SENDER;-ONE OF BUSY BABY MOTHER it a get nufff haha

Boii Mackada Burke it sticky pon yuh, suh yuh did think breed fi busy would mek him settle down with yuh, n buy u house n car hahaha the man not even a fart pon yuh n shani n she a just 5months . Likkle gyal uno fool eeeh busy have 5 pickeny wid 5 different gyal n uno eye shut down to dat suh gyal ago always get use n abuse. Sally u look mash up all gyal hair wan do! no sah! run go breed fi man n still a walk foot n nah no where fi uno self. cant even put up a pic wid the baby and her fadda pon FB wat ah life. yuh have yuh baby father n affi a hide it. But met ooooh nuh him n the wolmer’s girl weh did enter miss jamaica a chat now. ded! busy get him visa suh him ago full up America wid pickeny too. sally yuh sure get wah yuh did a look fa.


70 thoughts on “SENDER;-ONE OF BUSY BABY MOTHER it a get nufff haha

  1. Met mi have a joke fi give u wah day mi see the crawny skin one mawga comment under him picture and tag her friend so the friend and her was going on under him pic when mi look back like 30-45 min after busy delete all a mawga comments that girl have zero shame shi a first Babymom and busy don’t even give her a nice place to live, a car, a business shi f**k like dawg always a post him and tag him and him never one day comment a Suh a likkle birdie did tell me like about 2 years ago busy never see the little girl for almost 3 years and only mawga when him need his dick to suck or when him and the next one a war how she feel the man don’t even have a relationship with him youth but she a go a yawd a f**k. Wutless set a fools dem

  2. Mackada stop send in message cause yuh nuh get fi see busy more than ah month now ah nuh stop call yuhhh fren ah tell har bout yuh stress out! All ah uno a idiot !. Busy nah av time fi uno

  3. @met ooh him have one last year and this year Sally have fi har n one other girl soon have pickeny to this year Busy get outa control just ah f**k suh wid out condom ! Him ah look mi sista mi tell ah try har bloodclawt best nuh go deh suh . Mi ask har if she wah sit dung ah yard n run daycare cuz afta busy breed yuh em gwaan tuh d next. Worse him mean nuh bloodclawt.

  4. No mackada daughter born last year and him other woman pickeny ago born next month she name Tanisha Blair so him have a 7 months daughter and a new born Smfh

  5. Who saw their sex tape ?? What a dumb bitch, Mackeda from u guh par wid Milk u life mash up girl, and dutty Milk afta that happen to u u shoulda protect ur fren and nuh mek the same f**kry wah reach u reach she. Milk should not be on TV she is a damn disgrace. Come ova yah a try save face when everybody know seh a pure drugs unuh use to do and f**k off the man dem who come Famous.

  6. @met think a joke! Mi hear seh busy hardly deh Jamaica suh wen him com God bless weh d pickeny dem get ! Sum nuh get nuhn tight wid him money met suh mi nuh know weh dem a run dwn dem man ya nasty bad a dose a AIDS a wait pon dem

  7. Busy nuh wan dem cause before the pickeny them get anything him affi f**k the baby madda them first n Mek them suck him hood a one cold bredda if mi f**k a rich man before him breed mi him affi buy me a house fi put my pickeny Ina any how mi breed a must catch mi get catch me could Neva out a my mind Hmft Ina mi young days look how Jamaica hard weh pickeny ah guhhhh??

  8. sally you nuh shame dwrcl yuh suck hood till yuh finally get leak like yuh bestie dwrcl yuh downgrade yuh rassclawt self duty gal

  9. No sahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! dem gyal deh nuffi av nuh pickeny! nasty gyal a luk up Ina camera a suck hood weh uno shame deh ah yah suh niceeeee

  10. Keep it up Busy, a one thing mi know fi sure u eeda ago get supn wicked hopefully it can cure or one a dem gal deh ago poison u rass. Nasty f**ka, mi love crotches like a man should bout u willy too free.

  11. Mi nuh understand why dem girl yah a run fi guh breed fi dem bwoy yah. The whole world knows that these jokers nuh tek care a dem kids. Why unu feel like unu is a cut above the rest? Join the list of baby mamas and go take care of your kids. Busy drop di signal pon unu.

