1. Stay out of carnival business if you don’t understand it, different type of front line customs. She had angel wings so why wouuld it have peackcock feathers. dumb,,non issue – get off the girl . she stop post up everything on social media and uno a mad over it still wooiiii – keep guessing.

    1. I agree that this is a non issue but you’re wrong about her not posting everything on social media, she’s still doing it but she’s doing it in a smart way, for instance she will send certain pics to her friends that own skkan and sleek and they will publish them, when she doesn’t post anything is because Bolt didn’t take her out so she doesn’t have any pics to show but as soon as Bolt take her out, she floods her insta with the pics.

      1. They all send their pics to Skann and Sleek to post for them. Anyone can do it. Stay out of carnival/uptown/hot gal business since you do not know what’s what.

  2. I’m no fan of Kasi because I think she’s arrogant and she doesn’t have a humble bone in her body but sender this is such a reach, Kasi and Rebecca costumes are two different costumes, it’s just the design. Anyways Kasi looked good but to me Rebecca had the better costume and looked the best but because Kasi is Bolts girlfriend they hyped her up like she was the best. Even skkan and sleek barely showed rebecca’s costume, there’s a pic with four of them together and you can clearly see that Rebecca looked the best, she had the best overall look, face and body but because Kasi is Bolt’s “girl” they have to continue showing fake love and kissing her ass.

  3. Sender bye! Mi nuh care if u a regular byyye the gyol looks real good!!! My reaction was”bumbuh” come tru Kasi!!!

  4. Sender you didn’t get the memo, Kasi is not relevant anymore over here, she’s only relevant to the people that is showing fake love because she’s attached to Bolt. Carnival come and gone, she send in her photo shopped pics to Daily Mail to get her likes, the headline started with “USAIN BOLTS GIRLFRIEND KASI BENNETT”, so you see sender without Bolt there is no Kasi, she has no other identity, if they didn’t put Bolts name no one would click on the article. I see she and her friends planting stories that she and Bolt is getting married in October. Bolt is trying to get back at his brother and Kasi is trying to secure the money, they deserve each other so let them stay. Rebecca looked stunning as usual.

  5. kasi is soo fake thisgirl is dead without bolt because when bolt is not around no kasi n when bolt is with she trying to prove something she affi a posee a kiss up n gawn girl bye if u secure with the man no need to prove a thing n rebbecca is f**king bolt same how she f**k gary british n friends with vicky, plus bolt a fool because if was just a regular he couldnt tough kasi pls

  6. Same suh SMH, I keep saying it, if Bolt don’t carry Kasi go out she has nothing to post, I don’t know who or what she’s trying to prove and no matter how much shi pose and kiss Bolt there is ZERO chemistry between them, no passion whatsoever, they look like two friends kissing. The world knows that if Bolt didn’t have money he couldn’t even smell Kasi armpit but because Bolt is shallow, he chose kasi to profile with and to look good on the gram, they are both using each other, she’s using him for money and fame and he’s using her for her looks.

  7. Kasi looked real good and she was right about the costumes. Most of them looked cheap and raggedy. I saw just a few that looked really great.

    1. Kasi was one of the persons that got the go ahead to add things to the original costume, I’m sure if other people had that luxury then they do would do it. The costumes is about what you can afford and luckily kasi is with Bolt so his money can afford her that luxury. She has no business criticizing the costumes because she must remember that before Bolt she went to carnival in shorts and t-shirt because she couldn’t afford a costume, she must remember where she’s coming from, she must remember that she too was once on the outside so to see her this arrogant now is shocking. She stated that she doesn’t like soca or carnival, just the costume and it shows, she’s just there for the photo op while the others are enjoying the music and vibes, I doubt they cared that they weren’t in a million dollar costume.

  8. That Rebecca chick is stunning, my God, don’t care about that unattractive dude and his paid piece.

    1. What the hell is wrong with you, how Mitzie get involved in this? The sender send in a foolish post about Kasi and carnival costume, Mitzie name wasn’t mentioned once but you just had to bring her up, why? Is she taking something of yours? I think you’re confused, Kasi is the one that acts like she’s better than everybody because she’s with Bolt. Unu seh unu win, unu seh unu friend have chrome skin, unu seh unu fren hair silky , unu seh unu fren beautiful, unu get di winnings so why are you worried about someone that unu deem not worthy because she’s not “light skinned”, weh unu deem a starter girlfriend, weh some a unu deem ugly, unu seh unu not worried, unu seh wedding and baby soon, so why worry over someone unu seh not in unu lane? Shouldn’t you be celebrating unu winnings? Why keep bringing up someone that unu seh lost, why the insecurity?

  9. Dirty kasain where are yuh features? Yuh just stay disturbing ppl with yuh shit. Yuh call di publicist yet fi yuh man teeth appointment?

  10. That girl no easy at all…. theremember is another marketing company called Group elevate and she call hers 88elevate. She even using the same tagline…stay elevated.

    1. I was wondering when someone would notice that, she doesn’t have a original thought in her body, the logo almost look the same too, she just have 88 before hers. At least now she can leave the house to go and sit down in her “office” and pretend to work because that place is a sham.

  11. Met, I think you need to run a poll…People we don’t want to see here again.
    Jeez! Kasi would definitely have my vote. Tired a har! Out she goes after Mama Kingston *rolls eyes

  12. Rebecca Is attractive. She looks old compared to who? Her costume was “bad” in a good way just like it was last year. Although her implants are a bit large also, they match her body better. Kasi costume was pretty and there was nothing wrong with feathers. It would have been “bad” with some white or other spring colored ankle boots. Shanice wore the white costume with white boots last year and there was not a harsh break in color.

    1. Exactly, Rebecca is stunning at any age, she’s one of those persons who’s going to age beautifully. I also think her implants is a little too big but she’s tall so she carried it off well. Kasi looked good but those implants are ugly, it’s too big for her height and they look so stiff and painful, she should have gone smaller because she’s not that fat anymore and she’s loosing weight everyday so they are going to look more and more fake.

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