1. Met,
    Senda look like she mad cause di man breed har and go right back to him baby madda. This smells like a scorn mate send dis een. DI gal no affi have on a bunch a name brand fi look good. She no finga fearing like you and you crew. di gal and har sista dem body tunn up and dem very humble. Stop class di gal chu har man no wah you. Chad sleeps wid every baddie but him always run back home to her . abayyy.
    On another note, CASH, please cover up that arm. No tatoo or nothing can hide that insip look. it doh look good.

  2. I was trying to wonder which one the sender talking about cause me no rewlly see nothing too wrong with either of them.

  3. The one they are talking is in the lace top, stripe pants, tan shoe and the bang she does look a hot mess for real and she’s very ugly

    1. Yuh too wicked a bad mind fi call di girl ugly. She is not ugly. Yuh sound like one a di man f**k and drop. F**king hater. All met seh di girl don’t look bad. Ol grazmite

    2. In this case u really are just a hater cause di girl look jus fine and ar body tun up…whatever she do u jus affi go get over it cause if dis a di worse picture u find of her den u bread butter…hush

  4. Unuh move unuh rass. Sender, how u so wicked the girl hot every time mi see her and chad. Mi nah tell nuh lie she look nice all the time. It sound like the sender send this een fi ppl dun di girl. Mi Neva si her a bonton nobody inna dance yet although her man f**k nuff gyal in the dancehall. She don’t trouble ppl.

  5. Ok if you say she’s not ugly she is his ugliest baby mother his wife looks way better than her and so does the other baby mother. And another thing if you really think that getup she’s wearing looks good you need help. Btw where did met say she look good? I won’t dispute her looks but that outfit DONT LOOK GOOD and she never look good. No one is saying she’s a trouble maker not everyone that get put on here is a trouble maker I’m just saying the attire is a hot ass mess from head to toe

    1. I know all three of chad baby mothers and the best looking one is Tiffany. She been with him first I think. His second baby mother a f**k my cousin now and the last one sleep with four other guys I know that are in the same crew. Chad buy Tiffany everything. Mi seh met chad spoil her. That’s why she don’t lef him after him breed the other two. Mi all hear seh she tek him money every chance she get. But on the real me and chad talk a lot and him say no matter what he not leaving Tiffany. Him love that her til him weak yuh hear mi. Tiffany look better

  6. Since you claim she not ugly she looks very tirrrrreeeddd in the face and your right she has an ok shape but the clothes she wear does not help in showing it off at all I’m not saying she have to dress naked but what she have on in that picture is f**kery be real. Not to mention di boot. N for madam that made the first comment we all know all you babymoms of his got to get along stop faking for the blog

  7. Chad first babymother tiff a mash up chad head. I know that for a fact. But mi fren want look off of her still. TIFF weh u deh pon my girl? Run weh chad and get wid a real man

  8. Like I said his WIFE looks better than her! I did say wife sweety I didn’t say baby mother because she is his wife. So even if you claiming she f**king 20 man you still wasn’t good enough for the ring ugmo

    1. Look here u girl, I use the term baby mothers because that what they all are. If u want to use the term wife then go ahead, but the last time I check he live with his woman Tiffany, why him and the wife don’t live together? Answer that then u can talk. And the person u calling his wife is one ugly something something, that heffer look like the born six months too early. She is one ugly ugly girl and I bet u never see her and chad yet in public. He only takes out Tiffany. Search through pictures at parties u only see Tiffany and him together never the so call wife. Fi man live with Tiffany. On another not, Tiffany mi hate yuh outfit di pants and di shoes gots to go boo.

  9. This is not about who f**k, Tiffany we all know nobody don’t want you man like chad fi get f**k pon all fifty time him f*k n breed everybody so what if di other babymothers have more sense than you is not like yu a him wife. Like I said before his wife is way better looking and me and you know which one is his wife him could love like Jesus love likkle children u still wasn’t good enough to be wife now was you? Please stop referring to her as baby mother that’s what you are, she’s actually his legal wife po pow pow “no shade tho, no shade

    1. The wife stop come pon pinky and try fi give yourself hype. Nobody not looking. You a write up all these things about the girl and no matter what chad not leaving her and come to you. U don’t even live with your “husband” he live with Tiffany. Ring don’t mean a thing without love and respect so shut yuh trap. Tiffany already married and even with that chad not leaving her. Gweh gal yuh not getting any shine. Yuh have to see Tiffany and chad a love it up . Abaaayyyy. Di man nah look pon yuh.