  12. The baby mother that he leaked the video with should have stab him in his heart like they do vampires. Which respectable man does that to the mother of his child. Unless it was a mutual agreement, I’m shocked she didn’t even try shoot after him.
    And how do they allow a entertainer to get away with not taking care of his kid in this day and age. Ladies you have to do better.

  13. First of all in the video, she has her clothes on and so does he.First redflag…How the hell can you and a man having sex with clothes on..He just got a suck/f**k..Carelesssss

    1. because U Never F**K In A Clothes yet??? U lame as f**k if u never do a quickie yet….hey you gweh from ya so u n di idiat weh say a talk bout she n him in a clothes sound like 2 lame ass fools…. that’s all unu cuda say she in clothes??? Pussy ass f**k you with u lame ass self

  14. Dat mi ah seh to @spain very careless d man shoe not even com off him foot . Gyal com like a big hoe she use to dem tings there ya if she wouldn’t dweet so proud!

  15. I don’t support the almshouse busy a keep up pan him kids all joke aside. Babymother take his rass go court Mek him pay up till them a 18 him too wicked and think it cute no from you treat you youth wrong you ain’t shit and have to f**k him for him to give his kids something what a man wicked a hope the babymothers dem nuh desperate and have to fall into him manipulative trap to feed dem kids. Child support court calling all busy babymothers whay nah get nothing for Unu kids it tek two to get a baby why him never protect himself not a rass nope court him need a lesson him think him can just continue

  16. God man onu low the f**king gyal she nah go be the first are the last gyal weh man nah mind har pikeny and nuff a onu weh a chat suck cocky and lick out batty like dog and man nah mind fi onu pikeny either and mi can guarantee a 1 har friend do this thats y me hate bbc gyal but sender remember this karma is a bbc bitch and it know everbody adress dont know why woman love bring down woman suh btw sombody can really rejoiced over a bbc man not supporting there child smfh

  17. Well @sally cousin!!!! Well dally do all the above you listed Karma is a bitch fi true that’s a karma!! Sadly a u cousin get it! Cause busy walk round and f**k wid people gal pickeny busy tell yuh cousin fi low him alone and gwaan bout har business and she still a suck him hood and a f**k him busy just com to get him hood suck n a f**k darrrr the man shoe not even tek off how the f**k the video release ???????????? Sally too big and fool she need to go sit down n mind har pickeny cause all this a disgrace and shame har madda must feel bad why out a all ah him baby madda a she get expose pon video Ina the public look how much baby madda d man have. Uno fi know when a man mean uno good can’t be a hoe n wan wifey status ! Mi done chat

  18. @sally cousin suh yuh cousin Neva knoe busy nuh mind him kids dem she Neva hear seh him mean she Neva hear how him diss chin pon this Internet seh nuh call him back she Neva hear ooh she must bloodclawt deff n blind! Why she think she could be a cut above the rest n she just a likkle promo fucka gyal eeehThere’s no karma Ina dis the video was very disgusting all the fucking baby a Mek noise Ina the back ground suh busy mean yuh r the pickeny good Hmft uno fava ediot !!

  19. @ A fren uno sound Like a big bitch Smfh com off met site man n go have sum fuckin shame! Bout lame yuh sound like waste gyal u must flush ! Suh bet if a u pon video yuh woulda Shame like dog! Gyal go suck yuh madda tink dis affect busy it’s just another one out a all the baby madda a Sally get buss why? Ask uno self dat question n how tf the video release . Check people ah fool uno walk n suck every man hood suh uno no expect yuh ago get show up all a uno a ole nastiness uno a suck hood n a tear up Ina camera see uno ah big waste gal foolish

  20. @ portmore portmore ah dat yuh pick
    Fly by day and pitch by day drancrow a who send call you its obvious a you send in this the only way you know she do all these things mi listed above is because you she and yuh muma weh are pussy busy like mandela high way did involve in a treesome a you the bbc karma ago reach fi a come broadcast and rejoiced bout the girl innocent baby nuh have a father figure in har life she still young and have har whole life ahead a har and life still a keep wha nuh dead nuh bbc dash it weh a nuh that it hurt onu fi know seh him still link har god mek everthing happend fi a wise purpose cause rumor in the street was that from she breed she nuh c har hear from busy so probably thats y god mek the tape release onu set a bbc crossis onu be thats y some a onu cah better in a life onu tear down ppl to much with onu stinking mouth
    @ anonymous go look fi u muma and crawl up and har pussy like roach and don’t question mi pussycloth authority cause yuh a gwan like you perfect and yuh never mek mistake in a life go suck out yuh whole family and onu come off a the bbc gyal and go do sumn constructive with onu f**king life onu storey stale like onu pussy people weh them life alright in a real life nuh have time fi come blast ppl on social media always some unhappy sad bitches duh them sumn yah

