13 thoughts on “SHAMI YUH BUS

  1. Y’all don’t see that kasi didn’t spend Christmas with usain but met up with him lastnight and it look like she finally spending time with the inlaws 🙂 lol look like kasi gonna start off the new year with a bang.

    1. I wonder why me woulda mad when I am a born American
      Lmfao I don’t follow her on sc ma’am ! It’s not like she
      Coming here to do anything worthwhile the only whore
      Me see come ya n do dem ting n cut is javana at least she
      Fck for her papers !! All shamiele a come do a link up wid
      Kerryanna sweets and whore down d place jus watch

  2. She get Visa an in NewYork wid her many brothers of coolie families pon har father side. though we know is not dat aone she one dere to do.

  3. Kerryann sweet and Nicky sweet fly and sell pussy , met you need to run them story. Met you a FBI how you don’t find there ad on online with the sell pussy business. Sooo shamel welcome dem dah a mr white send for her

  4. Javanna don’t come here and accomplish nothing. Never work or own nothing in America. All the man woman and dog and nor even have a bank account. Next

  5. Shamiele you pay di gyal fi har Daybreak outfit u gone fcuk a foreign. Nasty gyal. Real whore out tiefin bitch!!!!!!

  6. Shamiele been ah f**k down the place… Dats why Nino Nuh romp fi give her bun… All she do is f**k fi clothes and makeup…

  7. All she do is trust her clothes and can’t pay for it… Real waist gal… She need to fix her teeth because her smile not cutting it … Fake hot gal

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