The Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) has appealed to Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton to establish a “special regime protocol” to monitor pregnant women amidst the spread of the Zika virus in the country.
Last week, Tufton disclosed that two pregnant women were among 16 confirmed cases of the virus. Confirmed cases have since moved to 21, Tufton told the House of Representatives during a presentation today.

Opposition spokesman on Health, Horace Dalley, in making recommendations to Tufton following his presentation, said with the virus spreading and over 40,000 women becoming pregnant each year, every pregnant woman should be monitored.

“We don’t want a crisis… it is the biggest challenge you have,” Dally said, while urging Tufton to lobby with stakeholders in the health sector to monitor “every pregnant woman”.

“A pregnant woman is at the greatest risk,” he said.

3 thoughts on “ZIKA CASES ON THE RISE

  1. Unnuh see how it messed up. When the coin was on the other side, the JLP was adamant that the PNP should take action to prevent Zika and how dem nah take no preventative measures, at that time, mi did a see van a pass inna mi area a spray out raas. Now dem in power, not a spray van and dem silent like a lamb. Anybody vote fi JLP must feel like eediat now.

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