It’s true—Robb Bank$’ dad is Shaggy. If you spend a lot of time with hardboiled Tumblr rap sleuths this is likely old news. If you don’t, here’s the Cliff’s Notes of the whole affair: rising Floridian MC and SpaceGhostPurrp affiliate denies rumours of paternal kinship with Mr. Boombastic, changes his tune when evidence surfaces. Bank$ laid doubts to rest when he used a photograph of his father for the cover of last months’ mixtape Tha City.

Clearly, the internet likes to essentialize. Anonymous teenage Colombos claim that celebrity lineage invalidates Bank$ street persona, calling him a poser who paid for fame. Truth, though, is always stranger than fiction. Talking to Bank$ on the phone for an hour, a complex picture of an artist searching for himself in a vortex of internet gangsters, absent father figures, real gangsters, and fake lean emerges. One thing’s for sure: he’s no Gabe Day. Check out our premiere of his video for “On Me” and see for yourself.


0 thoughts on “SHAGGY RAPPER SON

  1. Morning Met if him is any good him talent will show, BTW MET u no have d round up a SHAGGY & FRIENDS?? FLUFFY look good but Cecile boot a beat me bad – Cecile dress like “OlD McDONALD’s Wife whe de pon d farm

  2. Ahhhhhh ermmmm soooooooo oh yeah I guess looks do skip a generation every now n again or a di hole heap a “lean” n weed meck him look so smh mi no know bredda a just don’t know
    Nobody in this video look like dem find pleasure in taking baths

      1. Very lacking Met very lacking n Shaggy come across as a gentleman so I can’t see dem having great father n son talks
        A lil Wayne a fi him hero it look like wat a waste

        1. U neva hear shaggy name call like all a gi him ooman bun and dem tings deh suh……. dat mek mi waa know more bout him madda and a wha kinda person she cudda be…his mouth is filthy

  3. We have to keep in mind as he stated, he grew up with no father etc. Besides his mother (he who he said was ill with cancer when he was 13 14) he grew hisself. Ofcourse him and Shaggy might not gree but that isnt his fault. Despite the situation, he’s still a child and he is Shaggy’s son. Shaggy just needs to tackle this situation and build a relationship with his son. Based on his interview he’s just another kid that needs direction and a man in his life to show him what a man should be. If someone isn’t taught manners and respect… then naturally he wont know any.

    1. how u fi tackle someone that nuh waa tackle?…his mom had cancer dat nuh seh him grow himself he had 13-14 years of morals and values..n his mom didnt die …he could not raise himself by himself in america..

      1. di situation wouldnt be an easy one at all…someone like him now knowing how shaggy is maybe go round him n see him a do something wrong right there and then and as nice as how u may try show him or tell him he will say u dont have the authority to do so…n u not even haffi be someone’s parent fi correct them

    2. Where can I find interview BBC would love to hear his side pls post link fi I can
      Met me know right I know someone he had dealings wit but not a bad word was send about him he kept it real n respectful the whole time

  4. In my opinion at the end of the day, he’s Shaggy son. Knowing you were an absent father to begin with, you should most def tackle your relationship with him. Whose to tell if Shaggy was apart of his life from the very beginning maybe he would have turned out differently. But we don’t know.

  5. It look as if he was born in America, I don’t blame him for doing his own thing he is not his father he have to make his own image jamaican people are so judgmental

  6. perfect example of letting the diffierences of the parents affect the child…Its obvious Shaggy did try. Him say shaggy support the family but look where the mother carry him guh live and have 4 other pikney no mention of a step father, inna that de slum..You dont need the full story to see the full picture

  7. Shaggy support that boy and his mama and his other brother and still do to this day. Them raised in a big rass million dolla house in Coral Springs. Beautiful home, big yard, swimming pool, gated community with top notch everything and stiff security. Shaggy pay fi dat! Shaggy still pay fi di yute phone bill and him madda expenses and pay di yute lawyer fees. Suh nuh believe everything yuh hear. Shaggy all pay fi di bwoy madda hospital bills when she get cancer. Smh

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