1. Something about her I cannot put my finger on it, She looks very dirty, It doesn’t matter what she have on she always look like she dirty and stink. That false hair with that hat and glasses makes her look like she don’t have any class, then again…She look like she need bout 20 shower, just stink and not refine no matter how she carry her self.

  2. Spice oooooo very good nippy afternoon to u but look here go look pon di video whey u kick whey the man feet n the one whey u inna the gold/silver/bronze/copper/rust mi just no know whey it be) outfit wit u dancer a do the new dance den muuma spice is how the belly shoot SOOOOOOOOO like young kid in deh?????????? Or a fish n chips or a kebab do u belly so???????????? No sahhhh spice check good

    1. Funny thing is I looked at her and thought she slimming down finally…maybe it’s the all black a play with mi yiy dem…..Spiceless One need a stylist ASAP….this green blue turquoise hair and the whole heap a shimma and shine costumes need to stop.

  3. Anon: 3:38 PM. You hit the nail on the head. You are so correct in your observation of this chick. Why is it that Spice must always look so unkempt and undone. Like she’s not completely dressed. No matter what she put in, it’s like she forgot some piece of her clothing. lol.

  4. I hope the lady saw comparisons come to an end now.This proves spice is nowhere near in the class of Lady Saw. Saw name never ever get call up Inna dem effery ya!

  5. There is absolutely nothing with her shopping in Primark. If the truth be told , a lot of those. Commenting probably shop there as well.

    The thing with black people is that they are too materialistic and place their priorities in the wrong order, and this is why most find it necessary to steal to keep up to date with small minded people.

  6. Just read over at Daily Mail site dat England having good temperatures, 23C, which is very warm and could easily explain the bright sunshine.

  7. Primark a High street shop just like selfridge and sell some good clothes if u know what to buy. Selfridge have things cheaper than Primark.
    Maybe she fraid ppl lick out bout how she a support Primark wid dem sweatshop and child labour

  8. Big up Lady Spice…buy what you can afford. Don’t put your hat where you can’t reach and of to scam and thief to maintain. You can never please people, if you did a use stolen card and shop at LV you would be bad. You buy what you can afford and you still bad smh, boy oh boy.

  9. Boy ppl bitter nuh f**k ino… some say spice too black…some say she look dirty…. some say spice need a stylist… some se she do belly tuck some say this some say that….and I bet se some of who a chat Di woman would love to be in her position right now…. we belittle our one another so much it’s sickening … damn

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