These gyal stupid for even wasting there time because he is going home to his wife.smfh
Kaven always trying be a IG or fb bad gyal over ah Mon who jus ah dig out her dutty hole. Every time her party ah come up she try to start problems for her promo smh get a life

0 thoughts on “GET A LIFE HE IS MARRIED!

  1. Sender get your husband & remind him that you and him married! Leave the chick a lone, you never exchange vows with her! You are hurting and you need to keep your feeling in the closet like Tyler Perry & An Old Pair Of Boots or share it with your “husband”.

  2. Kaven weh win side bitch award, trophy, diploma, medal of di century calling someone side bitch. How long u playing side bitch to killa boo.

  3. But wait, them put that lady up top like a she a di wife. But no she and kavin a fight fi runner. Boy tifa me know u love u hubby, u gave him 4 kids and all but how much more disrespect your going to take. It look like u immune to di bunning cause a fr high school days and him no plan fi stop

  4. I like Tifa! No one can tell anyone to leave… When she’s had enough… She’ll move on until then we can talk till we r blue in the face … She ain’t leaving!
    It’s just life… We all have different tolerance for things in life. Some of us would leave instantly while others give chances then leave… And on the other hand some NEVER leave.
    On another note though… Y r so many girls (not women ) ok with dating a KNOWN married man??? That is what I’m curious about. I can’t deal with not reaching my man when I need him ( if he is not at work). Can’t deal with meeting up around the schedule of the wife… Can’t deal with a child being involved and daddy not being there when he should b! It’s not fair to the child!!! I know some men aren’t around for thier kids regardless but being involve with a married man and having children only INCREASES the odds the man won’t be there for the child the way he needs to b.

    1. There is not enough men to go around, so a married man is better than no man at all. Some women have to learn to share. It takes two to tango, so if the married man is not willing to play, then there is no game.

  5. Him Dont even look good repeat every shit him have oon him page him need some clothes favor them long time big man and a dat them a kill uo them self over me wah fight grung lizard looking one and so call pretty Kaven weh favor them long time days church sister and the wife miss tifa you need a proper beaten fi wake up and stop make nah nuh clothes killa boo walk over kids or no kids it don’t worth it too much embarrassment man me hate the nasty Nyam cratches boi man and try nuh a nuh just your pussy him love eat him eat Kaven own to me see the pic them SAS case

  6. kaven kaven kaven all when she out the nigga life her name is still getting called it clear the sender have issues with her but if they know her they know she don’t give a f**k killaboo is so played out and yes she play all the rolls well still the best i see him with.

  7. let it be known from my fren kaven mouth i saw the text before she left killaboo so chill she dont care ppl throw subs and she said what she had to say this nigga took 7years running people out the girl life she finally walk way not because of her but because better is there ,somebody looking for fame in doing this my friend is completely ova that

  8. # Kaven is no bad gal suh mi hope har bleach face fren cyan help her y she can’t f**k with my man Mek mi run in pon har but then again my man nah look pon she

  9. Kaven nuh do ntn a dirty killa boo look the gyal so low har him don’t have no class or ntn about him he’s a manipulator but him fi memba him have daughter a raise nasty careless killa boo weh naked like bottle favor them long time big man kmt him and him so call wife need a closet make over always gwan like him intelligent than nuh body else but tifa shoulda leave him body inna the dump up land weh she find him when them lef him fi dead worthless John crow

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