28 thoughts on “SHAWTY N KATEL’S SON TURNS 16

    1. him nah bleach man .him a go school and get a marketing degree and write a book about him claffy father and preach good to the youth dem and make money .then run for seat and turn Minister of youth and culture. then after him claffy father serve about 12 years him a go make him co worker dem in the party him down with, reopen the case and get him off on a technicality because lizard sent a letter from england saying that he is alive and well but would rather stay in hiding . then him black father a come out rasta up and act like him change. then live big, fat happily ever after….

    1. What you are saying makes no sense. His father said bleaching is not a crime and he is not a role model to none. Only his own. Hence, he is now sixteen he can model the role his father played.

  1. @Real, mumma nuh dhu dat, mek him prosper! Wish him well! What if he grows up into the finest young man, ever, who’s firm in himself and his beliefs with sound moral standings. Give him a chance. He is his father’s child, however, as the term suggests, there can be seven brothers with seven different mind frames. And, don’t be upset with me either. You may be joking, but as simple as your statement is it carries weight, you know. Forget the father, my thing is he’s a child, who to be honest, has displayed nonesuch behaviour to imply anything other than he’s well mannered and respectful, well spoken; which, is factored by him being an A student.

    As I’ve said earlier and while I can’t dictate your behaviour or reaction towards my response, I don’t want you to be mad at me, for I am by no means mad at your, nor am I arguing or in the mood to. I’m just a mother, whose wonderful baby girl had a birthday that just passed, which has caused me, as is customary to look deeper into things and get a tad bit emotional, and what I don’t want for my child, I want for no one’s. Have a good night @Real and the rest of the JMG fam.

    1. Dear, I cannot be mad at you. I appreciate your comment. I was only responding to a comment the father made years ago in regards to the children of others. No harm intended against this young man. I am not an angry person I hope he does well. It is just shocking to see how my comment was taken but when his father spoke about the children of others he was seen as a hero.

  2. Be careful what unuh wish fi other ppl children it might drop dung pon unuh mek di bwoy prospa cah nuff a unuh madda was neva a whore & most a unuh tun whore everybody have a mind of them own as di man say all a him kids guh a prep suh him send dem out fi good education unlike most a unuh way cah read & write & di few way can hardly can read little word much less a sentence stop use unuh mouth hold dung di bwoy remember karma is a bitch ur tongue is unuh biggest weapon be careful wah unuh say bout ppl it might drop dung pon unuh or unuh pickney dem or unuh pickney pickney dem shorty yuh look good

  3. Anoymous @ 11.44 and others saying crop about the young. I am sure you all want a better society , stop wishing and saying bad thing about the young man. The youth are the future or tomorrow .

  4. Anoymous @ 11.44 and others saying crop about the young. I am sure you all want a better society , stop wishing and saying bad thing about the young man. The youth are the future of tomorrow.

  5. I wish him well in anything he does. A DEGREE then politics in his future seems possible.He might even want to be in music . HECK in a few years he might even pen a book about his life,father incarcerated yet he pushed thru to make it in life and be successful.Who knows.

  6. Some a unu wah deh run off unu bloodclaat fingers shut unu com catcher an stop wish bad pon di youth he’s a fckng kid some a unu mouth worst dan obeaha mek di youth an stop wish unu bad karma pon him

  7. I think he’s gonna bleach too. Who’s saying “crop?” Dunce nuh bloodclaaat :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :batabig :batabig

  8. Why ppl love chat so man him a just 13 not 16 yuh ppl must stop it man frm 203 to 216 a how old dat big up yuh self shorty boos lady u doing a good job girl god love u best

  9. I wish this handsome boy all the best in life. I pray that he grows to be a positive influence in our society.

    As a mother I would never put down anybody pickney because I wouldn’t want that for my children…… be kind metters some comments I see is uncalled for regardless who him spring from !!

  10. Yes the mom looks like Dolly there’s a set of Africans bloodline in Jamaica that all has the same resemblance . Ven and dolly has the same face also even the Lisa hype they all look alike . To me most kingstonian bares the same look . Put all those women with short hair Picts with the bulb eyes they all look like shortie.

  11. I wish this young man nothing but prosperity in his endeavours he is a handsome young man hope he stays on the right path and make a positive impact in his country.

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