Met come look nuh!
So me see this flyer ah go around and mi tek interest in it because mi believe ah mi people’s cousin baby father ah host it odane
So mi did up round up mi gang and mi frenny send me a video off ah the person that ah go have the actual bbq and him ah class him as baby! Mi did confuse so mi and har did a likkle more research and find the boy kurtis page ah big Christian bwoy you know ah tek f**k from man you can see him a likkle out deh but it’s sad because ah ppl babyfather whateva ah gwan ain’t right dem ting nuh fi gwan so dawg if you want to be that way just cum out and say but dem secret yah nuh cool


  1. Wait ah nuh someone else man dis doh! Him use bwoy fi money and tings ah so Odane stay him act like him genuine

  2. Dem tings nuh fi gwan if yuh so okay but don’t hide ppl nuh fi support dem sumting ya met neither yuh nobody waan see dis and ppl that support dem something fi bun too…like is it a down low ceromony or party Met dis story lame and dem ting flop them all probably send dis to spread di ting and it flop ugly batty hole ppl

  3. is the batty man post himself free ad for a fish party. dem all need fi go in a barrel n let go in the sea.

  4. People really need fi stop style up di people them which person could’ve been in their right mind fi go make a post bout them self thats dumb… people sound real ignorant mi know di two bowy dem personal an them nuh batty mon just cuz the bowy ah host the bowy BBQ that make them a Batty mon… seriously people have to much time pon them hand fi ah do them things here

  5. Lol real talk only batty man or women wid no bloodclat life pay attention to des tings. Lmfao guhwa if u a man on here a read bout batty man and a comment and shit
    Next person send dis f**kery to me block

  6. Mi hope the person weh make up this story an send it to MET chUck off an go lay down unda one bus an tek weh ya self fi a style up di ppl them like this cuz you see di bowy a host him friend party you ignorant bastard an if them did ah tek hed into the flyer one gyal ah keep it wit them to ah so ppl get in a mix up fi false allegation and discrimination…

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