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Jamaican Groupie, I read your bloggers response to my post about small dick Breed Ez and let me respond as shortly as possible. I would like them to read this.
Some of the bloggers are asking why I f**ked him since I knew his d*** was small. Here we go.
Last year a mutual friend introduced us, he asked me for and I gave him my phone number. We were talking and texting back and forth for about 2 months and then he stopped. Around March of this year he hit me up again saying some bs that he lost his phone with my number. Again we started talking, texting and face timing and he would always ask to see my p**y. He started asking me to hang out with him and I was holding out, until one day I was feeling horny and I reached out to him and we decided we were going to f**k. We met at a hotel. I was expecting him to do all the things he said on the phone, but I was highly I mean highly disappointed. Mind you his belly is big and hanging over everything, which was very disgusting. I wanted to take a picture but that wasn’t possible. He turned his back when he was putting on the condom. When he turned around I noticed how loose the condom was on his d**k even though it was erect, and that it was hanging which I have never seen before. I was worried it was going to come off in my p**sy, but I was skilled at gripping. I dried up when he took his clothes off but I had high hopes and thought he was going to lubricate me, instead I remained dry as the Arizona desert. He lasted for a solid 8 minutes, there was a clock on the side table. It was in the afternoon so what was his excuse. My d**do is bigger, wider and longer and the batteries lasts much longer.
I have no reason to lie that is why I text him to stop calling and texting me because I am very upset I even gave him the 8 minutes I did. Yes I heard that his d**k was very small from other women and that his tongue made up for it. I also read about it on your site, but still decided to try it. He is the one that was begging me and like I said one day I was horny and gave in.
People are going to say what they want because he f**ks many girls (I don’t see with what) and knows a lot of people, but the truth is that his d**k is small and he is very boring in bed. My friends warned me before not to f**k him because they heard it is a waste of time. He doesn’t even s*x talk or foreplay. I could see if his performance made up for that, but he is just boring. It’s not me because I am pretty with good body and big breast that are real and I know how to f**k. I didn’t even get the chance to showcase my skills since he bust his n*t in 8 minutes. There is also a girl by the name of Amanda that he f**ks and she too said the same thing that his d**k is very small and short. Other females have said it but have not blasted him. I should not be blamed for him having a small d**k and not being able to stay longer than 8 minutes. We f**ed once and that was bad enough for me. This mf should be put on blast. Females Breed Ez is not what you all think. That mf is lame in bed and the fact still remains his d**k is small and short like a Chinese banana.


  1. Morning….she said other people have said his dick is small but not blasted him…hmmm..i remember clearly it drop right here on groupie say him dick small, so that is blasted him and she say Amanda f**k him and say the same thing, so this noh explain why she f**k him.

  2. Morning metty baybae!!#
    Let me reiterate. This fool fool gal come back yah ah gwaan like breeed ez victimize har pussi… like mi seh you did hear all the stories about him quarter pencil before you run in wid you horni wet up pum pum and swallow up the big man. Mi know that man and him couldn’t entice mi Fi go church wid him….old looking and tiard… mi still deh pon breed ez side, juss caw you did know for hand. And knowing for hand is being for warned….so if you did hear seh him have AIDS ah so you would of run go see for yourself tru you horni my girl.. #2 breed ez anno badman nor rapist, why when him spin round wid the condom draped over him cocky like curtain, yu never seh nobadah Caw I’ve done that before. Every woman know dem pussi size whether them want to admit it or not. We know when a cockey is not going to measure up..Plus you ah call up people name. drop your name and send in your picture… just drop it my girl go back to cool runningz sleazy club and see if you can pull another one…..them seh tall peter dread have ah big cocky….. run in

  3. Met sorry. Fi some reason mi finger mussi two big. It already ah send it double and triple. This note 3 is so sensitive

  4. Her encounter was to reassure herself that she still possesses the uklebit. She boosted her confidence by fukking a small dick man. Makes even SuperHead feel like a virgin. Dwrcl. Unu nuh hear she say har “gripping skills” tunup. When she quint di pussy an grab on pon di itsy bitsy….di man see stars. Dats why him did a pree har again. Him say teenie koki an she say teenie hole. Perfect match. Go hear how she did a groan unda di treatment. Dwllll. Noooooo…..mi nose.