  21. Sally nasty looking cousin !!!!! U sound like u did wan help suck busy hood too these hahah yuh fava monkey nuh bloodclawt u should be shame a u duty sucking suck hood self uno fi go hide uno face and suck uno madda million times! Suh wait deh can see none a uno nuh use to man a look fa dat!!!! Hahahahha come get him sick suck and a one cum yuh nuh hear the man a ask if him fi com now hahaha uno set a low life nasty gal busy have him woman germs hahahah busy look fi most ah him baby mother and f**k dem shit house wen chin did f**k pon him wid kartel dem still did a f**k too fi yuh miss gyal a two month now she nuh see busy ah nuh ask mi ah ask yuh dat! If busy did rate har d video wouldn’t go publicly wah Mek none a the baby mother dem video no touch road. Uno shame suh till uno bitter haha wah sad bout meh after a nuh me a suck hood pon video n mi pickeny a bawl Ina d background uno set a nastiness har stomach stronggg! Good gyal can see uno a common round bloodclawt Hahahaha see people a laugh after uno.. if busy did wan har him wouldn’t a video har Ina the first place n about ah busy release video hahaha uno sad bad nuh see gyal mad out . Wid ha r long titi full ah milk busy f**k everybody wid out condom a who wan busy 2 tink a everybody careless like uno. Brag bout busy weh Sally have fi show!! Than a baby n d suck hood video uno fava idiot to bloodclawt Sally not even a good bed room set nuh let me let out the pussy out a the bag!! Ah two time dally get money find baby n shani a five months nuh draw mi out wah dem ago do ya now uno gwaan like seh a Sally ah busy woman see a uno nasty busy f**k all a uno wid out condom

  22. No mon of I was all ah uno mi just delete mi self outa life cuz uno nah nuh shame so body can glad this video release value uno self ya man cuz she should be wid him wid d rass pickeny uno a chat bou link uno nah nuh ambition ! D video is disgusting! Worse fi seh is ah man who av a child wid har gyal ah suck hood long time ya suh busy video it go have sum shame man cuz busy must shame n him ah man uno nah no shame carless shit house sally suck him hood she breed fi him n dat still can’t hold him cuz busy drop the signal pon har bloodclawt

  23. Sum u as her cousin u think this is Appropriate I don’t agree with a man not supporting their kids cause that bad! But what even worse all the artist and promoter saw d video think a man wan to be seen wid a woman who public on Internet a such hood worse to call baby madda busy can say dat ano him anytime cuz him face nuh Ina D video just have sense d video downgrade her wicked not even gal that sell pussy nuh wan be seen on video much less. Worse the man not owning her he have way too much baby mother and children to attend my girl suh visiting a baby mother to look for you child and get a blow job and a fast com that’s just a plus fi him. Just do d maths stop form a fool of yourself on here. Cause dis a nuh one good luk a rass. No man not even wan the public knoe dem real woman suck hood much less wen it go vital it jus embarrassing

  24. Silent sucker Chenny
    Suck pussy tunya well u suck anything
    Lick batty mawga
    Suck cocky tinker bell
    Chantal me give u a pass me n u good n me see u a try elevate

    Duty bloodclaut busy a u send this or one u pathetic whores u don’t want none them . She nuh get bizneas none of the above get shit . Tunya feel her Benz is life butch u nuh own that either u hitch up under down sound u soon go down too u a wicked u keep harass Gyal harass busy him tell ppl him don’t like u and u fool . Busy how u style the gal so and put out video all unnu a chat sure him have more but tinker bell do him something from she a breed him hate her him plan this . Busy just like freaks he loves none of the above WE know that . So Sally n Susie unnu need to fix up unnu man rich and nobody ha e nothing one set idiot met I have more I just waiting someone say wrong thing all unnu f**k up a wicked . Busy not going dead lef nothing for nobody either so it stay a way

  25. No mannnn dwrcl busy diss har wicked bloodclaut!! every weh mi look pon fb it share pon sum body wall wat a set a man him wicked eeeeh. Video clean like wata . Dwrcl turf president set fi yuh good good! Wid yuh young baby ah wah yuh do him dis pass hate!

