you. Too much gal get STDs from you bredren you need fi visit the clinic your cocky is dripping.

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