Mi no Burgs love attention but this teck di case. Him name neva call up ina funny man bizness but him a meck mi nervous yah now. How di hell him fi seh him like him Queen looking like this. Ain’t nothing sexy about this . For a minute i thought she was a dude. Burgs come answer we and tell me which part a dis you like. Is it the masculine look or wah? Tracey gi Burgs a bloooclaat boxx cause a clown him a clown you out This pic should stay in his phone and not for all of us to laugh about. I’m sure you do not show up to work looking like this. Mumma please draw fi di wig fass cause it doh look good. wait deh, on second thoughts doh tell me seh Burgs meck you run to di otha side. You know wah a gone..



  2. Rassss clat a tracey dat…., mi swear a wa man ,., it dont look good ….a so har nose did spread out lik butter ppn bread

  3. MEt what does “IMO” means??
    I understand that you arejudging by natural beauty that you think she is cute. But in contrast to all the women her Boo has been with, It doh look good. Him act soo cocky only to discover his lady is a basic Buttah.. i’m sure when Glama see this it dampens her self esteem to see her man lost and settled for something below her level.

  4. Not a ting no wrong wid the ooman head. at least no chemical nah nyam it out. All you self hating trolls no badd come cuss me now cause me ago defend natural hair till unu mad. Gwan tru yah tracey in about 10 years yuh can have hair down to your ass and mad dem more.

  5. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others..
    tracey him suda give yuh a round line up instead a box

  6. Mi puss juk!!! Is this a man or wah?!? She don’t look good (inna Matterhorn voice). Derrick yuh bloodclaat wicked and yuh tek this eediat gal fi clown!! Which chair mi woulda really siddung inna and Mek ppl f**k up mi head suh!! If I laugh one more time mi piss up miself in yah!!

  7. Morning Met, mi like di new format but it noh like me. It naw Mek mi log in, it ah seh “internal server error” also it tekking forever to load on the phone. (Chocolate)

  8. Two man a rub up rub up them a men…. Did someone say naturally beautiful? A you met? Hmt!

  9. Good Afternoon Met & Metters,
    anuh di wife beater, r face just look like that of a man’s.
    @DWRL, Shade? nuh mek mi ded in ya.

    1. I’m just saying, no no dead mi no like coffee! I just don’t think women with certain features should get man cut that’s all folks ….met she beautiful in a boy-ish way
      s\n my daughter say that’s one of the gay guys on her Instagram dwrcl

  10. I think what makes she look boyish is because she line it up in the front…but other than that it can work, she just needs to jazz it up a likkle, with some earrings and makeup

  11. Luk like a keyshia sent it enn at least him brave enough fi own r plus put up pic burg u need fi stay wit r n stay faithful when we used to talk u used to tell me bout glama liked she a ah yuh ooman low behold but I’m nothing but happy for u a here foolishness post pon DA site ere cause burgs is no one to even talk about

    1. So who’s foolish no u whey reach ova ya fi make it know say u did a fuxx burgs while him a own somebody else to u kmft, LOOK AT THE TOP OF UR SCREEN U SEE A X SCROLL UP N PRESS IT GTFOH bout bare foolishness

  12. The line up makes her look a bit mannish but she is not ugly at all di man can cut him girl hair n still she har beauty some a unnu teck off the lace front n glue on hair n a bare bird n bird nest fly off inna him eye unnu low di ppl dem sender it grieve say the B a get har koki pon a regula tho???????? Well my dear MONEY UP n see wat can gwaan fi u n that bit of advise is free n don’t bother to thank me either

  13. I agree if she put some hoops on and a little make up she will rock it. She don’t look bad, but I also agree that it should have been the round cut.

  14. Yall b tripping n this is the same guy fr the dancehall that yall go all out for wearing makeup fake ass and breast to impress n this is what he actually wants n she is the one for him…guess if unu waan say she fava man she still winning – IMO she looks pretty not glamorous but casually pretty…unu use to d bag a fake unu not even know n love unuself to raas – if unu can bleach out unu self n do all dese tings please no condemn nobody whe wear dem natural colour n hair confidently – GOOD NIGHT MET

  15. Listen, if the man love his woman, bald head or with hair, it is his business! I have known burglar for going almost 20 years and the man love what he loves (fat, bald head etc). If nothing else I respect him for that. If she is beautiful to him that is all that matters. That is the problem with you superficial people. You all need to love who you love without APOLOGY. If you love the hoe or the crack head round the corner, love them and keep it moving. When you all stop thinking that your “pretty” looks and tight hole is your only value in life, man will stop use and abuse you all. And by, me well pretty. As such I am sure is some ugly people send in the negative comments.

  16. Some of you don’t realize how unu ugly and look awful with this 10 lbs of hair on you head, some thick eyelash glue on to the point where you can’t even see and bleach out and look frightening. One day my 6 year old saw a pic of one of these Phillips “beauty” queens and literally screamed and said what is that. Kids talk the truth now.

  17. Tracy deh wid a short mawga coolie bwoy who work fi US Airways him married and live wid him wife and son whose name is Milan him name milford and him wife name Asia di man and him wife live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood called Aldan in PA Tracy is jus a side f**k and di guy nuh even look good mi work a di airport and mi know him an him wife and dem happy Tracy jus a suck him hood good maybe and mi hear seh she love tek pple man and she love tek 2 man at a time she a 35 wid 4 kids she need fi get har life in order IT DON’T LOOK GOOD!!

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