SENDER TITLED-Update pon Lexxuss former door mat





MET! mi de pon the old site looking for the old story that was submitted bout the Jamaican/ bahamian girl name Mickelle *** (facebook name is Mickelle Prozac) that was f**king off Mr Lexx and him use her and done her out but mi caan find it. Anyway, for all who never memba or see the story, this big ooman have ar young picni dem fi different different man and she nuh stop walk and f***k down the whole a bahamas and tek how much flight gone a US and Jamaica and all over Bahamas wid the new man them she f**king. Then she start link dutty lexxus and start hype with the ting like lexxus ah smaddy and she neva stop leff ar picni dem fi how much weeks ah fly come down a jamaica every minute fi lexxus f**k ar out (and a nuh him pay fi ar come down ya).

Anyway, long story short, lexxus use her up and dash ar weh quick quick and she start feel a way so she did start threaten him up pon her twitter bout she ago reveal him dutty secrets and nasty tings she find pon him laptop and is round same time the story did submit (round 2 years ago mi tink) and she come pon JMG ah try defend herself but me neva know seh a so she popular and people did know she dutty and nasty from long time so the fellow JMG readers did scoop out the dish wid even more juicy details and she couldn’t manage.

Anyway MET, since that, mi nuh know a wah happen but my girl get well scarce pon social media. She nuh too update her twitter or facebook nuh more since the whole ting happen bout how she “embarrassed” but she neva feel so when she a leff her picni dem fi go find new man fi f**k off. but anyway, MET, as me seh, she get scarce from the whole stink post but likkle and likkle tings me observe when me deh a bahamas and see and hear from her own wukless friend dem (Hyasha) know wah gwan.

Afta she and lexx fall out, she go find a white man weh usually travel nuff all bout and as usual, she deh deh a hop round the place with him and hype all ova bahamas leff ar picni dem fi the new buddy. the man all coming like him did really have feelings fi ar doh cuz him carry her all over the place when he was dere and she neva stop hype pon fb bout it but she nuh stop go round the man cuz me feel a true anuh “star” she just, like always, a use the man fi wah she can get from him. One time she did all start go back a school but every minute she switch school and gone do something new and i doubt she even finish anything.

Flash foward now MET, and everybody can tell you seh every celebrity weh come a Bahamas from Jamaica, my girl mek sure she reach the party and “charm” her way inna the VIP section fi try get a hype. Chris Martin did deh deh wah day fi him BDAY bash and MET, she deh deh round the man like a common door mat nuh stop nuff up herself cuz she waan the bus from him. That ah the only time people see her too tuff a party enuh…is when celebrity from Jamaica ago deh deh she reach deh. if you did all go pon her twitter before she private it (AFTER the tings them buss out pon JMG 2 years ago), u wudda see seh she nuh stop comment pon everything nasty mouth Matterhorn and the boy from Voicemail and vegas dem and nun a dem wudda barely answer ar. if them type “the”, my girl mek sure she answer them like the common groupie she is. the only one wah use to answer her back regular was the one from voicemail.

MET, mi nuh know is wah the post from 2 years do but all me know seh, my girl lose off a whole heapa the weight and learn fi do her makeup properly and nuh look too bad at all nowadays. weave all step up the game and nuh stop go hard wid the partying when she hear some artists in town. She 34 this year and still ah try walk and find hype man fi f**k and wife her but none a dem nuh want ar. She did a try look Vegas and every minute neva stop comment pon everything the man write pon him facebook but him neven acknowledge ar presence. All me waan know is when she a ago decide she need fi start set a better example fi ar daughter and know seh the walky walky and f**ky f**k wid one bagga man and leff ar picni dem fi weeks and days on end need fi stop. She already ah get support from her man dem money wise and her ex husband did mix up inna some illegal tings (well, so dem have it pon the island still cuz one time gone u wudda see dem nuff 2gether n all off a sudden, nobody caan see him again cuz we hear a jail him gone) and she get leff wid the whole a dat deh money. ah so she a use the money fi run “business” and ah hype like she work fi it. she sick stomach man, me nah hate but we haffi big up the Bahamas door mat cuz we nuh give her enuff credit fi how she a move ard wid the ting. and she still a hype up arself cuz the man dem pon her facebook page nuh stop gwan thirsty fi the dash out pu**y so she nuh stop gwan like seh she ah the hottest ting and everybody want ar.

All me a done seh, nuh surprized she nah breed soon and u hear ah some “artist” own cuz she a go hard from the whole lexxus ting fi try land a “celebrity”.

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  1. woiiiii! MET I lub it! mi know the gyal and is so she stay fi true. i never know all of these juicy details though but the sender have all the tea and the shade to give. I am not surprized one bit bout they girl cause she hype and love galang fi true. PRAM PRAM!

  2. she all look like she a bleach! look how she did black in the fat picture and she well brown now? woiiiii. I lub it. makeup look clownish though and the clothes look cheap but she look like she lose weight fi true and her weave nuh so bad again like one time.

  3. HA! she use to go St. Catherine but she was a year ahead and she has always been man crazy from those times. I think she has some serious daddy issues or other problems cause the whore behaviour has clearly still been with her since then. I also heard that rumour about her husband going to jail because he had suddenly “disappeared” and she was single but even when she was married, she was still f**king around the place so nothing new there :'(

  4. all i sorry for is her poor daughter. Such a nice girl from such a whore mother. what kind of example you setting when you leave your kids to sleep around with random men?]
    she does look a lot better though no lies. the makeup, hair and weight loss is working for her now but i guess she has to keep up on those things now to get “star” as the sender says. All i know, mickelle is very insecure and that is why she feels she has to be so loud and hype to overcompensate. People who always saying men are flocking them or always exposing themselves and running down so many men are insecure especially when they really don’t look good.

  5. oh and one more thing mi love the sender but this person sound like she must be good friends of hers or very good friend of a friend to know these things. LOL you can’t trust people with your business Mickelle so next time, whore under the quite.

  6. What I don’t understand is how this girl living her life affect any of you? A your man di girl tek? Ppl only see har when she a live har life free. Dem nuh tek into consideration the children have grandparents & other relative that might want to keep the kids out of love? That’s what family is for you know! Now if the girl was ugly & stay bad, never travel a day in her life, would you care how many man she a tek? You ppl make me sick. Artist see har & don’t see you & u vex. Obviously the girl is a born hustler or she wouldn’t reach nowhere in life. A nuff ppl start school & stop. She has beauty & brains so she can get anything she wants. All up in the girl life like she’s not human with feelings too! Making fun of daddy issues when you obviously have mommy issues to be tearing down a female. This blog doesn’t stop her from living & being loved by the ppl that know how sweet a person she is & it sure won’t cleanse your heats of hatread!

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