  10. Him live with Tiffany this month we all know nights are shared dwl the point is she is his wife and if you say she ugly then there is no words in no dictionary to describe Tiffany looks maybe she stay in too long she shoulda born early to. She fava shreck . Btw the point wasn’t about who he lives with it’s who he’s legally married to for almost a decade now

  11. Chad wife come from behind di computer and stop chat shit. Di girl look better than all of you put together. Be real. Yuh put her up on here why didn’t u send a pic of your self? Pull your eyes dem apart they are two close together ok hun, that is my advise to u

  12. Him live with Tiffany this month we all know nights are shared dwl, the point is she is his wife and if you say she ugly then there is no words in no dictionary to describe Tiffany looks maybe she stay in too long she shoulda born early to. She fava shreck . Btw the point wasn’t about who he lives with it’s who he’s legally married to for almost a decade now. Wi nuh care who get more FaceTime picture time are what are u a teenager? You claim you been wid di man first and him f**k and breed 2 other woman and not just that him married one of them and left you still in the baby mother section it look like is you still hanging on to him and him a hang on to the others cause yu claim dem deh wid yu family and fren but him not leaving them at all

    1. Now, u sound real stupid baby girl. U sharing your husband? That’s not your husband and if he is you should get an divorce cause he does not have respect for you if he live with someone else. I guess the better pussy won. Go sit in a tub of hot water with salt and tighten up your hole and may he will teef out a come spend a night with you until 5am and he have to leave lol. Lol lol

  13. As far as the naked eyes can see everybody a get love but no one seems to be getting respect Tiffany you sound like a damn fool bout respect, I guess a baby mother and a wife is what you call respect no one cares who chad live with n who washing cooking and feeding especially about the shared cocky. The point is you are performing wifely duties and you are nothing but yet another baby mother that will never move up because the upper space have been taken but you can have a seat in the dumb bitch section with the rest of fools


  15. Girl get off met bout u a wife. Tiffany and chad spend the $7000 yuh give him to married yuh. This was an arrange marriage and that’s why u don’t live with him. U give the man a jacket and you know yuh breed fi di man pon 52nd street with the dreads. Yuh bring your kid there all the time to spend time with the man , plus him woman plan fi beat yuh di next time she see yuh come pon him henz. Bout wife, wife mi claawt. A longtime yuh hate Tiffany but yuh can not mek chad know dat, cause he will surely buss yuh ass. Ugly ass bitch

  16. how u gonna call u self a wifey me confuse a who the man live with u or tiffany cause me neva hear a man married to a woman and live with another woman o yes some man married fi papers so that must be the case. bout shared night mi ca be a wife and a share nights that is not a real marriage honey boo boo damn fool. nobody neva see the wife yet a tiffany him go out with all the time even new york me see the two a dem so lady u really sound scorn u claim u have position but u not living the life ,mi woulda shame if i was u all u can talk about is the girl dressing how about u send in a pic off ur self and let us b the judge so u need fi go tek as many toilet seat as u can.

    1. Chad only bring Tiffany out when it’s dark cause all him know she a duppy bat did chad and his wife was just out the other day ms duppy u n yu sista a fool a bunch of man mascot m clowns don’t mix people Jody and u is not di same

  17. jody stop the bull shit now u know u pay the man fi married u memba when mi a u did stand up outside of u building and chad tell u point blank to u face say him dont want u and him want him rest a money weh u owe him and the gal tifffany did sit down inna the car with dem baby inna the back. me and u jody use to call her private and trouble her and chad did come ova u house and box u inna u face and u call me an a bawl how him come lick u fi woman. mi and u was friend and u know u living a PAPER WIFE LIFE mi naw go be bias.mi naw go get into y mi a u stop talk but u done know who this is.

  18. Funny how is arrange marriage and they are still married up to now and have a child that you claim is jacket but him love dearly

  19. Chad must b a well educated, ambitious, good looking, good father fi have suh much ppl a claim him.Uno send Met a picture mek we see fi we self

  20. Ugly stay bad Tiffany stop call up Jody name please cause all yu a talk yu man weh yu so badly a mad ova not leaving nor divorcing her

  21. I just want to know why is everyone so worried about Tiffany. While you all are sitting here talking about this girl life she is probably at home with her MAN AND CHILDREN. Mind y’all f**king business and get a life.

  22. Jody stay there and worry about Tiffany. You need to worry about that chlamydia got when you was pregnant with your daughter. Bitch you must have forgot about all the niggas you f**ked when you went to Jamaica. I know I didn’t forget about the time when Tiffany ragged your dum ass out. That did sweeeeeeeet. Thank God Tiffany have family who want better for her and send for her to come to foreign. She didn’t have to pay a nigga to marry her for papers. Your life is so sad and unfortunate. Tiffany look better and shape better than you tramp. Jody Jody Jody I hope they was able to treat that clap you have. You know if that stuff go untreated things can get real ugly. How many niggas f**k out your loose hole in Jamaica since you got married? You are sickly girl. Stop worrying about heathy woman.


