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      1. The curse of the world wide web, where he sees people like Bobby GQ Dwight Yankee Michelle Peaches and Dana Frenchie and those Bronx girls make life in the good ole US of A looks EASY

    1. Morning Met. Morning Metters
      Always trying to sneak in a insult eeh? :siul
      This is a Jamaican blog so 99% of the content will be about all things Jamaican, not American, Puerto rican, or Chinese…… but from what I have known and have heard… PR’s will teef milk out of coffee <====== is this a curse? :cendol
      Anyway, a weh dis redyeye thing come from all of a sudden? and who teef fish? especially fish a farrin? :amazed:

      1. Well Yawdy, Walmart ah try upgrade..I’ve seen some Walmart sell red snapper filets, so it’s possible him luck up pon 2 pieca snapper filets

  1. Wow :malu2
    Really brah ??? u come all di way a farin come thief fish yo?. Di clothes bad too but fish yo????
    Jah know star some a uno no fi get no opportunity at all in life kah uno no know whey di f*ck fi do wid it when uno get it
    Damn disgrace

  2. Fish and clothes fram walmart of all places. Yuh deh pon student visa, yuh obviously naaw really pressure di tracks thing, suh guh look work..hmmm

  3. Maybe he was hungry and cold. Yuh cudden beg someone s smalls. That look really bad star. Walmart clothes??? Something must did wrong yah man. Smh!!

  4. Clive dis unfortunate…but yuh can bounce back. Ah hope yuh learn yuh lesson seh tief ah nuh fi yuh! Cah if Walmart buss yuh…odda places will…cah tief ah nuh yuh trade. Yuh neva qualify inna di race weh day suh yuh need fi straighten up an stay focus. Nuh let wi dung again…yuh hear????

          1. Don’t badda drop di ‘sharing an caring’ line pon mi. Anyone free fi tek anyone dem please. Yardman ah hot commodity fi plenty non-yawdy, so nuh get sensitive pon mi now :ngakak

  5. It would do a lot of good if him plea temporary insanity because obviously something was going on; not that the clothes part nuh bad but food brejrin? fish? some temporary disassociation, outa body, temporary insanity issue was going on…..

  6. These schools not feeding dem athletes man lol…is wha day dem arrest one a Florida fi tief crab outta di supermarket. And this was a Yankee, so I guess the “curse” applies there too, right?

    1. dwllllll I guess steam fish and okra not on the school menu and a dat him did feel for :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer

  7. This is nothing new,wi embarss our nation worse than that all the while,man a rape male jogger,kill pickney ,scam old people, rob tourist,credit card fraud,kill all over ,corruption,kill the poor woman who dem just rob, have some a di worse battyman a parade all over,in a dance a drink champagne and naw mine wi pickney,nuh want work and live off welfare in america,biggest hypocrite,bun battyman and full a dem,all a dem bleach out face shave eye brow super tight pants wearing man,bun out suck pussy and buddy and dweet alot,rob people poorer than ourselves and hard working people,f**k likkle pickney,wi only have few things to be proud of anymore,what have we come to?mi still love all jamaican and jamaica and optimistic in a change but all the listed stuff is embarassing

  8. Den a so much fault Jamaican have or every country have dem share a vagabond…me feel sorry fe d guy mayb a choo him lose d race him tun eediat n go tief out d ppl dem fish…but u kno him neva haffi dweet tho him neva hear bout Team Jamaica Bickle?????

  9. Whether a mixup or not wasn’t it the same Univ of Arkansas a similar incident occurred with another athlete. Mi thank God seh mi know how if live simple, a can a sardine chock full a nutrients and it is dirt cheap. Wi country name bad aready and fuss time wi did juss inna major cities, now wi inna smaller places and wi still dealing in fi fcukry even inna small places..geezam peace man, alarm nah guh off if u nuh hab summen wah trigga it, and dem hold you fi all of 3 hours, u nuh ooman a tabble wid purse, suh dem nuh muss did find summen pon u man. Why unno destroy unno character and family name fi useless tings? buy di 50 cents can a sawdine and keep it moving. Unno tink unno di ongle one feel hawd life a farrin, wi all haffi teck hand tun fashin when time less prosperous. Your name is the one ting u will take with you everywhere through di whole of u life, suh keep it clean. At least ooman can married and teck a new name and start fresh, but when u a man is di one name so freaking protect it wid u life.

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