SENDER;-Warner to all the women this juy who call him self star snyper as a DJ from South barrow Fernando be care of this juy who walker around trying to get any women he can to take care of him pay his rent for the 1 room him live at in portmore Bridgeport just advice lady when you see him run like thief all he do going around looking for who ever he can fine to use up him dont even pretect his private part this guy is a scammer


  1. Unno tek heed…Shi sey him doant protect him private part..Who feels it knows it. Nuh mine the poor grammar, save unno lives and money.

    1. Mi ukkibit Queen what a way the sender get whey inna the comments eeh?She coulda comment with 4million different usernames..all the comments proving that a must one person so vested inna this man mascot tory.How u can a put man pon blast bout not using condoms when you ARE the one not insisting him use it with you? Obviously this senda doah realize how badly that reflect pon she!!

      Most importantly u know Grammar police will always be proven right when Senda a comment under sikes …bad grammar will forever show them up! @4:25..councel*…*women*…@ 3:48…there is* no babies* lease*..gwaan Google the corrections and stop using fcuk so often when u replying to yourself ok kinda give you away and ur spelling errors never help at all.

      Signed Grammar police
      To correct and Serve

  2. But just looking at him mi nuh want him much less give him my money, come women we must do better. He looks gay and I don’t mean happy

  3. lord i cannt bother this boy Dwayne aka sniper i know him from school days he is a bleaching always bleaching out him self i know him quite well he use to try get involve with me but i didnt give him the time of the day because him dont work & him beg women they money and anything he can get from them he never stick with one women for long because him dont try to provide for him self so women easily gets tired of his style begging like blind bartino i am glad i didnt get involve cause he act like he is all that and always talking about his looks like he is a girl watch out for him lady his mouth is sweet he almost got me only because i wasnt gonna give him my money

  4. Omg this boy sniper never stop until his dirty laundry came out i know his life style quite well because i KNOW the family his sister paula , petrina he get a little one tour to england London diss the gal who was taking care of him in jamaica find him way in london go get involve with white english gal in london Campbell well find him way after him batty man friends send for him on a little show which is not even all that any way he find him self in campbell well london where the white gal live the white gal is no body in the uk every man come get a f**k and gone plus the gal have whole load of criminal record all kind because she a thief and all kind you name it before this worthless boy who walking around looking women to take care of his need get a f**k and gwan the boy a wife up the gal .gal who every man know bout in london i hear say him came here to perform and go back a england the little idiot boy no do nothing more than go f*k the gal who full of all kind diffrent man sperm wife up the gal leave to jamaica some girl who the same have a whole loads of money must have buy him ticket send him back to jamaica before immigration deport back to jamaica after him get to jamaica the gal gal the batty man boy a tell him how she pregnant for him and how a triplet she have after the gal send him a one pics with her sister baby saying that the babies i hear say the boy in jamaica right now getting mad because him get fool by this white tramp gal who every man hide when them a take a f**k this idiot boy is a mess him send all kinda ppl go find out and there is no babies the white gal who him think can give him papers cant help him at all poor thing

  5. 9:13pm uk time this is serious you want to tell say a so sniper well want baby mash up him good good life with the girl who i hear say have money because she marry & divorce her rich english man just to help him then a how him get fi him self mix up with white gal till gal a give him her sister baby who is another man baby this is serious lord rudy irie i hear say tell him fi just hide and take a f**k and gwan and him left all the way to england a move like a waste man even if there is any baby i heard say she have all kinda man going in and out of the councel flat the live in a Campbell well so why him want to own baby so this story is too much for me

  6. 3:26 in jamaica oh my God i really feel sorry for this innocent girl who he be using so long bet the poor girl dont have a clue about all of this the girl is a high roller when i see she and him in jamaica i was wondering and saying no man she could have done better than that the boy was all over portmore with her pretending like he care that time the boy a take the girl for a fool after all he is trying to do is use the poor girl when he never at lease give her a head up what this white gal in a england how disrepect is this for this boy dont have a pot to piss in and gwan like he is all that cause i heard from good source that it is the girl who is wealthy helping him out alot with all his muaic that boy sniper is a evil ungrafeful boy and what goes around always come back around and God dont like ugly plus he will surely gets what coming back to him and i pray when the girl hear all what he is doing she stop helping him man cannot be so wicked God not sleeping i know the girl that he is using and that not good at all judgement & fire soon take him that no good boy and the worst thing he has 3 sister and a do women so can you imagine that

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