7 thoughts on “SHIBBY ANSA TWEP TWEP

  1. Wey kine a big nutten carelissniss diss ina di big big Chrismuss. There is a time an place for eveything under the sun. Ecc. 3:3

  2. Shebada u manllines a show now yu youthful looks gone … stop bleach and wear lipstick and yu uptown woman spirit weh yu have stop feed it

  3. Worst thing ever to come out of Jamaica. Dang him can’t dead yet?

    The day him dead mi a keep a 5 Dancehalll sound dance. Ugly piece a rassclaat.

    That demon is the definition an abomination and or what a failed abortion looks like.

  4. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Comedy inna di Christmas yah mi belly full. A why twep duh dat to harself.

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