  23. Aka Tiffany I guess you know Jody have it because yu man bring it home come give yu f**king fool not everyone if fortunate to get filed for. But your man send for Jody and gave her papers because he loved and want to be with her :kimpoi :kimpoi :2thumbup stop worry bout Jody Pussy and take care of yours fool fool gal f*king is common assault especially when is a man like the one yu a dead ova it seems that’s all u can say about Jody
    Tiffany yu own man say yu only look good from the back dwl thank God a bwoy pickney yu have cause di gal woulda ugly just like u. Stop walk and wat Jody pussy n report to yu so call man cause all di run yu run yu mouth har HUSBAND not divorcing her yu claim is arrange marriage n all now yu can’t get him fi divorce har n give u a ring or a title other that ugly baby mother. Yu a love inna Lou thank God him give yu likkle shape a dat mek chad look pon cause not even him like si yu inna day light. Matter a fact mi just check out the party chad did keep n all I see is him and pretty wifey Jody where were u miss shreck :cool :cool

    1. NO sah. Jody you come dunn har decently.. But Tiffany fi memba if FLy pitch pan him, Jody is di wife and Tiffany has no say soo. Who sits around and wait to be a NOBODY. Man haffi mine me up and secure my fuutre if me ago be permanent mate. What is the deal wid ole bag TIna?? from she breed i doh see she and Chad out anywhere.. Jody Bunnn him tgill yhou get ur satisfaction cause him too brite fi go breed 2 diifferent gal pan you and doh wah leave you alone.

  24. Okay Smuts he still did not leave her. So yall vex. Chad sleep at Tiffany house every night. I’m shocked he was able to get Jody to breed. Must have been when Tiffany went to the mall cuz she Eva a shop. Jody you a pop down, low life no life side bitch. Chad live with Tiffany. Tiffany Pinckney older then hers. So who was with him first? Jody you out up Tiffany pics because you have no life. Yesssssss Tiffany family give a f**k about her to send for her for a better life. Jody made cuz she had to f**k for a visa? Lmaoooooo. Chad always complaining how the girl pussy smell like pit toilet. You need vagisil bitch.

    1. Yu sound like a damn fool is she not leaving him cause from him married somebody else him leave har. All yu keep saying is chad sleep at Tiffany house every night ole fool nobody care if yu waan harbor dog just because him mark him piss spot doesn’t mean it’s home. And please stop talk bout yu fren guh mall often cause fi smaddy weh look like ole clothes government she look like a goodwill she get all har clothes dem. no one cares that u were with him first Tiffany all that show is that you are proud of being the runner up that’s your place for the rest of your life a permanent Matie running second at all times. And so what if Jody f**k fi papers? Least she a f**k fi something all Tiffany a f**k for is fi breed n ole second place yu shoulda Shame yu family care n file fi yu come foreign come tun man mascot. And mi tell yu before fi stop worry bout Jody Pussy just because urs dripping doesn’t mean is she yu man get it from suh stop diagnosed har based on your symtoms fool fool Tiffany anno Jody fault yu deh wid di man fus n breed fus but come last fi di ring

  25. And so @sexy when pussy good yu nuffi hide cocky from it! Unnu always mek people pussy unnu problem

  26. Yu man nuh think suh cause him put ring pon mi kitty n bling bling dwl, abay fit yu miss goat Tiffany keep saying it

  27. shut the f**k up because regardless of what ya’ll come on here an chat Tiffany know say Chad nuh sleep a har yard every rass night so stop gwan like u a ediot. nuff night u deh deh by yuself an di man nah ansa u phone call and u know exactly where he is so dont act like u can chat off u mout to chad because u know dam well say a more dan Jody him a tek and aint shit you can do about it but tek it. So if Jody wah go f**k so what annu like chad nah f*k pan both a unnuh. Its about time u go tek one page out a Jody book and stop sidung like a f**king ediot bout your man. Your man wha?

  28. Look how Tiffany fool fool she have baby number one somebody else have number two somebody else have number three an she run go have number four like that can stop di man don’t worry u soon see di man wid baby number five Tiffany will it be yours? COME ANSA DI QUESTION. F***KING EDIOT ALL U DO A SIDUNG AN TEK BUN UNDER U RASS.if I was u mi would fraid fi claim chad as my man cause all a him gal dem lokk betta dan u an dats a fact him hav bout four gal a philly whe him a f**k an u knw an caah say shit so cum offa jody name bitch say something or a dumb u one dumb so

  29. But coo pan Chad weh unu aargue ova. Him fava one a dem wharf dawg Unda malnunourished Somalian Pickni deh. sorrie a fi style di Somalian dem.
    How come unu neva go war wid Jaguar when she did teck him ova from all a unuh. ?

  30. A wifey alone a kill up har self, she should be ashamed fi a claim dat fi husband…. Bwoy the wedding ring a burn har finger ova Magee st

  31. How unnuh even know say a di girl put up nothing a can tiffany rass put it up fi tart trouble dont mek dat bitch fool unnuh she very troublesome

  32. But d wife jus as fool as Tiffany or maybe even worst atleAse tiff a side chick but she a wife and she a get jus as much bun from him, so Jody need fi be shame bout yah wife d two a uno fool no rass

  33. Jody need fi leave the girl alone every time har husband a give har trouble she get mad and a put up d girl picture Pon computer first she put d girl Pon Craig’s list now she put d girl Pon pink wall

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