Lord how many people Sherilee going to argue with and start all sort of unneccessary beef and drama with knowing damn f***g well her a*s can’t f***g r*** fight and if someone touch or threaten to pop her ass her favourite excuse is i have 911 on speed dial





  1. I blame anyone that likes or comments on her stupid post,videos and photos….Unu no see say she mental.This mad crazy stupid delusional bitch needs to go look at job and sit her ass down.A despise the clown you see ughhhh

    1. Leave Sherilee alone. She is a O.K girl….I like her. People like you are just obsessed with the girl and keep sending in her information. BTW, yuh know how I can get in touch with her? I would to take her out on a date.

  2. Nobody comment on her page , she comment on people page and a beg friend and I told her straight up say mi nuh want nuh new friend and duty gal ten offense to it

  3. @9:36 my thoughts exactly. Why do people continue to like and comment on her page knowing that she is unstable? Her favorite comment is “You are a nobody” . Sherilee really think she is a celebrity.

    1. She have all rights to think highly of herself. Same as you and the rest a mean BITCHES have onu right to treat her like a nobody.

      If she mental onu can be kind to her, but onu is a bunch of hogs whey tek set pon weaker breed.

      Lisa Mae England,London or wahrra not go sit you low class ass down on a million fire pits cause you a commonaz wid the ‘British’ label :ngakak yu common like diarrhea! Onu run whey and lo de Oman.

      Sherrilee behave your self. It’s getting old.

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