19 thoughts on “SHAMILEE APPEAR

  1. risking your reputation for a few peices of cloth?? or few pair a shoes not worth it, dem low life, come-to-help-us gal yah mentally unstable, u mean to say dem lef good good JA go farin fi teif & sell front fi nothing substantial???? nosah, dem need fi born again with morals cause dem gal a adi worst kinda stupid. dem fi stop dweet. Get themselves a real job & do something worthwhile cause IG ago mek dem kill themself fi a like. Worthless POS

  2. Mi nuh believe she get lock up either. She love attention but why seek this kind of attention. Bwoy mi nuh know how dem girl yah plan fi live life when dem old and gray.

    1. @ Fcka dem

      come on do it neatly plz n thx we need the met
      Dwllllll spill d beanssss!!!
      My God why Aneka and shamiele can’t understand
      Seh dem no fi b friend ???? Toxic ass relationship
      It’s like they have this badmind grudgeful obsessive competition
      Ass relationship it’s like they have to keep each other
      Close so that one doesn’t out-do the next !


  3. She may not have gotten arrested but word is she stole her friend Anika money before she left Ja wah day so they not talking and they both deleted each other’s pics off social media. This girl is just too wack

  4. It’s so true when they say you can’t teach someone to be ambitious! She is a real dunce if unuh realize she never speaks in her videos or her status is a quote from google, cause she know she can’t form a proper sentence. She just live for attention but f**king for money won’t take you far worse when yuh dunce.

  5. She get ketch a thief fi tru inna Macy’s, go a jail n have court date coming up.. she a tell people bout anu she is her friend but from she reach merika she a thief. She go Ina Zara Ina Christmas n almost get ketch she drop the tings n come out. Now she falla di gal from Bronx go Macy’s go thief n the gyal know the place n cut lef har so she get ketch.

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