Met me go a event name girlfriend that Shelly-Ann Weeks keep she call herself Dr. Sexy.. She write things inna the star, she have radio show pon SunCity. So we deh a di event and show fi start and a police we see come lock her up and escort her out the place! Me nuh know a wha gwaan but me a wonder how me nuh see or hear anything! Find out fi me deh!



  1. Saw her on cvm ladies view segment wha day ya n a bare tings she gwaan wid n talk up!I remember clearly the impression she left on me…She’s a rebel,what a rebel!

    1. Hi pine no disrepeck but plz Tek ur head out the sand,outta di shytpit and come out from under ur piss-up rock.Havent u heard?Ladies love the men in touch with their feminity n sensitivity oo!

  2. Pine, I agree with you and he/she/it like to tell some of the female bloggers about their vagina. Only dutty bwoy and batty man talk bout a woman’s womanly parts in such degrading manner. It enjoys arguing with women too

  3. Maybe the woman who carried you is only a woman by gender and not nature*** meck ah exit before Mumma lashy start tell me about my ovaries

  4. Yardielovethug you are a woman pretending to be a man. If this is not the case then you are a sissy. I’ve noticed the way you type and so on and no way this is a MAN. Willie is a man but not you, cuss all you want I care not.

  5. Pine, you is a damn idiot. Typical backward female who believe man fi mind dem, and once a man willing to talk up for his rights, or appear to know how to correctly put a sentence together, him mus gay, fckin idiot.

  6. Apparently she conned/stole money and items from a business partner and the partner brought police to the event to get her..

  7. Pine u stupid ass bitch, mi neva kno there’s a gender difference in the way ppl type . Unuh just come ova yah everyday fi cause problem nuh true? but trust mi Yardie deh yah fi limb up Unuh claat di right an proper way .

    1. You are on the attack early? Yes, there are differences in the way real men and women express themselves. Yuh foo-fool bad Needlehole!

      1. Last week was needle eye and lurker this week a yardie. He is a man FYI..and please dont let us have this discussion again, find somewhere else for this energy that u need to channel …jmg have enough already

  8. ____________________@ Radical. so di hole full ah needle? :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak mi gone to rass cause somebody got killed with them “needlehole” :tkp

  9. Please don’t let us have this discussion again? Is that a threat of some sort? All you can do is not post my comments, otherwise, do something about me coming on the site. With such sophisticated technology you should have been able to block me many moons ago, but it shows exactly what you are working with.

    1. Why would I need to block you my friend? I can block your whole city but I dont move like that, so continue to study me like the other bloggers. Dont let us have this discussion again because just as how u cant see your other comment it will happen for the rest of the time you keep up the bullshit.

  10. Why do you assume a man support me Anon, I support myself. I will say it again if Yardithug is a man then he is a Sissy but I personally think he/she is a woman pretending to be a man.

  11. I agree pine, i thought it was a female until he commented something about wanting to sex a female. I was surprised. Truth is truth he IS a mamma man, just accept it and move on.

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