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I dont even know what to say but as the person seh..”the chickens have come home to roost”…Jamaican artistes dont know that when you are given a musical order by the Almighty …you have a duty to yourself first then to the people..And I say self first because whatever they sing will most definitely come back to haunt them so before putting their words into the universe they have to think about them no less than 10 times. Lastly in the words of Bob Marley ”Don’t let them fool you or even try to school you”


  1. Oh my word…a so Chronix a gwaan…di people put a roof ova ur head an not even a tanx…mi a gwaan pree u Chronix but it nuh look good fi u at all

  2. Oh My word. You know? I don’t know if a old me just old or maybe because I am not in the dancehall scene here in a merica, But you know it was the other day I went on YouTube to go find out what songs he sings I did not know this dude until what he said about Obama cause me neva listen to him before. Rastafarian is like the one bag a Christians to me, it’s like you have a man dread dem head and decide to preach in a fi him own ways without doing his research what is the meaning of Rasta. As dem sah, Rasta no mix up in a bangarang and it’s true. For the life of me, I could not understand why people on the internet a follow back a him foolishness bout freedom of speech. My Arse. Respect authority is that me say, it doesn’t matter who you are have some respect Man and the fact that he has a white or what ever for His woman and a preach Rasta dis and Rasta that should be an indication of him being confused.

  3. Since the whole thing wid Obama, who neva di know chronixx, but hear him music start google him now, which has chronically spiral due to him chronicles on social media about di big man, now sumbody wheelie back pon him and call him waste man which is fitting based pon har chronicles…so it look like chronixx mek one chronic slip up and it look like him ago pay di price fi it….. :ngacir2

    1. :cd :nerd I am one of those folks who neva know bout him…lol. I am an old school I am use to sizzla, Capelton and dem man dah, and I am not in dancehall clubs so I never hear one a him songs. lol.

  4. Singing)))))) “If yuh know u heart clean like whistle, likka little whistle” Not atal Chronixx it waan “SHAMPOO”

  5. Yes, Chronixx step into a realm that have nothing to do with him, because Portia done dialogue with Obama about Marcus Garvey’s case already. BUT LAWD MAN, mi granny use to say, “if yu nuh stand up fe something, yu will fall for anything.” Chronixx still young and probably experimenting on how much can he get away with. But when people a voice bout take back visa and cut ties from de yute, that’s ludicrous! Enlighten him on where he went wrong, and encourage him to communicate his personal opinions through a better channel (like keep it to yuself Chronixx..wink, wink). Uplift him, correct him,and guide him on the right path…NOBODY NO PERFECT OOO.


    But when all is said an done AH CHRONIXX PUT JAH OVA EVIL PON DE MAP! In my opinion.

  6. How we know this is true. I still love chronixx he is an amazing artiste. Woman why u never write this before chronixx Mek dat statement Kmft.

    Do yuh ting yute we all make mistakes.

  7. Well, well, well!!!Nix u nix uself, but as mi maddah always seh, everything happn fi a reason..sometimes unu can’t control unu fingah, mouth and dis shite is hittn di fan, both ceiling and grung,watah shame pan u nixxy bwaay…

  8. i cant believe how ppl can stay so the yute say one thing everybody hate and a pree him right nw..all of a sudden everyone a come out a d wood works a say a bagga bad tings bout the yute y dem neva say dis wen him did bus a road and a run the streets hot?!?! always try to kick a man wen he is down never try to uplift. if it was a “White” president no one would be acting like dis but jus because he is black and everybody love him dats y. freedom of speech is no more and me prove dat everyday more and more. if someone doesnt agree with ur opinion its like u av sinned. one thing me kno u cant trust ntn weh a human…

  9. Mek mi ask the ppl dem round a ten and half something what more unno want from chronixx.weh unno did a expect from d youth him do the anniversary show dem fi unno voice pon unno riddim what more unno wAnt.she come out a talk bout she denounce she need fi go denounce har two pickney dem weh always a fightdem one another.chronixx always big up ten and half and talk bout mi nuh know y dis woman a come a gwan like d youth do nothing wrong.Everybody kno seh is tru har son weh a rapper hate chronixx tru him buss and di ago every way a chat him and did a tell d youth them bout pick side mek chronixx tek weh him self.unno a look some spotlight off a this whole thing good god man

