1. Mawning Met. A cudden brite she brite, she a honor student with dickstintion. Weh di man weh she teef, a wonda if im innna har tiny purse.

  2. Metty n folks mornin……that is simoneshapes….is she dem sey storing things for Tamara…yes big theif from long time…..theif all manner of things…

  3. Gm . Met and metters :peluk Simone shapes noice :malu :ngakak :malu thief from way back inna England days :tkp

  4. Good morning MET and JMG fams! Nasty Simone “aka” geico teeth shape! yes MET is she hairdresser Ava beat last week out the shop. Cause she don’t stop F#@k with woman and class up the woman kids them. suh she(Ava) beat out har rass. And she use tired?ugly lizards face munchie and Suck [email protected]#&y fi inna war. weh mi know caan fight Ava if war fi buss up!!!!
    But met back to topic on ole long tracta body gal(SHAPE) Met she 48 with 4 children and 3 grand pickney. Met the gal workless and careless. Shi comin like a monkey fi yuh shake some blingy in front a har, har leg dem open. Well mi say the reason why she over here(U.S.A) is because she have child welfare case over england and run weh cum over ya(America). She’s sooooo careless and wicked! down to har friend yankee michelle she class up. And ppl dem england weh she say was good to har.

  5. Gd Morning Ms Met, Yep, Nikki, Jamaican, Itsme, Real and the rest of the JMG Good Good GOod Up Fambily :kiss .
    Man TiefT Simoneee :malu ‘Hengland si the best a yuh. Yuh and Yankee Diaper Batty Michelle come to ‘Merica come tun guinea pig fi butt jukkingz and Simone neva have bad shape suh mi nuh know why shi duh have hard body suh.
    @Yep yes shi is not bad looking but she looked better when she was living in ‘Hengland.

      1. If she is really 48, she looks great for her age, but if she have child welfare case pending then she very much so wutliss fe true…any ooman weh neglect dem kids and den ah moggel ah pose off like dem ah goodaz is ah cruft tuh say the least….Simoneshapes?, the same way you taking care of your body is the same amount of concerted effort you should put into taking care of your kids *Metty, that word concert is growing on me lol*

  6. She don’t look so good in person is photo shop that, she tough and her mouth mash but a good for Ava because a Ava let Salem keep her in the shop because when she thief a the indian man store next door and police a look for her, and Salem say she must come out Ava say if she go she a go too so a Ava call this on herself. Let munchie gone she a press button she need some clothes.

  7. Shrek AKA Simone don’t born October a November she born but because she know she a trouble maker she a use sykes because she nuh want nobody know har exact birthday, correction she came to England 1999 and left 2012 suh how that calculate to 17 years, this creature will forever be in problem wherever she set foot. She hate to see ppl with good friendship she carry news an cause war north south East and west so now she take it to the USA we so don’t miss her here she is indeed a sad mother who used to go bingo an leave har kids a ppl yard and only cook an clean when man a come a har yaad, she have 2 big kids in Ja but only talk about the last 2, if u relationship good she work overtime to mash it up just like how she tell ugly Sharon a England man say she have man a Jamaica an she was Sharon friend an mek Bigga guh duh him investigation, but in the words of kermit that’s none of my business

  8. wat can I say cause everybody hit the nail. so much ppl caa lie. she do nose eyes cheek bones and take out a rib cage. your big pickney dem a Jamaica a suffer with your grandkids, for heaven sake help your kids the same wau u go under the knife. me sorry try live good a usa cause England don’t want u back, I hope yankey mitchele stay away frm u mix up buy shape simone

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