THE mother of imprisoned entertainer Vybz Kartel is hopping mad that her son has been sentenced to life behind bars, saying that justice hadn’t been served.

She said that she was expecting him to be sentenced to between 10 and 15 years in prison.

“How dem fi give my pickney life and no body (hasn’t been found), and him no kill anybody? How dem fi give a man life for what you don’t find or what you don’t see?” Teresa Palmer asked several times during an interview with the Jamaica Observer on Friday.

Asked what sentence she was expecting for her son, Palmer said 10 to 15 years.

Palmer said that she hasn’t eaten since the sentencing of her son, Adidja Palmer, and three other men — Shawn ‘Shawn Storm’ Campbell, Kahira Jones and Andre St John — to life imprisonment by Justice Lennox Campbell in the Home Circuit Court on Thursday.

Vybz Kartel was ordered to serve 35 years at hard labour before becoming eligible for parole. Campbell and Jones are to each serve 25 years before they can apply for parole and St John is to serve 30 years behind bars before he’s eligible for parole.

The men were convicted for the murder of former friend Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams at a house belonging to Vybz Kartel in Havendale, St Andrew, on August 16, 2011. He was killed over the disappearance of two illegal guns. His body has not been found, a fact Campbell took into consideration in sentencing the men.

“This is not justice. No justice. No justice. You can’t do that to people. I’m not interested in visiting him in prison I want them to let go mi pickney,” she said.

“One thing mi waa ask the judged: Why him give me son life,” she sai

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  1. She was the only one that could talk to him about quiting his life of crime without getting an ass whooping from his cronies, why didnt she?

    1. How u know him wouldnt let him “solja” dem beat har too?!!! I doa put it pass him to be heartless even to his mom. Dont let the “mama” songs fool u

  2. why shi nuh go ask di granny weh sen di bwoy have di seven debil inna him …..u betta go nyam cause him nah si road ole antique wicked

  3. Lawd Mama, mi know it hurt but hush, yu hear. Yu son love yu. You nuh see him dedicate him 2014 Baby Wayne version a MAMA to yu ? Like how next month a Mothers Day, gwaan go visit him. Him might do him 2014 Black Uhuru version a GENERAL PENITENTIARY to yu, and then top it off wid him 2014 Michael Jackson song MAN IN THE MIRROR. Yu son can tell yu why him end up where him end up. So easy yuself ya Mama, and lissen to Bob Marley song NO WOMAN NUH CRY. One more ting Mama, please eat some food. It is necessary to sustain your LIFE —- not yu son LIFE imprisonment, no, but your owna life.

  4. She boasy bad, eeh? She’s not interested in visiting her son in prison? How shi fi see him den?
    Nobody can’t tell me that the root of Kartel’s disposition is not in this ungrateful, goal post changing, overbearing, yet not caring mother!
    He learned all his foolishness from her. The whole a dem wrong and strong, bad.
    Mek shi gwaan wid har dribblings.

  5. Mama nuh easy. Mama wants to reward her son for hiding the body cleverly. As long as the crime was committed well, then let har pickney guh.
    Mama, in your case, the glass is half full since you still have the option of visiting him. Prison is a blessing for Kartel because it wouldn’t be long before he would have been cut down in the streets.

    This is the song he needs to remake it prison.

    I was born a discipline child, never knew how I got so wild (2x)
    When I used to go to school, they taught me the Golden Rule
    They said “Son you better know yourself, in time to come it’s gonna be dread”
    I didn’t heed this advice, now I got to pay the price (2x)
    Now I’m on death row, only one place to go (2x)
    Oh Ma, I wish you were around, to see how they tracked me down (2x)
    They had me cornered in a little alley, a thousand shotguns over me
    I didn’t stand a chance, I didn’t want to die, I had to reach for the sky
    Now I’m on death row , only one place to go (2x)

  6. I am not the type to disrespect an elder…. But bytch u have a phucking nerve bout ..I’m not interested in visiting him in prison I want them to let go mi pickney. At least you can visit your son… Lizard family can’t even visit his grave.. U heartless bytch what if it was your son who had gotten killed.. Kmt :cool

    1. Oops Morning Met, Metters, Peepers, And bloggers Happy sunday. Lawks on a sunday this ooman get mi cross.

    2. A nu every elder must be regarded with respect. Dis one yah should have been wire hangered out so she couldn’t have brought forth dis demon seed. Now see har in full form as a demon carrier.

  7. lady puhleeeeeeeeeeeze ……lizard mumma cant eat edda -rolleyes……she is reason him tun murdarah….no respect for the law….btw wat does HARD LABOR means these days in our prison

  8. Lady yuh need fi guh pray dats all i can tell yuh, yuh can see that yuh is one a dem upholance parent as bad as tings be mi respect shawn storm madda she nuh bias like dis evil ooman.

  9. These people are a walking contradiction, if your son is innocent, why then were you expecting him to get 10 to 15 years? If you think that he is innocent, you should have been expecting him to walk free; there is no way that you should have been satisfied with 10 to 15 years.

    Illiteracy is so rife in Jamaica; don’t they know that jurisprudence is sophisticated enough to prove death without having to locate the body of the deceased?

    Hopefully, one day this woman will realize how vile her son was/is. He is no saint, they should be asking for mercy and stop with the foolish claim that Kartel is an innocent man…

    1. mek dem talk Lali………….when him get guilty dem walk all over di news she and di sister….di judge slap him wid 35 so mek she waan talk when di appeal go up dem will get more dan rejection

  10. Yuh si how life is Kartel mumma ah cuss sey fi har pickney life so what about lizard mother you ever stop to think about how she and her family is feeling they got a life sentence too, miss what you need to do is ask yuh pickney where are lizard bones he needs to be put to rest!!!!

  11. But mi Caah read right or wAh? Did this owl mad woman say she was expecting 10-15 yrs but har son innocent? Yuh know dis lady know him kill lizard doe? But yuh never did a expect him fi get life a so Unuh tek JA justice system fi fool and is who business wid yuh if yuh nawh go visit fawtel a jail? The show must go on miss yuh son Anno “God”. Set a delusional mad people.

    Happy Sunday to allll!!!


  12. Di mumma sound like shawty… I rem. when fawtel juss lock up and she say….”him muss come a road”. Hi hello how you dozzin shawty? Yuh well know a psychs yuh did a use like Kartel mumma yah now bout shi nawh eat, yuh not eating cuz yuh son nawh rob di bwoy dem hard working money bring come fi Mek Unuh live good no more no more no mass. Hahahaha


  13. Met why if you know your son innocent you a expect time under him belt? Dem a jezibel eno. Lizard is nothing that’s how they look at the guy. He is somebody’s child too and his family does not have the luxury to ever get closure not even a finger to identify and dis crasses woman bout shi nawh eat and nawh visit. Yuh si how Kartel fayva him mumma.


    1. People know dem a born jezebel she a gwaan like har son fi get special treatment and if he should, Lizard shudda get special treatment tuh

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