Helloo met and Metters,

Congrats to miss star shawna she got her green Card… enjoy Mexico star girl … lefrock must feel happy in him grave. 😜 Happle and the rest of label whores without (Edited) are next in line .


31 thoughts on “SHAWNA OFF TO MEXICO


  2. Exactly she got cancellation of removal and got back her card ! Happle never had one came in country with no legal status so it hard to get legal all if you married to citizen but I think happle will soon get it . Shit youngmike sat in krome too now he a citizen so with hardwork good lawyer more than likely you can become legal hopefully cause with trump administration it’s harder .

  3. Shawna sey off to mexico but she post pictures in California.
    It look like part of mexico inna California.
    It look like shawna plane tired and stop inna California a rest .

    1. Yuh seem dunce as hell Baja California Sur is in the Penisula in northwest Mexico, look things up sometimes before you run your mouth.

  4. I know Lefrock did make sure she got her papers. From they live in Campbell Heights, he pay for that apartment put her.

  5. Please to explain how this works…So this means she got her green card back but wont they hassle her @ the airport upon return from intl flight??

  6. They will give her a hard time coming back watch and see. Immigration will pull her to the side and take her in for screening. She better hope she pass. Lol

    1. IF, and that is a big if, she went to Mexico, how do you know she plan to come back through the airport/customs? Maybe her plan is to walk across the border or in the trunk of a vehicle. Especially, if her mission was to smuggle some white stuff back into the USA. She have to find a way to pay for that vacation,….. sorry, special operation/mission.

  7. Tell the full story MET… What exactly was the situation with her legality?

    She migrated here as a child?
    run off?
    Married fi green card?

    Talk the things……..

    Dont know her, never seen her before.

  8. How come she never post up any memorial or tributes to lefrock on his anniversary etc? How many years now? 5 or so?

    1. Why should she? That death don’t need to be Memorialize publicly by her. Shawna will forever grieve that lost. That type of lost I would never want to grieve-personally.

  9. The person above just really really wants to mention lefrock eeh…anyway where is the bikini bod since she loves to post work out pics??

  10. not a cancel of removal
    Mayor been not holding people fe ice from long time that why den drop back here he want ice to do them job

    1. Total bullshit!! First of all, if you enter the US under some else’s name, you can be charged with illegal entry. I know someone who came into the US using an alias (Entertainer’s Visa) and 10+ years later, she cannot get her stay. She even got married to a US Citizen and been to many immigration lawyers.

  11. That is not true you cannot show landing in no others person name .and get no Green Card you call that immigration fraud and aggravated identity thief.why you all live in dream world Lol omg bye crazies

  12. Shawna mouth STINK like pit TOILET real talk and in a real life, gal talk in my face one time i almost vomit on are, may be a the after come that left off uncle from money team still rest in her smelly mouth YUCK,dreamy world shawna catch a tooth brush and mouth wash before you catching flight to where again LA lol sad case

  13. Why are you so close to Shawna Star mouth .You where trying to kiss her and she reject you Bitch stick with .the TOPIC is because she have her GREEN card and you don’t have any every time you Coyote heard that. someone is Legal you all come over on Ms Met site talking bad about them BYE Bum Bitch.YOU know how cum smell you the one sucking you are a expert at it are you getting pay,this is for 11:27pm

  14. The next one weh get them documents take weh And a act Like she can travel a the apple that is sour …she married the man and never pay him all a him money So them tell immigration a fake marriage and immigration revoke her papers . Now she a look new man to married..she say she name Annie comfortable , but she uncomfortable and miserable..don’t make them fool you

  15. Why you all always worried about Apple this is for2:42pm mine your own business get a life go wash your dirty underwares.and clean and wash your piss pot bum bitch leave Apple alone she is not bothering you ,or no one else let the woman prosper

  16. umm shauna didn’t get anything
    she photoshop the background, shauna was in Arizona not mexico
    she will never show a trip to Jamaica etc.
    she had gotten her work permit and social but that’s it. shauna was in a resort in Arizona
    from she at jfk she posting that she in mexico
    shauna cut it out

  17. It amazes me how these girls act but they are only big shots in their local areas. Their actions alone you can tell it’s only posing off for the gram. All you see is party pictures. They all living a capture moment life. I don’t see any of them going over England, Paris, Germany and etc. Bora Bora. What about St. Tropez? It’s either they living day to day, scamming, no papers but you rich? theifing, whoring, kotching, got a record of some sort, and on some kind of welfare. That’s why I don’t grudge any of them. Until I see the mansion, Bentley, legit business, private jets, and assets and world-class traveling (not buddy pass)

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