1. Please be aware that real orthodontist train as long as brain surgeon.
    Would you let a little man from dung so perform a brain surgery on you?
    Cheap braces can end up costing your life.
    Please concentrate on the most important things in your life,house,education,your children education,your health and leave this cosmetic surgery thing alone.
    Stop feeling pressured and bullied into looking a certain way because of social media.I know you might feel a way because people post pictures of you and laugh or somebody that you know do it and look better but,try and be the best version of you,try and just be you,don’t be anyone else.
    Me and my woman use to be ok,going great,building our future then all of a sudden these things start become her thing.I take away myself because when I am old,these things can’t let me live a relaxed senior life.
    Be sensible

  2. Serve her right, Keiva is too plenty, every chance she get she bash people with her illiterate self. B*t*h can barely make a post without grammatical errors, she should put all that energy into Dr Seuss online programs. Keiva your time expire, girls stop dance like man, when it in style again we send for you

  3. Everyday kieva get up and cuss who fake and who a sell out and she don’t support the female dancers, she not even do other female dancers moves to how the gal mind bad fi true. then she claim that she’s happy.anybody weh happy don’t have time to make what others do be a bother to them sometime I feel her life miserable. Anuh lie she need fi go stand up outside and look customers fi tru!! Full time somebody shut up her Gieco lizard looking self…

  4. But Keiva always had a great figure, why would she mess up perfection? If she truly did her butt then her proportion will be off. Some folks just don’t know how to leave a good thing alone

  5. Woiii mi deadings lmfao.. U know mi see the cussing pon the star IG but mi never follow it up. A Suh d gal dun keiva.. She love talk bout real ass, real breast and all these things. Har batty flucksie like mango

  6. Sometimes ma fi wonder why keiva haffi behave so pon social media… she gwan like she hyper than no body else… and like se she frighten fi Di liccle body weh she have… ok she looks alright … mi nah lie but it nuh dat serious.. she needs a chill pill

  7. Keivia look like she had some fat added to her butt. She never has that when she snd Stacey was dancing. It look good.. but truth is just truth

  8. Mi usually follow her cause she preach sometimes to lilly good words. But Every other day she preach who badmind her, har body good she nah fi have surgery. Batty natural yadda yadda yadda. The same ole story every other day and she will post one million foto (picture) of the one picture over and over and over again, zoom in zoom out, head shot ,belly shot a d one picta. Tssk cho. Then foundation wah she use go brighter than har skin colour. mi like har still but gwaddd damiiit man!

  9. Met me know this girl from school days and she is not really good clean person i think she is the one that is bad mind.all the time i read her post them and wondering if this girl don’t check what she write before she click post,but then again she never finish pembroke hall high school and all the money she make from dancing it never occur to her that she could go back to school,nobody with clean don’t get up and vex with people, your heart have to dark and dirty for you to a vex know how much dancers she vex with fi years but then again if she have her real friends them and she don’t talk to them because she can’t get to use them.since she have her daughter is her mother and the sister that she and her could not get along them she a talk bout now,mek them never a help her pay her rent and buy food for she and her daughter she would not see them.

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