13 thoughts on “SHELTER HANDOUT

  1. Sender u a fool unlike u she choose not yo stay inna abusive relationship an she choose not to stay on the street wid her kids noh watch how she stay cause u noh kn shit bout krystal shi grow good goh good school an all dese tings a shi wah cum a farin cum mix wid lowlife ppl like uno krystal born an grow inna good tings soh move u nasty dun out hole from yah

  2. This is one gal wah embrace her fluffy body yes she shape like her mother fliffynesz run inna her family one ting u cah sah dat she is a mix up she loyal to her friends dem shi noh quick fi dash out ppl business like nuff a uno one thing u cah sah is dat she stink or nasty u put her over yah cause shi bun up u stinking shoes wah u lef a her yaad u a put krystal over yah an chat bout shelter an u noh live no wey

  3. Dutty bitch u block her last nite but u over yah a put up her picture a step u fi step to her meck mi hide a buss u head stay dah u tink u kn d whole a friends or family step to her an si

  4. I thought crisis shelters are there to help with all your needs be it food,clothing n if course shelter!!?

    Ain’t no shame in that though better she wears shelter clothes than stay in a abusive situation in jewelry n finery brands! She nuh look anyway n in fact can most likely Get IT!

  5. Stay bad Chrissy keep Jaykrome name put of you and puchi and bodygood mix up why you go put up the boy on pinkwall yesterday hoe leave the youth alone because him don’t want puchi bout you have the youth pan video a suck yuh infect pussy evil puchi that nigga don’t even talk to you

  6. But DHK Chrissy Twin sister, come here mek me and you reason…….how, and Im asking sincerly, HOW DAFORK you have time fi inna people business when you living in a shelter? Dem nuh have lights out at a certain time? There is a time and place for everything under the sun; sis sort out yuhself nuh, Andrew nuh married u and give yuh yuh papers or nah? yuh have a pair of twins to take care of, furthermore yuh nuh learn from Kim and Jodie? fren ting is a small and you are a 4XL therefore IT NUH FIT YUH, Puchi is dog vomit, so she chat JayTee so dem F2ck likewise Doze so she war him, so dem mek up back kmt, so she chat Tammy so she chat Tamkia so dem a fren! Puchi is a young careless gal she and her cock eye, don’t follow them and those!! yuh nuh see how times hard inna merica ya wid Chumps? worry bout you and them boys! Puchi nah last inna weh she ah do and Kim dem haffi switch up them scam every three months and them still ah struggle. Fi ah girl weh claim seh yuh born Inna good family, and love beat yuh chest seh ah Nutall yuh born etc and used to things yuh shouldn’t come down to this sis

  7. Chrystal born inna good family fe real but her mother cherry drugs money been done pon the young boy them so she fe chill

  8. When weekend come she go puchi go stay and go out so she live in good thing and good family and her mother have to beg her money fi her son ppl stop it cause mi knw them frm portmore they dont have shit but the house the granny left give her mom and them fix it up so plz …….then why come marica come live in shelter for… what beat man beat chrysy is lie she tell the ppl them cause she want her papers but im call ice fi mi eva see she a dance bbc yu bun the shose bitch his the fada are yur man ago use the kids them cause u still in love with yur bbydaddy i knw that hope yu get back some money this time

  9. This war still on mi na stop seh a nana aka charlene make this war ago so far and it dont look good cause they were friends and puchi an chrysy naver had to bun the girl shose god knw. …chrysy yur little girl fada have her yur mom haa yur son and yu have the twin nw three babyfada hw yu look eeeee like a hoe …just the otherday yur friend puchi tell ppl seh u breed and go dash it way fi the Haitian boy so bey cause a ova puchi hus yu and him f**k cant be in the shelter cause yu can have ppl come there and yu only get weekend to go to famil and yu have to be back bey sunday before 6pm

  10. I thought she got her apartment now and she be posting up in bed with the mawga bwoy so a dutty puchi house that..Nth naw gwan fe cherry Bev still have her shit and her kids them came out to be somebody crystal and Tina Lee waa dash weh you crystal why you don’t go around Nadine and Sulan them go see if you can prosper to and low out friend cause you really is a very Intelligent girl fe true…get you’re priorities straight and tek Naldo…You no miss you baby look how long you left him yu one little girl you no have and stop acting like a 2 kids you have to…you sick stomach

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