13 thoughts on “SHE YUH GET A BUS

  1. this dutty thing makes me feel sick this dutty shit belly permanently pregnant thing, Sher nuh make him salt you up yah kmft every body want a piece a Ja but what some a dem a do Fi we culture nothing really

  2. But met a the man amber know n him bring sher it look like to me. So how dah one deh go? A him give her a bus It look like

  3. A him help buss puppytail u cya guh roun it, people might say if him neva do the video it woulda still buss but we may neva know, him loud up the timg a way and now puppytail big.

  4. There should be heavy fines for doing flags like this. A slut page, a so call dancer and a shim moose. Wat a wonderful Monday :hammer :hoax2

  5. a dhk-chrissy bring her,an trust mi nigga right here is contributing a lot an mi knw dat cause nuff a di Spanish girls dem in mi community start following dancehall because off him,an di man is just a entertainer dats full a confidence

  6. A dat wid unnu ppl.. y’all will just accept anything… Di sham dress up inna all bra an shit a whine up himself… but choo him a dance to dancehall music it ok… Clearly bypassing the fact that dis batty man is endorsing the music in the wrong way… If it was a Jamaican fish a gwan so unnu cuss him… but him white so it funny and cute… Some a unnu praly paloff and a laugh an a Mek all unnu picney watch dis fish a whine up and it’s ok…. white ppl an dem antics ago be di death a some a unnu…Mi luv mi country an mi love mi ppl dem but mi naw lie some a unnu back a bush di white man has trained y’all very well an is sitting back and laughing at you idiots… All di damn ediot uppa tap bout him buss puppy tail…an weh dat go? Wah unnu fail fi understand is this year won’t be like next year and things get old I can count 10 more dances that was made since puppy tail came out an ur not hearing shit about it now.. America have some a unnu inna frenzy lol mi feel sorry for my ppl so lost.

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