FONTANA-Optimized is the ecommerce website of Fontana Pharmacy, which was established in 1968 and now has stores in Kingston, Montego Bay, Mandeville, Sav La Mar and Ocho Rios. It has the widest selection of any locally based online store in Jamaica. You can purchase Christmas décor, toys, vitamins, cosmetics, baby products, home décor, books, souvenirs, computers and even football boots! It offers easy and secure payment options using credit cards via Paypal or with NCB, JN, and Scotiabank online accounts. There is free delivery on every purchase over US $50 and you can ‘send money free’ with a Fontana gift voucher.
Imagine a grandmother abroad wanting to buy a special Christmas present for her grandchild in Jamaica. In former days she would have to send money through a remittance service where someone would have to wait in line and pay a service charge. Then they would have to go to a store, call grandma to tell her what is available, purchase the item and then take it to the grand child’s house. So many things can go wrong!
Now grandma can simply go on, pick out a present, pay with her credit card or online account, and it’s delivered for free to her little darling. also makes it possible to fill a prescription in Jamaica and have it paid for from abroad. So if someone in New York has a granny in Jamaica who gets sick and the doctor prescribes medicine, granny can simply go to Fontana, get the prescription filled, and her grandson abroad can send an online gift voucher to pay for it. That’s progress making life easier!

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