1. ICE=Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Means dem a plan fi dip har unless she can pull a Marcia. All 10 finga discount workers take heed.

  2. I really hope her fren dem pack up har name bran clothes inna couple barrell n ship dem nicely to har so she can moggle a Ja till she find a man fi mek har do a Bad n Not Ready Karen n reach backa Fareen

  3. Next we will hear she just a travel or tek break from social media…. Smaddy run confirm it

  4. These dancehall ppl a bunch a kleptomaniac them need fi lock up them claat n sen all guh detox neva see 1 group a ppl luv thief suh just fi show off pon them 1 anadda dis a sickness

  5. Cya bi an mi jus SI she an the ceo them a floss if so welcome to sangster international shaunah mi kinda sorri fi har but she too hype an wutless she Deh ya Ova 18 yr she si ah mah get dip an it nuh change har

  6. Lies they told!! I’m not fond of Shawna but she been had her papers over 4yrs now cause Lefrak did mek she marrid him Yankee friend. Met you forgot she travel couple times to Jamaica with Lefrak? He even kept a big bashment birthday party down there for her. She legal

  7. The real story. Met YES she did have green card but it did expire, and the time when it fi renew she get her ass in trouble so that prevent her from getting it back. So noo she have no papers now. And from that time until now she kept getting in trouble over n over that trial green card been expired years now and never renew.

  8. my girl stop…weh she get papah,from? Mussi yu gi har cya USCIS…. Hav papah an Neva visit her deported mada

  9. Greencard to hold no weight in America anymore if you continue to commit petty crimes and get into trouble multiple times they will hold you and deport you and that’s a fact

  10. To know the things. Yes she vist her mom before. That show to you that you dont know what your saying. Her 2yrs green card couldn’t renew back. All because of all the lifting she did. Immigration wasn’t gonna give her the 10 yr green card so now she’s paperless.

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