21 thoughts on “SHAMILE PARTY

  1. nahhhhhhh lie gyal look old nuh fck…24??????? she shoulda shame to even mention her age…her mileage higher dan her age

  2. Lol that party was so whack and her body na look good ina the Kayture dresses anymore. The backless dress never a work with all them folds de pan her back…mawga but fat and outta shape. Idk how that works but ok Shamielle, ok!

  3. She cant smile genuinely and show her teeth? Wha kind a smile dat or beg Metty look up di pics of the ugly horse teeth dem.
    Court case of naah comin up?

  4. 24? Unnu too rass lie 24? Kmt and a run dem deh mileage? Well she will be a beacon of virtue when she ole and wise up. Can educate nuff a d young ones weh a follow ar road. 24? kmt

  5. Only 24? wowzer!
    I seriously thought she was older. I have to keep this im mind every time I see her on here. Im just thankful social media wasn’t around when I was 24. I would probably have so much to regret.

  6. Her party flop,i know she lose big time on this party. It would have been better if she had just went out for dinner with the few friends she has left. all this promo and her party flop, the party was empty. I hope she had paid for her dresses, cake, camera man etc. she said this was the return but a betta she go back weh she did deh. shameless shameile needs to wheel and come again. you can see the sadness and depression in her eyes, this wanna be hit girl not happy one bit!

  7. Di Gyal cock Up inna di free dress but People a di party sehh a plastic strap heels she wear dats y she nuh show har foot inna di pic dem suh she guh LA guh F%#k Bag White and u guh thief an u still couldn’t come back wid a designer shoes it sad ur life sad u guh thief and still a Wear free clothes ur court date a come up march 6 or 7 if u nuh guh dem ago put out warrant fi yuh arrest and cancel yuh visa suh u Betta guh F#%k fi a plane ticket an Gwan

  8. People people, unuh eva tek a good look ina d yung gal mouth? No sah….Not a soul a hate pon har, she fi stop sell har badi man…She nuh tiad a wear and tear!!! She nuh tiad fi insert pills in her vag? No sah 24 and bad so. A she sey YOLO

  9. Stop tell lie pon d bitch….Nuh mugshot not online..yea, she did thief, but mi hear sey bag white a try do sumtn fi har so let’s see caz it wudnt take this long fi har mugshot go up…Why no one cant get it?????

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