1. Maybe shi like vintage tings nuttin nuh wrang dwl…at least shi gat furniture inna ar place… story ya man

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Nothing wrong with vintage furniture. Yu fuk fi si how much it may value. Sender if yu know weh mi know yu would stop style people and guh have yur granny furniture appraised so that you too can afford fi model Virgin Peruvian hair .

  2. Save di hair money so di chip up chip up chest draw can dash out. She a modern girl wid modern hair style, so modern furniture fi inna house

  3. Well I am the person in the picture so thanks for highlighting that at 30, I actually have my own home and don’t forget my humble beginnings. I presume many of you are still kotching at your man yaad or paying rent to a landlord or better yet still living in your parents house or a run from lanlord cause you owe rent…HOW ABOUT THAT DWL…

  4. Its so embarassing as to how females can be, I can bet 95% of you ratchet ass hoes dont even have your own place better yet dont even have a bed for yourself and still wearing $4500 hair….bitches have a seat in a corner and shut the f**k up. My sister has her own, car and house before the age of 30, what can you ratchet ass bitches say? Y’all just go around commenting negativity when unnu caan even find money to buy formula and pampers for your kids. And to the bitch that posted this its obvious that you have nothing better to do with ur tired ass self…bitch die! FOH! i can bet your ass still taking a cab to and fro, paying rent and sponging off ppl…lol low life bitch! Make yourself known bitch so I can really step to u..

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