25 thoughts on “SHAKIRA BACK WID DI MAN

    1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak A waah piss up… Nothing neat an girly about dem deh. She probably tall das why lol.

  1. Big ol nasty Shakira duty foot gal go suck out you MADDA she a cuss Moya cuz she don’t help with di beating she otha day. A you a f**k Moya man son and you nasty man find out. Pure beating dis gal take. Pinky been dash out unno file f**ky f**ky nasty gal. Worthless a dem name

  2. All lies dion81 never beat up nobody.. the whole nite she and her sis donna and georgia a watch out shaka & friends .. the heat was just too hot in the dance.. shaka with her friends dem having a good time, while Dion and her sister’s dem uncomfortable.. I was there laughing at dem …. i saw the young gal weh tek weh donna 81 babyfather at the party and also at red lobster and he’s not hiding at all.. so the 81 gal dem sad lol …the gal look good not lying…la on fire.

    1. Bitch, Dion beat the shit out of you. Stop tell lie dwl. Dion one beat yuh and u go mek video bout 3 people beat yuh, damn liad. Dion beat your ass so bad u probably feel seh a 3 people fi true dwl. Beating stick move from yasso bwaaahaaahaa

  3. She good as long as the money running. Money soon done and they will soon star back war again so now she cool with her man she can not be cool wit moya

  4. Shakira is Moya girl the two of them sexing each other thats facts. Ask Shane about that. Its Moya mine Shakira buy her outfits pay for her hair do and her tickets to go outa town. Moya love buy friends and Shakira is very lickie lickie. Moya say she not worried about Shakira because when she need money her phone will be ringing. Further more Moya have a new girl now yes yes people (Milkshake) dat Moya say looks why beetter than you Shakira “a what do some blood cloth gal a goodie me name me no beg gal friend “ Moya words.

  5. Sophia Aka milkshake no man don’t want your stinking pussy no more now .You are getting Ram out by Dildo I want to throw mite can find you brother at sea now lol.DO you stop curse your mother and rent her a nice place to live as yet Bitch is EYE water on you wicked bitch Junior Marlon Jones your cousin going to Death Row.I am going to send ICE to your Job and your Rental house to pick you up ,you don’t own no house in Fontana you rent by the park and you go by that mega church…You are using people Identity Thief cry over the River now Bitch @milkshake 0076

  6. No man shy gal I have a question did Milkshsake take away your man ??? Did junior kill any of your man ?? Because you just want start pan Milkshsake really bad ?? And you don’t know shit about Milkshsake because if you did know anything you would of know that Milkshsake is a us citizen for many years and she did buy her house .. and it’s wrong to talk about her brother that lost his life .. remember now shy gal god naw sleep.. any way mi want know a who dead fi you that knight a dilly because a so some a yuh like hide yuh f**k dem …. now get the f**k off Milkshsake dildo now … because you just sound so f*king stupid cho man … this shy gal sound like retarded Dawnet mi naw lie … because yuh just mad so yuh all a give Milkshsake fake cousin.. junior is not her cousin for sure sure

  7. Yes her pussy stink and dripping.and she also take a lot a dick up her ass too.i know people’s how f**k her in her ass many times over maya.. need to let her do a AIDS TEST,that is why she put her mother out of her House she is a nasty SKANK F**KING dolly ,she is NAUSTY Craddle milkshake.and where is her friends the Nasty twins Shelly And Shauna since she Shauna got lock up by the FEDS .they are very quiete now they are Broke and Hungry

  8. Shut up bitch where that Boat bitch is a citizen ??? she is using a real citizen papers tell her go to jamaica with it or canada England are any where else Bye bitch she could not even go to Father Raggidon funeral from Craggle shake come over on the Boat she caunt return .she rent that house in Fontana CA go to the big mega church in Roncho okay and her daughter Tasha did not go to any LAW school she go to a Fashion design school Lol… and that house is by that park Sophia i know it you are answering ,and dont worry how Junior Marlon Jones kill for me at Dilles i will be testified against him i see how he kill Bitch Run with that now

  9. My fren teneisha say milkshake push her duty foot inna har shoes and make the heel bust up why milkshake won’t go sit down inna the nursing home with her baby father she’s too old for young gal mix up

  10. Yes she need to go there with her baby daddy go drink Ensures.she have a bad smells .not even the medications ,she is taking cant get out what ever she have in her Blood…milkshake Even F**k her batty man cousin Brady her pussy shit up she is one nasty Stray DOG she and those two filthy Twins Shely and Shauna I see them down town LA in the hally a thief clothes

  11. Milkshake all f**k har cousin Richy and him still don’t deh with har. Him say pussy nah HOLD him. She smell bad man. Mi need to bust this Family bad. Longtime mi fi dun dem. Poor Princess make sum f**k out worthless daughters that kill off nuff mon

  12. Yes yes. She is nasty I do think she f**k dogs too I hope she is not f**king her Sons now too ,because she is a f**king dolly that is why she got Richy lock up and to be Deported she kill her brother too he got lost at sea .wicked Bitch

  13. Milkshake batty look like it want pump up it a drop down like it inflated now she just celebrated her 54 birthday on the boat boy oh boy these big people need to retire dancehall milkshake pony hype seh your hole cold like a freezer him seh you need to adjust your temperature

  14. Yes every body get a turn on that.she is Filty ms Nasty .she have no shame even broke ass .ponyhype f**k her to I am wondering if Brady duppy f**k her as yet

  15. Den afta alll that drama she and this ugly man gone back real waste gal and waste man .. the Gyal f**k pon yuh wid her friend step son and unu turn round and create one piece a excitement then unu gone party with each other like one big nasty family mi wa fight unu dirty lifestyle . Shakera yuh fi do better all yuh do a cook and tek beaten .. yuh ca go get a job and leff the insecure man .. bad to bad which man can call me whore and say my pussy big and me gone back inna bed wid him ?? DIRTY LIFESTYLE . Unu deserve each other two clowns bout ya talk bout grudge … who coulda wa grudge yuh !

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