The way Kartel’s rabid fans defend dem God,they bun gays but perfectly OK with his nastiness.Remember where it all began and it wasn’t with Gage or Alkaline truth be told. It started with Vybz Kartel,who made nastiness cool and acceptable. It’s now no longer nasty but freaky and freaky gyal a dem gal deh we love!


  1. That is the picture of him clearly going balls deep in dodo.You did a good thing to crop it out Because no one is trying to see that mess.

  2. Kartel is still the hottest thing in dancehall right now, we cannot deny that !
    Alkaline is quickly rising to that level. He has definitely risen because he captured Kartel style, look, and format of music.

    Lyrically, Kartel remains the master !
    I mean he release a few tunes last month and this month already and they were all catching and top of the line songs, considering a man is behind bars !

    I think not only his particular fans from Gaza enjoys his music, but people from all walks of life and genre.
    Morally, I cannot say I agreed with everything he sang, but I would be a liar if I said that I have not been caught singing some of his catchy lyrics . Kartel and Mavado got me listening to hardcore dancehall again afte many years…

  3. Well obviously the sender was a fan as well fi dem fi know the words dem. Admit it and done everyone and dem mumma from the old to the young listen to Kartel sometime or the other. Years after when him start get out of control ppl start to turn away.

  4. Sender guh find summin duh waste gal or waste man. Kartel sing bout reality. Nastiness was out there before him born starting with you douchebag, and it’s getting worst. Mi never hear him sing bout batty. Nuff a Dem foreign artist weh unuh praise unnuh listen the lyric? Dumbass.Yuh hear shorty a look donation or him Pitney Dem a suffah get a life, and guh tune in to some more lyrics…

  5. Gaza forever….. blame Addie all u want sender but memba nastiness deh bout long before kartel and it will still deh bout after him gone…get a life an low di man…i bet if him was a local man pon road u wouldn’t have shit to say….get a life….

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