  26. Him set for her ? Unnu nuh see unnu fool ? Busy just never do unnu dat cause unnu work with him orders diss him enough n see all u idiot Gyal up above or busy mind u going down below. True u tell everyone u never f**k her Virgin Mackada had a baby . First baby mother u regret I know cause usually u wait till pick ney born to malice . Memba mi know the truth so as u drop mi drop

  27. We get it. Mi nuh feel sorry for her cause a nuh like she a the 1st. But a lot of y’all on here talking bout she sucking him hood like a lot of y’all ain’t doing it too……the only difference nobody knows cause y’all hopefully ain’t stupid enough to get caught.

  28. Busy tell the world him never f** her and must did tell her dash weh . Mi nuh know exact details why him release it but true she diss him diss tunya . Tunya u obeah woman strong but nuh enuff like the science take days off . Signal look like fool . Tinker bell u really a ask me what u do? Or busy u want know a who this? Or one unnu next freaks want know so u don’t do it for unnu tape release. MI nah help unnu freaks freaks freaks stop cuss the girl all unnu same . Busy u sick me

  29. He told her not to tell anybody two twos it reach ova yah and everbody know and him did vex and malice her, then Tunya did a tell her dash it weh idk if he was behind it.

  30. My godddd! Mi ah tell yuh mon! Dem know seh d man nuh wan nuh attachment why dem no protect them self them have all plan B so much form of contraceptive out there. No mom them think when them go breed fi the man money ago run and him nah go no weh if the other four baby madda couldn’t hold him n mi know dem a way better gal fi dis likkle gyal ya cause she Cnt more than 24 nah no life no accomplishment and get trap Ina them tings ya. They will Neva learn it only getting worse

  31. But em Brite eeeeh wah Mek him Neva use condom! Him just a walk round and a f**k gal without protection and him all ova the place how uno gal so carless! And nasty uno soon catch sumn watch wah mi tell uno. The man is a disgrace just a walk round not using condoms he don’t use condom none at tall my god ! And him have pickeny right back of each other him have a 5 months daughter and him next baby fi born the 20th a dos month Smfh busy must feel like dog shit n dem gal ya greedy look pon the man head top busy look like somebody sick have sumn uno Stomach strong wen uno a lay down wid him n wan rub dwn him head dwrcllllll yuh knoe frm wen d mom head top peal out bloodclawt n it a get worse!

    1. One of Busy ex whey him did deh wid fi years have herpes for sure so Im wondering if all the parties involved are ok with that? :nerd

  32. Busy is a piece of SHIT hear him voice, at first I was saying no it can’t be him but a him wid the baby in the background dem so disgusting this is the mother of ur chile why expose like this

  33. @met a bird did tell mi seh him did catch some std and him
    Pay off a gal fi him and har go doctor then him did cool dwn but him start back wid the f**kry . MET That man don’t use condom word nuh body yuh coulda sell him some pussy d man come like some dog weh a walk round dwn town mi feel
    Seh sumn wrong wid dat man him have sum infection under him skin nuh normal man nah walk round ah f**k everybody suh wid out condom

  34. Met oo him have herpes right now busy sick out bad mi fi tell yuh and a last week him go doctor and get the shock a him life uno soon hear bout it

    1. It look like the remnants of herpes sores pon him belly fi true, look good in the video
      It seems most of dem entertainer here herpes infested.
      Come tell whe whey him find out when him go doctor wha day?
      Metty Front Page wid dis story, Busy fi get draggg ova ya, dutty peel head jancro.
      Mi actualy feel sorry fi di poor girl, she probably haffi suck n f**k him dutty infected hood fi get a smalls fi di baby n him spite har n dash out video.
      Dawg shit Busy, nuff a dem baby modda n baby eye water dey pon u.

  35. @ Tawkchet nuh dat mi ah seh n ah ask the gal if him must com now bowy deh a dog! N she like big clown bout hmmm hmmm it sad bad n the poor baby a Mek noise fi the mother attention n she deh deh ah suck dick before she attent to her child. Jus to show u the type of woman she is. Them pass disgusting them could at least let somebody keep the baby wah a disgrace man!

