1. metty is dis d same mellisa sanderson and neville weh did left him wife fi her lef and at war now.. just need clarification

  2. dis a nuh same knife sheep dis a same axe chop cow chop ox to rass… why she did think she special… me nah guh seh is cawz she use to give him d 3riple whammy but if dis man leff d wife it was pnly a matter of time b4 he left u too boo boo or cheat on u.. and d minute u breed him gone and did a look ur replacement

    1. :hammer
      mi neva know dem wudda lef and him bright bout him gone look younger ooman dem big man yah nuh respect dem age

      1. me nuh glad seh it happen enuh caws even doh she was bad she did mek a change fi himand d way how she get classing fi him mi wudda be happy if it did work out but ole time ppl always say d same way u get him a d same way u a lose him and it ago hotter

  3. good day met,metters,peepers nd others…

    but mel yuh ungrateful bad enuh,luk how the blessings a karma a tek yuh dutty bloodclaat nd before yuh receive wid yuh chest high as it was b4 yah cry out bout tretch out yuh hand nd receive it in flow dosage name yuh brute yuh…cut mi yeye

  4. as tuh nev him, him a gwaan like him a get younger if him did knw him neva did want de gal him suda phuck har run har but him help give har ammunition fi did a hype pon who she feel she phuck him oba from nd win ntn but de sed treatment

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