  5. U know I just read the last part of ur letter. Dwll. You are pretty with a good body and big real breast…..yet you were horny and di only person yuh could draw for….was Breed Ez? Sigh. You should have an entire army of men waiting for you to ring their phones. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say you are very young and immature. Because a real grown woman knows that looks means nothing if you can’t “bring it”…..and by “it” I mean….sex appeal…career moves….business decisions. …home making skills etc. Suh u tink u pretty looks and body woulda mek him koki grow couple inches instantly and turn him ina stamina daddy on the spot. I feel him promise fi eat it and him neva dweet an u mad. Cause u felt like the tongue would fill in where is koki fell short (no pun intended) If I laff I split my pussyroot. Girl….stay in school…yuh hear darling. Tek di skills yuh claim yuh have ina yuh pussy an put it ina yuh brain. Swap di bedroom magic fi classroom elevation.

  6. U know say a dat fi true Mamacita di man trick n no nyam so she highly upset but miss ting whey u shoulda do is when him pon on di condom n turn round clutch u chest n say “is where u gonna put all of dat, that so big u haffi get me really wet” hence killing 2 bird with one stone him ego tun up n him will be very happy to show u wat him mouth do my girl tricks n trades to the ting u hear. Roll me eyes again fuss time u a meet face to face after months how unnu reach a hotel??? A good fi u rawssse u horny grab u dildo is a sure cum kmt


    1. :thanks2 @ Hello I agree. Dis likkle gal only telling her story, shi must talk what really gwan. Breed Ez come tell your side causen sey mi guarantee yuh have a different story fi tell.

  8. What is wrong wid dis likkle gyal??? Wha kinda skills yuh hab??? You same one seh yuh dildo bigger, wider an longer wid longer lasting batteries, den yuh start dash out yuh ‘”gripping” skills and yuh physical attributes. Ah wah, yuh tek JMG fah??? Well dawling, yuh nah get nuh ratings yasso cah yuh PITIFUL fi guh sleep wid Breed Ez, an ah better yuh hold ah seat cah Breed Ez ah di best ting weh eva happen tuh yuh front. Ask yuh dildo ef yuh nuh believe mi :ngakak

  9. My girl dem have a saying sey if yuh cannot hear yuh must feel. Suh my girl yuh hear, read and neverrr listen suh yuh feelllll. Please to follow Heineken and Mamacita advice. Yuh sey yuh pretty wid real big breast, but yuh still end of phucking a bruk man wid a raggedy car as whey yuh seh :hoax2 sum gal a real fooolllllll :repost:
    Mi feel sey shi mad sey him neva swipe her front. Mi nah tek him side but dis likkle gal is a real mascot. Like Heineken sey guh back outta cool runningz whey di loosesaz dem deh and pick up another one. Damn fool

  10. breathe E-Z mash up Orlando n now a mash up Texas, u and ur white benz fren… still homegirl u sound angry, u never get no head, money or satisfaction so i understand… tight hole never complain about the size… #Michaelz

  11. :ngakak :ngakak @ mash up Orlando and now Texas. Unuh too good :malu :malu
    Well sender this one backfire on you. Next time make sure to check out the merchandise before you buy it and double check the return policy. :rate Just remember no more sex for you in Houston because Breed Easy already reveal your identity :alay

  12. Tawkchuet…… yu come pon Met site a teacher Ooman fi con man!!! A me yu fi try dat wid, bout “…yu afto get me wet”. Mi juss buss out half jill a cokenot oil an rub dung yu panty meat, bout get heddaz……DWRCLLLLLL!!

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