  36. Mi nuh sorry fi har cause wen busy did get him visa she couldn’t go on him page go comment she did affi comment on him fren page n somebody a Laff afta har. Sally nah nuh shame after a no first she a suck hood a long time she a suck cocky watch ya dem gal ya use to it! Nuh see Ina the video afta she done suck the cocky lol she turn round back way she know har routine lmaoooooo can see a suh busy f**k har regular . She need to pump har breast dem too she nuh see dem did full n a f**k gal sick johncrow stomach on a different level thou.

    Before she go pump har breast n feed har pickeny a suck busy cocky Wen she deh hospital all now she no get a call or a visit from busy n she Ina labor fi 23 hour n him did Ina Jamaica too suh she Cnt seh I’m Neva deh Ina Ja not even the pickeny birth paper busy no sign . So afta dat u really have d heart fi a f**k him much fi a suck hood Mek him a video u gal yuh fool nuh f**k yuh wan sumn bloodclawt kick n beating Ina yuh face mi Cnt sorry fi idiot gal! How a mango deh Ja n no come sign him pickeny birth paper and not evn come visit yuh. Frm deh suh yuh shoulda know seh d minion nuh giv ah fuk

  37. So if him mean, whe Tunya a hang on fah? whe she get money buy Benz from? How har bills get paid or she still a sell pums pon di side?

  38. All you need for a Benz is a job letter pay stub and maybe a deposit she nuh own that blood… Tunya have hang on what’s left of her ,? Busy alone could breed her twice tunya I know you comments mi now truth too . Down sound get Benz like water . And everyone else a hang on n nah get so get to the point

    1. Which job Tunya have fi get job letter n pay slip pray tell me? We know she didnt buy it cash so Busy money enuf fi make di payments or some pums seling still a gwaan?

  39. Busy is very mean!!! 40g now and then is not money!!!!oh plz only when uno get money too is when him come f**k uno everybody Ina music industry know busy mean . Him and Tunya still sleep together him rate tunya him always a talk boy him son Egypt

  40. If mi nuh nothing mi knoe seh busy take good care a Egypt . Him son good good school him always put together and busy spend pon Egypt

    1. So wha so spreshal bout whorin Tunya pickney why it alone a get mine, good school and all? Tunya have secret fi Busy or is har obeahhhh?
      Bussy fi mine di whole a him pickney dem or drag him scaly looking claaat go court

  41. Yo Sally a nuh body dat gyal nah av a shame! Busy tell har fi nuh call back em fone n run har weh wicked yesterday em always har do har up yuh see mon den call har ask har if she wan d cocky Ina mouth regular suh she Neva Stp till d mon jus diss har wicked she nah nuh shame ya suh nuh waste time ya suh

  42. Ah who send call them! Sally might don’t wan chat but busy suck pussy to him suck Sally pussy busy signal is a freak big duty freak since uno think a Sally alone do the sucking Sally talk seh busy signal suck her pussy 2 suck pussy busy yuh fi get dis 2 batty bowy big f**k up pon the scheme them have the gyal name a clean road side

  43. Metters send wi a pic of the Wolmers Beauty Contestant him dey wid, wonda if she kno di Jancro she dey wid, hope she reading here and a tek heed.

  44. Egypt bot special remember is this wall let you know both sons attend same school him fly out to him other baby moda wha day the fly in now. Tunya rate dat it name mi cya bother with I illiterate want to be uptown n suck everything self . Big up busy top freak . Him rate u yet u stalk everyone and he still breeding woman if a never fi pink wall u nuh know u a step mother again bitch oh please and if him mine your child n not others I would have to talk bout that but unnu fraud of duty busy . Go to Doctoe and take out a healthy lifestyle on higher purchase like everything u have. Herpes crew hi

  45. Good morningggggggggg suh how uno deh pon pink wall a killing uno self bou busy and him and him woman go mobay last nite! All a uno a idiot no see. Dwrcl mi see dem wid my two yiyi park up in d RANGE .

