5 thoughts on “SHER LOOKING FAB

  1. I agree sender. Even though Nikki had surgery, her legs don’t have the best shape and that’s what spoils the look of her body from the waist down. Nikki needs to stop eating KFC and the other junk she eats! I was surprised at the amount of crap she bought at the Supermarket and posted on ig!! But she’s young and young ppl tend to eat a lot of crap!

  2. Sender get a fucking life…Yes sher looks beautiful but why do u have to bring up somebody else,u sound like one of nikki ex fren being mixup..Again sher look Good it 2019 leave all bs behind please..

  3. Sher by far ,has got the best of the designer body makeovers.It is not overdone n oozes sex appeal.She looks very refined n polished ya Suh unlike others with Dem botched Butch bodies!

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