Over an eight year period, from 2007 to 2015, approximately 16,790 reports of sexual abuse against children were recorded by the Office of Children Registry.

These incidents, according to the Jamaica AIDS Support for Life (JASL), increase the risk for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) which leads to AIDS.

Executive Director of the JASL, Kandasi Levermore remarked that, “as we celebrate the importance of the growth and development of our children this Child’s Month, let’s also remember to place their safety and security front and centre.”

Data from the Ministry of Health shows that the youth are significantly affected by HIV. Girls, however, account for the larger percentage of cases in the 10 – 29 age range. In the age group 15 – 19 years, four times more girls have reported cases of AIDS than boys. In many of the reported cases, young girls are forced into sex, therefore resulting in various health issues.


According to the JASL, in a recent report a 14-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by three men. Upon further investigation it was discovered that the young girl was homeless after her mother kicked her out because she did not believe her daughter’s accusation that her father raped and physically assaulted her. The matter was reported to the relevant authorities.
JASL recently launched its ‘End Violence Against Women & Girls’ media campaign to raise awareness about the effect of violence and the spread of HIV nationally. The campaign aims to stem the prevailing attitudes and behaviours in the Jamaican society that condone violence against girls.

“We all need to develop a mind-set of zero tolerance to all kinds of abuse, but especially when it involves our children. Everyone has a role to play and a duty to report any act of violence involving a child,” Levermore said.


  1. dem need striker laws against corrupt police so people can report crimes without ending up been bigger victims to the crimes they report …. police fi get serious jail time fi leak victims info … like life

  2. What an indictment!! Virtually 6 of our kids are being sexually abused daily! Where and what are the solutions??We strongly condemned all forms of abuse to children.

  3. I don’t know if nuttin can hurt suh, dan when ah child guh to dem madda and tell har seh daddy ah do tings whey nuh right…and di madda dow believe, and fling out di pickney. Suh shi prefer di man more dan her owna child. How does one even cope wid dat kind ah emotional pain?

    And worse still is when di madda know it ah gwan, all hear di pickney ah bawl fi help an turn ah blind eye..How under God heaven can ah madda do dat??

    Whey dem badda have baby fah? WHY??

    It’s another reason why some are just so angry at life…God knows it’s just hurtful fi tink bout it.

    I don’t even know wha kine ah justice can be meted out fi dem kine ah woman deh…and mi cyaa even tawk wha shoulda happen to di man dem whey ah dweet…

  4. Yea! and that’s just who spoke probably. What about the ones that didn’t…the ones who are scared to be judged if they say and ppl not believing for what ever reason… even tho alot of ppl lie but,

  5. Mint Tea it takes a very cold and selfish woman to do that. One who has no empathy for anyone but herself. I am in the midst of such a situation myself caring for a child who the mother betrayed like that and still continues to deny the truth. The pain for the child is so deep I can’t put it into words. But what is interesting is that the child has decided to cut ties with the mother in order to move on now that life is happy, abuse and stressfree.

    As for me I have no words for the mother and just focus on raising that child and trying to assist in the healing process.

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