  46. Busy sink like shit and the nasty gal and all the rest look wat this man did to his baby mother even if the fact reminds him don’t want har god mon Neva have to diss the gal so and him know say she a bitch him shoulda use condom him too loose and carefree. Mon act like him nuh use to pussy a true him mean him no want settle down with no woman him no want stand up to him responsiblities. Sumbody need to teach busy a lesson suh em use to chat to mi friend n the bowy nuh no no sense gal just left him and say weh she a do with ediot nobody wid sense wan busy him not even cute only ting him have money and him
    Nah spend none pon nobody bunch a fools with a man who have herpes by next week it’s a new baby madda . Everybody knoe busy ah one duty freak n him suck pussy nah ask uno

  47. Anyone can give u pay stub . Tunya stop try make all them feel bad you know busy a crosses . Regular u used to stalk me but I nuh want him and I never want a herpes baby either . Stink busy u cud de Mobay Ochi Paris with Gyal u ugly infected dirty nasty and much more . I can’t deal bk n forth unnu so f**king lie. Well mi sure that something is not right here so Oneah secret whatever God a come. It’s cool for him take care his only son dutti Gyal him have a next son too maybe one a born a next one. Wife can’t find out bizness on pink wall . Rest unnu get help cause busy not helping . When you start type truth I will answer U too lie like u lie baby father hey herpes how it feel in the Benz n Range

  48. If busy did a mind him son , tunya wouldn’t have to be selling pu$@y so hard. Deh gambling spot every night a look man with har low self . All 10g she f**k fa…anything will do bcaz she a live way above har means. Busy don’t want tunya or any a him babymother. She a hype bout benz unu ask har if she finish pay for it. If busy want u so bad why him neva buy u the benz as him good good baby mother weh him want so much? U can stalk busy n him gal them all u want bcaz him na stop bun u with yu mawga fake bread n batty . Stay bad like

  49. Busy nuh want none of them worse the little gyal him release on tape me a big woman and I feel shame for the little gyal and a no my daughter Society done tag her as nobody she no better than the gyal them a back road. The little gyal get expose to the world in such a disgusting manner and still have to take taxie , still don’t own a house and she need some clothes and furniture in her house both she and her sperms donor . She have no asset that girl don’t av no money and she come from a poor family . She live in my community the amount a man I see come to hat house to her when hat people them
    No deh there. That house run loose, when a no man come pick her up a man come at the yard. Sue must feel disgrace har mother just have a little girl not even wait until you sister finish high school Sally gone breed and carry down shame on herself and her family because that man don’t want Sally she can’t repersent man the world downgrading her already these little gyal don’t wan take up them book a bay man in them head drop out a school and breed shame on Sue

  50. Hmt who business if busy a mind Egypt or not! Him must mind all a him pickeny them cause him know him no want him baby mother then no see a bay gyal weh sell pussy him f**k and breed the best baby modda a chin him f**k wid the girl so she f**k him up back. All these gal just a f**k to get some money and think breed fi busy will make them no affi sell pussy again! But that man no care bout nothing anybody can breed fi busy think a joke cause him no use protection on nobody him f**k


    1. Dem a do we artiste bad soo ok kool defend him yes.But but don’t come with ignorance because if the fact remains him nah mind All his kids,then surely there’s no excuse or amount of SYM can justify such fcukery!

      Much* not mich
      Lose*not loose
      What’s a Sinking gal?Oh u meant Stinking*

      You don’t care about Busy’s yute?if so why u want his child to be motherless??How will that help anything?

  52. Hmt yuh can know wen a man rate a gal kartel send out video with gal a road but him Eva send out a video with shorty?? Who have him car and a run him money nuh shorty .gal fi have sense! No man weh wan yuh fi be him woman nah send out no sex tape worse a suck hood D man can Eva be seen wid yuh in a public

  53. Suh if before the suck hood tape let out you nah see she and him in public Mek it worse now wen the tape release that just sick stomach! How she feel wid har self all wen she a walk on road some gal a germs ya man busy nasty to cuz the gyal have a new born baby and have to kiss the baby n a f**k the gyal Ina har mouth dats why me no drink from people or too Ina the kissing business cuz me know busy kiss d gyal and a no busy hood alone she suck plus that gal suck pussy to cause she use to suck mich pussy a lot a times so busy a second hand bow cat. Both a them big and nasty like

  54. Sally post on ig bout she love
    Watch cartoon dwrcl and she all a laff that gal is of no shame what so ever! Trust me boii social media wouldn’t see me face Sally go get u suck hood self some shame busy disgrace u d next video ago be worse wait on it dwl

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