Somebody please tell me where the SNAPBACK IS? Adrian you are so wicked to do the girl flyer like this ! she done already shape BAD and and swear her shit a mek patty when she SOUR ALL OVER and I can’t beileve you guys hype her up more YUCK why can’t STAYBAD “DIVA” invest in a GOOD WAIST TRAINER (kaior) she’s expensive but her shit does WONDERS I notice she been editing her pictures posting them on ig and Facebook and when you go on the picture site or somebody else post her you see everything popping out of all places I can NOT take this MAPPIE any longer she stay in everybody business and hype but for what she don’t have shit in AMERICA or back home MESSAGE TO HUMPTY DUMPTY LA WEIGHT LOST AND A PERSONAL TRAINER FOR 2017 no wonder why Dave not claiming you

12 thoughts on “FLIER LIAR

  1. This girl is going to big body woman in life ! You see har arms how them big like market woman she can’t be a slim woman never no matter how she fight that weight then she go a baby worst lweight up she looks a lot older now . Them thunder arms big woman she look like .

  2. She fighting very hard to be a dancehall diva with a market woman body no girl change your name to fluffy only cause you heading to be a big gal it’s your destiny look at your arms and shape from backway.

  3. Lmao denisha Martin shape bad nuh bbc and hype yuh f**k for no reason at all I hope the 300$ she posted on ig that “hussy” gave her she buy a good waist trainer and sign up for a gym membership

  4. Nothing more than you gi er husband a one f**k an him nah lef her fi u ..sender u can cook and clean like er no matter how she look shi have a husband .. post yours u nasty lowlife purple puzzy parrot fish hole sender gal.

  5. Anonymous that send 9:55 yea a you a f**k fluffy and har mon mek yuh so frighten fi har it look like she can cook r clean you sound very upset gwan back under denisha and finish suck har out more cas a you seh she and she seh you unnu tek har post and mek big bbc hype over it and the bitch never look good from morning ol pop down tire

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