1. Me notice it from over a month now. Chris nah look pon him dad n battyman Greg. Greg never tell him happy birthday but the reason y Greg a suck up to the dad, he wants to b next on line to get the dad money n control the Millard development. So he’s tryin his best to stay as close as possible to his dad. Because he’s hungry for the wealth n to control the family. I don’t trust Greg.
    Chris n Latty is all for their mother, which is right. Lauren yuh shame tree yuh nuh have any at all. Yuh very dry eye plus karma nah miss fi yuh door. Roxanne is a next case at least she have her education to fall back on. But miss independent what was the real reason u leave yuh husband. ?
    Money mike thank God for the money u can lavish with yuh concubines but nobody grudge because maybe night time u can’t sleep good because yuh conscience a bother u.
    But time will tell…Charlene nuh worry yah mumma from yuh heart clean yuh good.

  2. chris and his sister stick to the mother mi affi rate dat. Greg just like him father which is not a good thing.

    Money mike not even look within himself and see dat d young girl dem just want him fi money cause is not his looks.

    The young girls dem disgusting too cause d man married.

    “A poor girl with good principles is better than a rich girl without any”

  3. I don’t think Greg is Charlene’s biological child if i get it correct. Greg is a low life and while I am looking at it now, why should he pick sides sender ask yourself the question.

    Money mike has over 6 outside kids, he is not hiding his extra marital affairs cah everyone in uptown circle knows all of this, him nah hide Lauren nor is he hiding forrid Roxanne!!!! I would be upset if Charlene was my mother and stayed and allowed all that disrespect ah wah could have cause all a that, so many outside kids ??? so many times him could a did carry a dose a some incurable disease and she stuck it out and played wifey role.
    I know we women tend to want to hang on sometimes for the perks and claim status cah she was there from foundation so she wants to reap the benefits, but my peace of mind for me is worth everything. I really can’t even bash him. The puppa is a piece of dogshit and. that is just that.

    Chris mi love yuh for sticking by your m,other, but please unnu fi just be cool and get it over wid unnu a family nuh mek this come between unnu. Yuh a genna and mi nuh like how yuh nuh too accept yuh other sibblings but remember kids are innocent.

    1. ” Greg is Charlene’s biological child ”- she had him at age 19…Greg resemble her more than the dad…same head and thing

  4. Mi nuh trust Greg neither.Greg is very hungry for control of the money. Him better no mek him fada find out bout him fishiness. Chirs take out your mother and enjoy some of the money too. Squinge up face Lauren and bald head Roxanne alone nuh fi enjoy it.

    ( Is not just big Roxanne forrid big, some of it is scalp, chic is going bald)

  5. Good bwoy Chris. At least you still have some morals. Cause I don’t see what Charlene do mek money mike deal with her so.

  6. Greg is a fish and all who dnt see that is in serious denial..He’s friends with his mom mates b/c he himself is a bitch and can relate, a him sey “if a gal man a run u down tek him”.. Mike kno sey a him money y the concubines dem want him, I dnt wrong him fi f*#k dem, a hope him all shit pon dem to..He needs to be more mindful of his wife and let his shit pits kno not to disrespect the lady.

  7. Charlene we tired to tell you, if u not leaving Money Mike at least enjoy the money!

    All Charlene do is go hairdresser, nail tech, dance class, Florida. Rinse and repeat. Gwaan a Dubai before u matey dem reach before you, it no impossible.

    1. That me say too and nah stop say it. I just don’t understand how as a wife she nah spend up the money. Like really! That is outside of the norm for a Ja wifey to make mate a pop style pon her. So, all who say she have up the money, which I’m wondering how much of that is true show her how to use it. She may know about the money but it doesn’t seem like she control it like unno a say. Cuz Ja business man love hide money even from dem wife when dem a bad. Bet if kick that bucket she know bout nuff things him a gwaan with

      1. Charlene is probably smart and a save up all of that money for a bloodclaat rainy day fi when she decide fi leff d duppy bat once and for all!!

  8. ⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️ At Dubai. If a me, me a find a handsome young boy fi fck out me hole daily and travel with him

    1. Charlene a ramp! Mike deh a Jamaica and caan travel, Charlene should have a man live wid a Florida. Nowadays it don’t mek sense holding out and giving everything to a man who won’t even meet you halfway. Upgrade you vehicle and remodel the bedroom.

      Charlene, for the love of God do something woman. Stop being a DOORMAT! Siddung deh and wait pon Mike money, most of it supposed to be wired into offshore accounts, do you have access to those accounts? him nah dead fi now, and as him dead Greg war you for that money. look into your future Charlene, it very bleak.

  9. SYM 10Farrid wretchinella Roxanne! !Yuh end it a guh bitter fi what you do to ur husband Wade Mars!Go SYM again the Wife n Lauren fi team up n give yuh a proper dussing n cuffings n pitch yuh overboard mek yuh float pon yuh 10farridhead!

    SYM agen straight!

  10. Das y dem uptown gal dey a go find demself dead early, if a did some wife, dem pay hit man fi take out all a money mike side chick, das y wen uno hear about murder more time uno must shut up n say nothing. All money mike side chicks if money mike wife was awful, dem gal dey burry over dovecott n meadowrest long time. Nuff a dem too bright n nuff das y people kill dem clath. U see dem gal dey whey love likes watch how dem a go mek likes kill dem quick, damm set of nasty, low life and money grabbers.

  11. They are all very nasty all of them sleeping with each other in that likkle group. Sabrina Greg’s beard a sleep with moons and moons married to Scott and him a sleep with Lauren aka dreaminoflaur all of them is one big group of nasty ppl and at the end of it all , all of them man or woman a sleep with money mike . uno too materialistic , me nah lose my morals fi no BBC apartment or Audi . stop love quick money stop worship money and dem ting deh . when the world end money and boat and iPhone 100 cannot help u.

    I admire Chris to stick up for his mom unfollow all of them.leave Greg alone , karma is a hell of a thing if it don’t catch u now it catch u later or catch your generations and guess what generational curse is 100% real!!!! . I don’t wanna bring up Lauren kids but I hope somebody praying over them life sometimes we collect spiritual debt from our family and don’t even know and more importantly me sorry for money mike and his kids lord gee

  12. Charlene need fi beat in Lauren face mek it squinge up some more. The lawyer weird AF a Money Mike she might try do something. Money draws all the wrong persons towards the person that has it but a jus so it go. Greg graduate from school?

  13. Das y dem kill plenty lawyers dem too mix up, when dem nah thief money dem n tek people husbands n help break up people marriage. Damm bitch, u see dat lawyer gal whey a f uck money mike, her days numbered man. She a go send herself to the grave soon.

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