  10. “When somebody tell you who they are, believe them, the first time.” Maya Angelou.
    This man get a beating a France fi a reason. And in my experience, ungrateful people past late teens tek that practice, mek fashion.
    Ungrateful people harbour other traits, too; self absorbment, jealousy, out of control ego (him a smaddy fi Obama call? A him one one kno Marcus Garvey?) and the same traits that they cuss others for, they harbour within.
    Hence the anger behind his insta post weh day. Not one rass diplomacy did deh and no indication as to what he is doing in order to facilitate the exoneration of Marcus Garvey.
    All me a seh; people fi choose very careful which religious people fi follow. Mek sure dem righteous, because that is more important than religious. This man will never be righteous. Him seh him will sell out him mother before him sell out Jah. You can’t sell out your kith and kin and be Godly. But if this man will sell out him mother a nuh nutting fi tek from people and huh luk back. And this so called rasta holds black people to higher standards than white people. Unno never see weh him seh bout rasta and black people? Before him tek it to the white people and ask dem why so few have done so badly by the rest of the world’s population? That man’s self hate is real and inna 2015 after so many centuries of sell outism, a full time conscious black people low dem self declared self haters; mek dem kno dat when whitey nuh want dem again, dem can’t come chat to we and use we fi a come up again.

  11. unu need fi come off a chronixx now i agree freedom of speech obama ah nuh god please there are more important things going on in the world than a statement taht one man made against another

  12. Patsy look like she had this burning for awhile. You know sometimes a ,man do yuh something, yuh hold it for as long as u can then them do something to jus tip u ova make u buss…..that’s what happen here. Her family has had a lot of hanger ons. Cool set of people and she’s a respected lady from what I memba. Not sure she shudda put out all that, but hey…we don’t know what else happen behind the scenes. Everybody big up JOE..RIP yute… fact say him continue to big up as someone mentioned doesn’t mean he showed the family much gratitude for the support that Chronixx received. For this woman old enough to be his mother come out like this, says something about him…..ofćourse in addition to him now showing his ass to us all. As Lisa did say, Chronixx need fi jus cool it

  13. Obama is not god an anything nobody waan fi seh bout him dem free fi seh if ppl a class an a cuss god much less abama can tek fi him share to ,,,,,,,,,,,,no lock u mo0uth chronixx chat weh u feel like an if u get a beating fi a so better dan u a get lick inna dem raas ,,,,,,,dem seh wuss bout Obama an wuss bout jesus Christ ,,no mek nobaddie stifle u a raas,,,,Obama not even knw weh waste man mean much less fi go stop an feel offended by ur augument so mi no knw hw ppl so heated chat wrong or right chat

  14. Its not just since the Obama thing happen im hearing Chronixx anuh good smaddy. Is jus tht nobody really cared because he was doing his thing. But those on the inside already knew this ute was no real real ras, now tht him fck up everything a come to light, mi glad ! Tired a dem fake ass, a di one Octane fi get exposed next.

  15. I don’t know if this is true or not but some a dem ppl ya expect too much from Entertainers. Dem want house, cars and money every month.

    Mi sure the man tell unno thanks and help unno musically. Some a unno want too much and feel she ppl owe unno dem life.

    That’s why dem seh if somebody invite u ova dem house fi eat dinner and dem ask if u want more tell dem no cause some a dem a wait fi u eat more fi when u and dem fall out dem she u eat off dem food.

    How unno a live so and claim fi be rasta?

  16. There is more than one side to every story look how unuh jump pon chronixx just because somebody post something on social media and none of you are sure exactly what happen,same thing when gully bop buss people all fly down pon plane claiming dat dem help buss him and how him ungrateful.
    when you are nothing nobody knows you but when you start rise everybody start to claim dat a dem help you.

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