ladies be careful of this nigga… his name is Ian s— on facebook… he comes off as friendly first and try to get as much information from you as possible then use it against you… he’ll ask you to send him nude pics and then ask you about your personal life… he’ll tell you how he wants to take care of you and send you money.. don’t give him your address!!! him love talk bout how him wah suck yuh p**y and how him wah yuh fi squirt in a him mouth!! i’ve spoken to other women he has had an altercation with and it the same approach himuse everytime.. he’s a salker and he’s very obsessive… once he doesn’t get his way he exposes your pictures and tagged them to you, he doesn’t use his personal page to do so… then he goes and make a fake profile off the person he exposes with the nude pic they provide him with and pics from your profile… he has alot of fake profiles and he uses it to terrorize these young women…. him fi memeber him have a daughter god nah sleep yuh hear!!! it was stupid of me to trust this nigga as i thought he was a real nigga… i don’t wish this on any woman as my life as been a living hell….


  1. ummm, why are you sending nudes? why are you giving strangers your home/work address?
    Are you a teenager?? Trying to understand why you were so trusting and displayed such poor judgement. Lesson learned I hope.

    1. The way Clarence pose off in that photo with the foot cock out was beyond boasy, lol. I laughed so hard my nose all start to burn.

  2. Maybe if you were not caught by a man promising to take care of you and send you money, you wouldn’t be in your current position. Maybe you should go work/further your education, then you can find someone you like, instead of somebody who promise you things. Did you at least squirt in his mouth?

  3. So that’s all it takes to expose your gizzards over the Internet? I’m sorry but you get what you deserve. Dem kinda intimacy is what you do behind closed doors with your significant other not some teg reg you find online. Let this be a lesson to you.

  4. Y’all are so mean. As if u can’t make a mistake of trusting the wrong person. Its not far fetched cause almost eberyone hooking up on the net these days. Maybe she’s young or inexperienced. Either way it already happened. As women we can try encourage each other too enuh. Hope u learned your lesson. Now u know better.

  5. Anon 5:59 mistake mi baxide as soon as a man come to Mi bout send nude pic u kno what’s gonna happen straight BLOCKINGS him a get…some woman as soon as Dem hear the word MONEY Dem get giddy headed dat fi reach nuff a Dem.

  6. Why you giving a man information about you and you don’t even know him from Adam… You was a easy target, some men lie to get over you, I thought you knew that but to trust someone u don’t even know is crazy… And all the others before you crazy too…

  7. So it go yah lady// u get trick and u cat all over the place take this as a very expensive lesson learned!! No man nah promise mi good life,that’s up to ones self to have a good life

  8. why the woman naked pics and suck buddy pics always dash out but the man dem own stay secret? Enough with the double standards, dash out di dutty boy dem pics and identity too man

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