0 thoughts on “SHE IS 9

  1. When I clicked on the topic it took a while to load the picture. Before the picture came up u I knew it was this pic. Why??? Because mi see di pic an tink di same friggin ting. All di side picho batty a heng off like any grown wonan an mi sure is har madda buy dem clothes deh fi she wear. Shame I tell yuh. Smh.

  2. Suh shi not even reach high school yet an ah dem tings deh dem a promote. \lady yuh selling out yuh daughter or what? yuh nuh know sey ole preditar dem deh all around just a lay weight innocent pickney…some parents.smh

  3. Metty, again….where is the picture of the 9 year old in question????…ca dat deh body ah nuh fe nuh 9 year old…oh my dear!!

  4. No 9 yr old nuh fi developed suh. People gots to look into the food and estrogenic chemicals in lotions and shampoos wah dem buy. Who the eff puts their 9yr old in daisy dukes shorts.

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