A Jamaican comedian is hoping the public can help find a thief who stole some important items out of his Fort Lauderdale hotel room.
His colorful and energetic satire will leave you in stitches, but what happened to Keith Ramsey, better known as Shebada, was no laughing matter.
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“Things do happen and you’re not special that nothing can’t happen to you,” he told NBC 6.
Shebada and his crew were performing in Miramar, in their traveling play’s new comedy called “Bangarang,” when someone got into his hotel room and stole his money and some personal belongings.

“Someone was walking through the hallway checking room doors and his door was ajar and they went to his room and stole his passport, Social Security and his keys for his vehicle back home and his home,” entertainment consultant Garnett Newman said.
The crime happened at a Ramada Inn off State Road 7 just north of Commercial Boulevard. Newman said the crime left Shebada troubled, but not for long.
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“He flipped it real quick and in fact on the next show he incorporated something about it in the play,” Newman said.
“You must embrace all your failures as you must embrace all your risings so when things like this happen you must go on and further your dreams,” Shebada said.
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While an investigation is underway, Shebada is not letting it get him down that he has to stay in the United States for a few extra days. He plans to put on another performance.
In the meantime, if you know anything about the culprit responsible for taking his belongings contact Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS.


    1. Di article is fine Mi read an understand. some a Unnu caah read so Unnu caah understand.

  1. What a seemingly pleasant likkle battyman lol… man when someone comes into your home or where you have been resting your head and takes from you, you feel violated and unsafe….not a nice feeling at all…hope they catch the criminal

  2. :ngakak “his colorful and energetic satire “. She ads can’t hide, he stand out where ever he goes. On the real though, I hope they find the culprit(s) who took his personal belongings. I wouldn’t feel safe in that hotel at all after what happen.

  3. Like de yute seh phuck the rest ut bring back the yute,yuh know how much damn paper work him hafffi guh through yah now fi file the passport stole plus social,get deposition make uh much copy a this and that…A wonder if it happen while him did outside a stone the ppl dem mango tree

      1. Yea man him have a video up out deh a stone mango outta ppl tree a florida a seh him netball player,golf etc etc..two girl was there wid him a them him did a stone the mango for him get it doah

        1. :ngakak

          Him no easy a all 😀

          P.S. me talk bout gays BUT Fe me Shebada is a good human being and me can’t dislike him at all.

    1. Exactly Simplicity. I feel it for him. He will also have to forever declare that his travel documents were stolen, because even 10 years from now someone can use his identity & create problems for him. The mess.

  4. How getting robbed is a failure? Why wasn’t his things in a safe and why was his door ajar? Seems bizarre.

  5. I wondered the same thing why he didn’t make sure that his door closed completely, he was being careless, not all hotel doors just shut automatically, some takes time to close, some have quick action and can close on you, some you have to physically close it or it nah move… I really hope they catch the person and he gets his things back… I do not understand why the person would take paperwork along with the money… like money would of been the only thing on their mind, unless they need documents too, I’m just saying lol… but for real I hope he gets back his things, they need to look in near by dumpsters maybe the theft tossed it after he seen it wasn’t anything valuable… I wouldn’t want to deal with getting all my things back with the embassy etc a big hassle..

  6. Sebby u need some gangsta in u ma nigguh, we dont sleep in hotel rooms with the door open, dor closes and locked! Suppose dem did come in and kill u Shebby, plzzz do not do that again, nuh matta which country u guh. Real star nuh run dem joke deh

  7. Mi nuh feel no pity for this big ole Megalodon. They should’ve stole his cell phone and expose his fishy lifestyle, I’m pretty sure the phuckry he has in his phone would cause mass vomitting. Next time don’t leave your room door like you leave your batty, open and ample for any man to run in on. Learn fi close your fish tank yuh fish!!!!

  8. Hostilities aside,i think it is full time now we face up to the truth that it is the Bi-men dem causing the most damage to the very fabric of Jamaican society.Whilst I Don’t have anything personal against Shibby,i will accept he is the ringleader of the bi-fish clan.

    Think abt it for a second;if u gay u gay n if u straight u straight but when u a guh play bothie n murky up our cleanland of wood n water!!Furthermore ain’t anybody really subscribing to this “bi shyt”…once u sort out ur same sex u is GAY my niGga.

    Cmon Shibby pick a side already n unno stop going aroun shytting up ppl’s crevices n orfices n populating diseases!

  9. @Anon4:34
    Mi feel sey some man have the coordinates to your batty hole. I bet you don’t talk patois, you talk Eco location you phaggot!!!!!

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