Platinum aka hences, 1st lady aka dog sh*t.

Lick out batty Natalie you a talk bout people suck p*sy wid u little frorty mouth man wah eat pussy till it a frot up evertime him a chat him two mouth corners them full up a a hencess bout you name platinum and First Lady bitch you a not even first second r 3rd stinking Natalie gal you not even shape good you nuh have no shape you look sponge bob and you foot them look like potato in a slippers nuh see you a bring dong the man thing you a walk and a f**k some man wah nuh in a the man league a buy man clothes and boot fi wear come a round robin wah you and you man a keep bitch nune a the man kids them nuh like work obea pon the and him kids them till nune a him son them can’t reach back here and daughter come lucky thing fi you daughter was the r else fi him would a Neva reach just like the other two..bitch when you dig ole dig two sometimes dig 3 toilet 🚽 bcuz a talk bout who soon get bite memba say you nuh have papers and you man don’t either stinking gal a talk bout people soon get bite and you obea only can work pon you man and him kids them nobody else sponge bob gal platinum. Everyone know a nu Shottie post anything a you do it long belly platinum aka sh*t in mouth

3 thoughts on “IS WHO DIS?

      1. Lol gal fake like the cloth she wear, omg know she f**k all the while but never knew she a take her man money mind man tell about them gal wa act like them a someone eno

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